Friday, 10 April 2015

No 11365, Friday 10 Apr 2015, Afterdark

9   Opposed to article on government uninstalling meter in re-laid Main Street (7) AGAINST {A}{G}{mAIN+StreeT}
10 Summary not in track (7) OUTLINE {OUT}{LINE}
11 Uninitiated Moroccan dressed in animal... (7) RACCOON mOROCCAN*
12 ...costume, at times is trash (7) GARBAGE {GARB}{AGE}
13 Invite Copper inside at base to estimate (9) CALCULATE {CAL{CU}L}{AT}{E}
15 Performed a Caesarean to eliminate danger primarily (5) ACTED Acrostic
16 Appealed to guide to stay in outskirts of Passade at Germany (7) PLEADED {Pas{LEAD}sadE}{D}
19 Thrilled to find a new drier on street earlier (7) STIRRED {ST}{DRIER}*
20 Develop old cricket club with unlimited Euro (5) OCCUR {O}{CC}{eURo}
21 Can I work in last commercial? (9) FINANCIAL {FIN{CAN+I}*AL}
25 Defend fifth bowler, side without one's ordinary (7) EXPLAIN {bowlEr}{XI}{PLAIN}
26 Highly dismal surroundings at Lalgudi entrance (7) GREATLY {GRE{AT}{La...i}Y}
28 Slowest legs not abnormal (7) LONGEST*
29 Lighter intern lit filling in with hydrogen (7) THINNER {T{H}INNER*}

1   Female's bra stitched with primarily Indian cotton material (6) FABRIC {F}{BRA*}{I}{C}
2   Eliminate disease by changing sides (6) CANCEL CANCE(-r+l)L
3   News is not for opposition leaders (4) INFO Acrostic
4   Skinhead confronts Brown's last article on part of a poem (6) STANZA {Sk...d}{TAN}{Z}{A}
5   Meeting against Greece getting EU's dollars without certificate (8) CONGRESS {CON}{GR}{Eu}{SS}
6   Rations distributed after collecting VAT for famine (10) STARVATION {STAR{VAT}ION*}
7   God is a good man, Earth runs as an act of God (8) DISASTER {D}{IS}{A}{ST}{E}{R}
8   Counted on quiet conclusion indeed (8) DEPENDED {DE{P}{END}ED}
14 True, Andrew's drunk and sunken (10) UNDERWATER*
16 Genuinely support, ahead of time with no acting (8) PROPERLY {PROP}{EaRLY}
17 Getting away from duplicating key earlier (8) ESCAPING {ESC}{APING}
18 Handy to include one new setter, last puzzle guaranteed (8) DEFINITE {DEF{1}{N}{I}T}{p...lE}
22 Deny quarter, consumed gallon earlier (6) NEGATE {NE}{G}{ATE}
23 Hotel Lawrence checked in, at last is attentive (6) INTENT {IN{TE}N}{aT}
24 Covers and letterhead can be easy to procure, right? (6) LAYERS {Le...d}{AYE{R}S*}
27 Leave eastern side to touch junction (4) EXIT {E}{XI}{T}



  1. Stress free puzzle. Simple and elegant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you AD. :-)))

  2. Two questions wrt 1dn.
    If it is stitched with primarily Egyptian cotton, how would it feel?
    Is there such a thing as a male's bra?

    1. Thank you. I was aware of the condition but didn't know of this garment.

  3. Same device 'earlier' used thrice - 19A, 17D and 22D
    In 19A, it is superfluous. A on B is BA.

    1. I don't see it as superfluous in 19A. In an across clue, "A on B" could be both AB or BA. "A on B earlier" makes it unambiguously BA.

  4. Some doubts
    4D last = z?
    7D How god is d?
    16D Acting = A?

    1. 7d Dis is Pluto. So anno should be DIS A ST E R

    2. Yes. But 'is' has no role in WP. God's may have worked.

    3. I use Chambers XWD - A Dictionary of Crossword Abbreviations by Michael Kindred & Derrick Knight. All the above 3 are mentioned in that.

    4. I suspect this comes for Deus (Latin for god).

    5. Yes D=Deus=God .. I recall this being mentioned in this forum earlier too.

    6. See 17dn in THCC 11074 of 2nd May 2014.

  5. Thanks to Afterdark and to DG for the puzzle and the blog! I loved the surfaces in 9a and 21a - the latter was my COD.

    This was a comparatively quick solve for an Afterdark puzzle. I found the puzzle made easier by the abundance of first or last (or fifth!) letter picks strewn throughout (Danger primarily, Lalgudi entrance, primarily Indian Cotton, Skinhead, fifth bowlEr, last puzzlE, aT last)...

    ...but got sidetracked briefly in 4d and 21a because I tried to parse "Brown's last" and "last commercial" along the same lines! :)

    I share Ajeesh's niggles on 4D and 16D, but I think the definition and rest of the wordplay work well enough to get the answer anyway.

    1. Yep 21 A surface is good but cryptically work should come before fodder ?

  6. Extremely enjoyable CW, though I did it late and missed all the discussion.
    Had the same doubt about D for God. But enjoyed the surface reading.
    Bowled by 16D since I took 'Pro' for support and searching for time.

  7. Loved the puzzle AfterDark!! Am back to solving the THC after a 3 week gap and whoa it felt great to complete it...Loved some clues especially FINANCIAL, STARVATION, AGAINST