Monday, 13 April 2015

No 11367, Monday 13 Apr 2015, Spinner

Time's running out ...

1 & 22 Dn. He defeats a TH setter with point won just as time runs out (6,6) BUZZER BEATER {BUZZER} {BEATER} Anno pending See comments
4   Strains fit calf playing a bit of soccer (8) AFFLICTS {FIT+CALF}*{So...r}
10 Ban consequently covers a degree (7) EMBARGO {E{MBA}RGO}
11 Wordy poetry captivates short lad (7) VERBOSE {VER{BOy}SE}
12 Final delivery, ultimate shot! (4,4) LAST BALL {LAST} {BALL}
13 Bond’s money protects Bond’s boss and subordinate, at the end (6) CEMENT {CE{M}{s...tE}NT}
15 Squeezes by bringing back spin (4) NIPS <=
17 Ace setter undone by the rest in the list considered not worthy of mention (9) ETCETERAS*
20 Split or serve up a way to break the tie (5,4) SUPER OVER*
21 Letters from couple articulating request (4) PLEA [T]
24 Rivalry time returns around New Year (6) ENMITY {E{N}MIT<=}{Y}
25 Cry around Old Trafford as Ronaldo finally enters tie-breaker (5-3) SHOOT-OUT {SHO{OT}-{r...dO}UT}
28 A type of vacuum tube to deter conversion (7) TETRODE*
29 Cutting tool’s bolt regularly immersed in brine solution (7) NIBBLER {NIB{BoLt}ER*}
30 True mind destroyed in embryonic form (8) RUDIMENT*
31 See 5 Dn.

1   Projecting teeth trimmed and covered with flashy case (8) BEETLING {B{tEETh}LING} New word for me
2   Greek god eats some birds and animals (5) ZEBUS {ZE{Bi...s}US}
3   Coat carried up by engineer (6) ENROBE {ENROB<=}{E}
5 & 31 Ac. Free TV set I arranged for a thrilling game of tennis (4-6) FIVE-SETTER*
6   Broke cleaner has right to become thief (8) LARCENER {CLEANER}*{R}
7   Appeal following end of cliffhanger (5,4) CLOSE CALL {CLOSE} {CALL}
8   Leaves woman with aliens (6) SHEETS {SHE}{ETS}
9   Election played out in dirtiness (9) POLLUTION {POLL}{OUT+IN}*
14 On the radio, recognize a fake American voice transmission (9) TELEPHONY (~tell a phony)
16 Dropped fruit distributed (9) PLUMMETED {PLUM}{METED}
18 Latrine residue on marshland lifted (8) RESTROOM {REST}{ROOM<=}
19 One who catches dog having appropriate, regular ears (8) CAPTURER {C{APT}UR}{EaRs}
23 Man from Brazil entering residence (6) HOMBRE {HOM{BR}E}
26 Young Member of Parliament? (5) OWLET [CD]
27 Stitched up ends of fabulous blue window curtain (4) SEWN Last letter Acrostic



  1. Off topic
    I have added a Comment under yesterday's Sunday Special.
    I would like Bruno and Raghunath (any any others of course) to see it.

  2. 1 & 22 Dn. He defeats  a TH setter with point won just as time runs out (6,6)BUZZER BEATER {BUZZER} BEATER Anno pending

    I think he defeats a TH setter is wordplay with remaining as definition

  3. How would "Setter beats solver" look as a headline?
    At least, Spinner defeated me with a few words.
    Nice one, thank you Spinner- you spun well.

  4. Off-track but could be of interest to some bloggers:

    Our friend and fellow-blogger Ramesh J is on a visit my home city Mangaluru (until recently Mangalore), with wife and two kids. He has no access to the Net until he reaches Chennai on Apr 18 in time to attend the Crossie event. He has said 'Hi' to all of you.

    Yesterday we moved around to see a few places together. It was sort of a one-to-one S&B. We missed Kishore while being at the Pabbas ice-cream joint. We spoke a lot about the blog and all prominent, regular visitors.

    They are on a temple visit circuit. Today they will visit Udupi, Kollur and Murudeshwar temples. Tomorrow it will be Kalasa, Horanadu and Shringeri.

    The day after it will be Dharmasthala and Subrahmanya. On 16 and 17, they will be here. We will go around the local temples and tourist spots. I have obtained his permission to reveal the itinerary to you all. :-)

    We can rest assured of their prayers wherever they go.

    1. Maybe this will inspire and spur some bloggers to plan a visit soon....

    2. Incidentally, it was a pretty warm day yesterday and we all had the 'net' effect of the 'sun' with Sunnet around. But the visit to the Pilikula Biological Park and zoo put us into a shade - no pun intended - for some time at least... :-)

    3. Thanks for sharing. Will surely try.:-)

  5. This took time, but it was well worth it! Many delightful clues here, especially 11, 7d, 16d, and the witty 26d - pithy, accessible, very well constructed.

    Had to cheat a bit for 28a - the wordplay was clear, but the word was completely know.

    I initially put down HOMBRE as a semi&lit clue, but then remembered that the language spoken in Brazil is Portugese, not Spanish!

    Thanks to Spinner and DG.

    1. Sorry - the last bit of the comment on 28a should read "...the word was completely *new to me*."

  6. Setters occasionally reference other setters in their clues (as in 1a here): I have seen this a few times in the Hindu crossword and also in the Guardian and the Independent. How fair is this to those who don't solve the crosswords in that particular publication regularly, and may thus not know the names of all the setters? Or do the setters work with the regular audience in mind? I am curious to know what the setters - and other solvers - think about this.

    1. A very pertinent question.

      When the reference to other setters is only on the surface, I think that's fair and adds an extra charm to the puzzle. Exa's clue: "Dismissal of Mover cryptic starts to alarm locals (7) REMOVAL" is a good example. Regular solvers will enjoy the in-joke, while non-regular solvers wouldn't be encumbered even if they miss the appeal of the surface.

      But BUZZER BEATER requires the solver to know the setter's name in order to solve the clue. That's a step into unfair territory.

  7. Nice to know Richard is having good company and has 2 'Suns' to put up with! Have a good time and our Best Wishes are with you to have a glorious time.
    Thank you for the invitation- will be kept as a 'Boon' to be used at the proper time.

  8. Abhay's comment on 28A, it should be fairly easy for all those a little familiar with Electronics and Spinner being an engineer should have thought so too. That way, we come to know a lot of words which we shall never have an opportunity to come across. Probably the names of setters are in that category too. Also, the use of their pen names makes it legitimate for those who do CW's in TH regularly.

    1. I have no complaint at all about TETRODE - just an admission that I had to look up the word! The names of setters fall in a completely different category, IMO.

  9. I have learnt quite a lot of new words in different fields just by doing CW's here and of course with a big Thank You' to the blog.

    1. Today I've learnt the real meaning behind group names of birds like - Murder of Crows, Parliament of Owls, Gaggle of Geese etc through the link OWLET for 26Dn clue. Thanks Col.Sir for the link.

  10. Tough going today! Caught on a sticky wicket!! :(

  11. The longest definition that I had ever come across in a CW clue is @ 17A, worthy of mention I think!