Sunday, 1 February 2015

No 2826, Sunday 01 Feb 2015

1   Passionate tale about leader of Mohicans (6) STORMY {STOR{Mo...s}Y}
4   Sheepdog the lads let loose around noon (8) SHETLAND {THE+LADS}* around N
9   Good for son inside to decline asylum (6) REFUGE REFU(-s+g)GE
10 Salad we locals ordered (8) COLESLAW*
12 Spider coming from altar - aunt going berserk (9) TARANTULA*
13 Brownies in chapel vestry (5) ELVES [T]
14 Everything connected with the subject mentioned in New Orleans? (3,3,4,4) AND ALL THAT JAZZ {AND ALL THAT} {JAZZ}
17 Prone to pilfering, as Bunter often was (6-8) STICKY-FINGERED [DD]
21 A female, initially nervous, is pale-faced (5) ASHEN {A}{SHE}{Ne...s}
22 Messy part upset M, say (9) SPYMASTER*
24 Watched king brought in by Cornish town lecturer (6,2) LOOKED ON {LOO{K}E}{D ON}
25 Very small amount of time (6) MINUTE [DD]
26 Emphasised sweet dishes must be returned (8) STRESSED <=
27 Very busy with calls, daughter in other resort (3-3) RED-HOT {RE{D}-HOT*}

1   Supernatural being priest exorcised (6) SPRITE*
2   Come up with chest missing lid (5) OFFER cOFFER
3   Mother ringing rep bringing colour (7) MAGENTA {M{AGENT}A}
5   Brash types cheer Plantagenet king and son (6,6) HOORAY HENRYS {HOORAY} {HENRY}{S}
6   At that point, theatre collapsed (7) THEREAT*
7   To mollify everyone, I've turned up and dined (9) ALLEVIATE {ALL}{I'VE<=}{ATE}
8   Move to a smaller property in depressed area (8) DOWNSIZE {DOWN}{SIZE}
11 Play a sly trick to attract individual after a hunger strike? (4,1,4,3) PULL A FAST ONE {PULL} {A} {FAST} {ONE}
15 Happy hour binge for one next door (9) NEIGHBOUR*
16 Is serial broadcast for Middle-Easterners? (8) ISRAELIS*
18 Shelters for animals, well-groomed, reared round outskirts of Nuneaton (7) KENNELS {KE{Nu...oN}ELS<=}
19 Inspect former pit, going after answer (7) EXAMINE {EX}{A}{MINE}
20 Man from ancient city calling for immediate attention? (6) URGENT {UR}{GENT}
23 Feel spot (5) TOUCH [DD]


  1. You stalwarts would have cracked this under 10 minutes, I am sure.

  2. Hooray!
    Yes, that is what I missed.

  3. Hooray!
    Yes, that is what I missed.

  4. Hooray!
    Yes, that is what I missed.

  5. That's 3 cheers from Paddy!

    wrt to 22a, thank heavens Ms Dench is not called a spymistress...

    1. A part of my 3 cheers is due to the blog's tricks.

    2. I too have encountered that problem. After publishing, it reverts back to the comments form and we end up posting it again ... and again ...

  6. 6th Anniversary prize special jumbo at 10:30 AM. Since it is a prize special comments will be moderated from 10:30 onwards till the closing time for submission of entries

  7. Hi... the sticky fingered reference is to billy bunter of greyfriars?