Monday, 27 February 2012

No 10396, Monday 27 Feb 12, Anitya

Welcome Anitya.
7   - Sees Sian settled in a state of comfort (8) - EASINESS*
9   - Sailor's back with brown cane (6) - RATTAN {RAT<-}{TAN}
10 - Smell from kheer spilt outside hospital (4) - REEK KhEER*
11 - Fan having bother in the end (10) - AFICIONADO AFICION{ADO} Only the end is specified?
12 - Puzzle in eastern mag unravelled (6) - ENIGMA {IN+E+MAG}*
14 - Shallow freight carrier in which fish and snake are hidden (8) - KEELBOAT K{EEL}{BOA}T Where do the 'K' and 'T' come from?
15 - Sprinter's device — it won't do for a writer (8,5) - STARTING BLOCK [DD]
17 - Where one may find a dish — where one may shout from? (8) - HOUSETOP [CD]
19 - A routine said to be raised (6) - AWEIGH {A}{WEIGH}(~way)
21 - Woman, extremely repugnant, in one circle is annoying (10) -  IRRITATING {I}{R{RITA}{T}ING}
22 - Account on real estate measure (4) - ACRE {AC}{RE}
23 - Car for one who is late? (6) - HEARSE [CD]
24 - Newspaper article — what you do with a new leaf (8) - TURNOVER [CD]
1   - About Sein producing cheese component (6) - CASEIN {CA}{SEIN}
2   - Porcine remark? (4) - OINK [CD]
3   - Big question heard on electrical power unit (8) - MEGAWATT {MEGA}{WATT}(~what)
4   - Finally take miner's crumpled fur (6) - ERMINE {E}{MINER*}
5   - Penniless — do ‘notes' result? (5-5) - STONE BROKE {NOTES*} {BROKE}
6   - Ant-eater right in Dvaraka going around (8) - AARDVARK {AA{R}DVARK*}
8   - Sore thumb? (8,5) - STICKING POINT [CD]
13 - Good girl's lie about material (5,5) - GLASS FIBRE {G}{LASS} {FIB}{RE}
15 - Senior having courage without a hint of alarm — he uses whip (8) - SCOURGER {S{COURaGE}R}
16 - He is boastful -- brother with a good-good painting (8) - BRAGGART {BR}{A}{GG}{ART}
18 - It is on a table for service in the afternoon (3,3) - TEA SET [CD]
20 - Fills up chasms? (6) - GORGES [DD]
22 - Vera's predecessor in plant? (4) - ALOE [GK]


  1. Welcome Anitya !

    Aint ya* .....?

    11 - Fan having bother in the end (10) - AFICIONADO AFICION{ADO} Only the end is specified?

    The end justified the means ;-)

    9 - Sailor's back with brown cane (6) - RATTAN {RAT<-}{TAN}

    TATA ?

    1. Rattan is TATA with extra TEA. :)

  2. Hearty welcome to Anitya- good beginning from 15A !

  3. Good one from Kishore too, in spite of his being in a hurry to start the day.

  4. Welcome Anitya. Somehow name sounds like of one who is not seen every day. :))

  5. 14A - Shallow freight carrier in which fish and snake are hidden (8) - KEELBOAT K{EEL}{BOA}T Where do the 'K' and 'T' come from?

    It is an 12A.

  6. They come to hide the fish & snake from us !!

  7. 14A The eel and boa are hidden in the shallow freight carrier. I think that is the intention of the setter.

  8. Replies
    1. Maradnusro -

      Do you find anything that is even slightly satisfactory in this crossword?

      Not that I want to hold any brief or br. for the setter.

  9. Liked the DDs and CDs and especially the fact that the clues are crisp without verbiage.

    Unfortunate that a couple of clues seem to be missing few pieces. Hopefully it was printer's devilry at work rather than an oversight at the source.

    Agree with Richard about the setter's name being nostalgic, but the clues in my opinion are a far cry.

    While setters must accept feedback (especially negative) if they hope to improve, in my opinion, a one-line criticism of a debutant(e)'s puzzle without any specifics as to what was missing from a solver's perspective will not aid him/her.

  10. Re missing pieces. I don't consider them so! Long ago I have seen such clues in UK publications - in some clues the setter notices only a couple of components in the solution word and expects the solver to fill in the rest. May not be Ximenean but can't we consider that as a device of the setter?

    If you have solved Crosaire's crosswords in Irish Times, you would know how quirky can one be. But whether such individuality will endear the setter to the readers remains to be seen.

    I went out early in the morning - before the paper in-print or online - came - and I returned only at 2 p.m. So I missed the excitement of noticing a new setter the first thing in the morning.

    If we look at blogs on international crosswords, yes, there is slight criticism of some clues - even those of well-established setters but always there are some words of encouragement, some pats for good clues. Perhaps we too should add praise - even if it is faint. It's good that Bhavan has said the clues are crisp.

  11. Nice one CV. I guess there would not be any othe 10 letter word ending in ADO meaning fan

  12. Welcome to the new setter. Don't have anything more to add than what has been already said here.
    One side comment: Wonder how Gridman would have clued 16D especially given the run last week :)

    1. Boastful one's support for two good paintings? (8)

      VP - Do you think this will fly?

    2. Boaster who supports two good pieces of art? (8)

  13. I shall attempt a full-fledged critique of Anitya's work and try to post it tomorrow.

    In recent times we have had Buzzer, Arden, Mover, Textrous and Cryptonyte (did we miss him on last two turns - whatever happened to him? Nothing freshly minted?). I don't know if we have attempted any serious study of their techniques. Does each of them have an individuality or is it all water from the same well? Does any of them have a penchant for a particular theme? If Kishore set out as a composer, will it be all maths-related? Deepak, military? Raju, distant lands and collectibles? Does a new setter show maturity even on their first outing? Is there one who doesn't age even with the passing of time? Come on, friends, give your views.

    1. Maybe I'd talk about 'heavenly figures' ;-) with or without support. BTW, CV, if I ever tread that path, you will be the first to know.

    2. Regarding the hydrological studies envisaged by you, the inimitable Shuchi is probably the best qualified to carry them out. In fact, I look forward to her analysis.

  14. 5A Penniless — do ‘notes' result? (5-5) - STONE BROKE {NOTES*} {BROKE}

    STONE BROKE = STONE* (BROKE is Anagram Indicator) = NOTES (An example of Reverse Anagram)

    A similar clue in HT today:
    Confirmed one’s leaving //formula for design? (6,3) SIGNED OUT (DD) SIGNED* (OUT is Anagram Indicator here) = DESIGN

  15. 24A What is the connection between 'newspaper article' and 'turnover'?
    Is it about the daily Market Report on Stocks?

    1. Turnover (n) : A newspaper article begun on the front page and continued overleaf

  16. In all the excitement, missed the NINA - Hi, here comes another setter