Thursday, 5 February 2015

No 11310, Thursday 05 Feb 2015, Gridman

1  Precision of account held by church office (8) ACCURACY {AC}{CURACY}
5  Deserter caught by soldiers Army person gets free (6) GRATIS {G{RAT}IS} - The additional Army person seems to be an editing error by Gridman
9  Enters without knocking - Pole enters, having lost time (6,2) BARGES IN {BAR}{GEtS IN}
10 Crooks back on lake stretch (6) SPRAWL {SPRAW<=}{L}
12 A female in truncated group is well-protected (4) SAFE {S{A}{F}Et}
13 Disowning sailor's timeless pronouncement (10) ABDICATION {AB}{DICtATION}
15 Two learners in terrible duel calmed down (6) LULLED {LU{LL}ED*}
17 Father's group, having no time, is on the way out (5) PASSE {PAS}{SEt}
20 Criticise the Spanish discussion group (5) PANEL {PAN}{EL}
21 Business information included in account by start of year (6) AGENCY {A{GEN}C}{Y}
24 They have an unruly lot to control (4,6) RIOT POLICE [CD]
27 Drunk up? (4) HIGH [DD]
29 The old line is one that is to be tested (6) THEORY {THE}{O}{RY}
30 French friend's wire is friendly (8) AMICABLE {AMI}{CABLE}
31 It's a net for the petty dictator (6) SATRAP [DD?] Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {SA}{TRAP} - Thanks to Kishore)
32 This won't give you any vision (5,3) BLIND EYE [CD]

1  Convent leader has Jack joining Elizabeth (6) ABBESS {AB}{BESS}
2  Concern about a fine container (6) CARAFE {CAR{A}{F}E}
3  By riverside, fish movie roll (4) REEL {R}{EEL}
4  Scale cherry's top branch (5) CLIMB {Ch...y}{LIMB}
6  Russian father suffering one ulcer (6) RUPIA {RU}{P{1}A}
7  True, by contrast this is different (4,2,2) THAT IS SO [CD]
8  Declines violently to be suppressed (8) SILENCED*
11 Dossier about theologian being cheat (6) FIDDLE {FI{DD}LE}
14 Great many top-class learners are far from scintillating (4) DULL {D}{U}{LL}
16 Fifty one clever, but legally obligated (6) LIABLE {LI}{ABLE}
17 Agreement said to be stuffed (4) PACT (~packed)
18 Works from poets are all over the place (8) OPERATES*
19 Individual entering pub, thirsty at first, overall rude (8) INSOLENT {IN{SOLE}N}{Th...y}
22 Doctor in the river is adroit (6) NIMBLE {NI{MB}LE}
23 Girl exercises holding tool and tip of belt (6) PHOEBE {P{HOE}{Belt}E}
25 Temporarily place a winter garment (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}
26 See, it's wicked male animal (5) CAMEL {C}{MALE*}
28 Small, able survey (4) SCAN {S}{CAN}


  1. It's a net for the petty dictator (6) {'S}{A}{TRAP}

  2. Copy of mail from Richard pasted below. He wanted it put in at 8:30 but I could not do so as I had to go out to the lab for a routine blood test

    Hi everyone

    Having been out of station for two or three days, I missed wishing the Col, the blog and everyone here on the occasion of THCC anniversary. I can only endorse what our friends have expressed here yesterday.

    For the benefit of those who joined this group during the past year, here's my

    ​last year's post.

    Trust the boss will accommodate this.

    Best wishes to you all, once again.

    1. Sorry Richard. This is what I get on clicking the link - "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." Anyway I read that report last year. It was so fascinating.

  3. Great cartoon in ET BangEd pg 2 reminiscent of Kaa's "Trussssst in me - jusssssst in me "

  4. Nice one. Loved solving it. PHOEBE the goddess was the LOI. Thanks, Gridman. :-)))

  5. DULL going! The comments column seems to have been LULLED into SILENCE today!!

  6. 6d! To think Indians hanker after Rupia!

  7. SATRAP & INSOLENT denied me the samosas. Anyway it is a real pleasure to solve GM.

  8. Satrap & Phoebe for me- denied a hat trick.
    'Army person' in 5A has anything to do with discharge from army? Meaning the def. to be 'Army person to get free'?

  9. MB 1:19 pm

    There must have been some problem with the embedding of the URL.

    Try this pls:

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Gone through the marvellous report, once more! Thanks, Richard. :)