Monday, 16 March 2015

No 11343, Monday 16 Mar 2015, Gridman

One of Gridman's favourite town's back today.

1   Copper has many sticks and clubs (7)  CUDGELS {CU}{D}{GELS}
5   Think about one's ill-treatment (6) RESIST {RES{1'S}T} Definition not clear (Addendum - MISUSE {M{1'S}USE} - See comments)
9   In just surroundings Gandhian leader is to join together (5) MERGE {MER{Ga...n}E}
10 It transports a mineral back to Nepal that's in trouble (9) AEROPLANE {A}{ERO<=}{NEPAL*}
11 Cause pain with one new bit of chemical in old disinfectant (7) INFLICT {1}{N}{FLI{Ch...l}T}
12 Slips back, grabs artist and screws (7) SPIRALS {SPI{RA}LS<=}
13 Brilliant story recalled about Chennai's leader (5) ECLAT {E{Ch...i}LAT<=}
14 Pals accommodating with each other (9) ROOMMATES [CD]
16 Statement from one pleading not-guilty (1,5,3) I NEVER DID [CD]
19 Mark female's winter wrap (5) SCARF {SCAR}{F}
21 Red model set (7) COMPOSE {COM}{POSE}
23 American writer in Sobranje loud-mouthed (7) ANJELOU [T]
24 Mischief-maker smashes crane in hazy weather (9) MISCREANT {MIS{CRANE*}T}
25 Driven to be cleansed without a drop of phenyl (5) URGED pURGED
26 Ruthless ruler posted abroad (6) DESPOT*
27 Criticise in not-so-healthy condition (3-4) RUN-DOWN [DD]

1   What the family kitty has when members pitch in contributions (8,6) COMBINED INCOME [CD]
2   Terrible fire put out, you hear, in the limits of Dindigul (7) DIREFUL {Dind{FIRE*}{U(~you)}iguL}
3   Thomas Gray, for one, puts limb in exotic site (7) ELEGIST {E{LEG}IST*}
4   Small talk by journalist is splashed (9) SPATTERED {S}{PATTER}{ED}
5   Extra: Southern Customs (5) ROLES {ROLE}{S} (Addendum - MORES {MORE}{S} - See comments)
6   Therefore Prime Minister accepts his faulty argument (7) SOPHISM {SO}{P{HIS}M}
7   Weatherproofing stuff for most of small street in MP's constituency (7) SEALANT {SEA{LANe}T}
8   These animals have a load of work (6,2,6) BEASTS OF BURDEN [CD]
15 Painting — of Mr. Chips? (3,6) OLD MASTER [DD]
17 All together, flock is in three quarters (2,5) EN MASSE {EN {MASS}E}
18 Inward journey? (3,4) EGO TRIP [CD]
19 Small newspaperman pushes up first item of oldster in brief stay (7) SOJOURN {S}{(+o)OJOURN(-o)}
20 Every ogre's dispersed at a brisk speed (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{OGRE*}
22 Praise ten in embroidered tale (5) EXALT {E{X}ALT*}



  1. Replies
    1. You might be familiar with it in
      O tempora! O mores!

    2. Never heard of that either

  2. Not enough people around to boast about my 'samosa day'?! Obvious Monday blues.

  3. I thought Gridman's favourite town was Erode.(or of late Coimbatore)

  4. 21 Red model set (7) COMPOSE {COM}{POSE}

    Is usage of COM for RED (Communist) acceptable?


    In Arab countries when Sons of Toil are buried beneath Tons of Soil, Sons of Soil enjoy.

  6. Taking the cue from Renga - off-track (Happened to read this elswhere, thought of sharing)

    What does the word ACRONYMS stand for?

    A Crazy Roundup of Nonsense You Must See
    A Common Representation Of Names You Must Shorten
    A Cryptic Rendition Of Names You Might See
    Abbreviated Capitalized Realtime Organizational Neological Yeomanlike Memory Surrogates
    Advanced Cryptology Rendering Obviously Nonsensical Yet Meaningful Stuff
    Assorted Computing Rumours About Nothing You Might Suspect

    1. Nice ones, but difficult to remember.

  7. splendid x'e.Thanks to evocative clues with words set out in a serried arrangement,I could make it today 16,21a & 1,5d constantly kept me on tenterhooks. Today I was fortunate to crack the puzzle.Thanks GM.