Thursday, 16 April 2015

No 11370, Thursday 16 Apr 2015, Gridman

Gridman appears to be setting up house today with some evil spirits, so I've selected a good Standard Lamp for him :-).

1   After gruelling march, first-class rest starts in this piece of furniture (8) ARMCHAIR {MARCH*}{A1}{Rest}
6   Rubbish in camp bed (4) MUCK [MD] Camp? (Addendum - BUNK [DD] - See comments)
9   Stab one who admits being unhealthy? (6) IMPALE {I'M}{PALE}
10 Ignore new girl in choice (7) NEGLECT {N}{E{G}LECT}
13 Go — don't attend office! (4,5) TAKE LEAVE [DD]
14 Dutch painter from jumbo school (5) BOSCH [T]
15 Not any bit for sister, say (4) NONE (~nun)
16 Drug — writer takes one, not finishing bit of script (10) PENICILLIN {PEN{1}CIL}{LINe}
19 The end — when monkey romps around pulling back disc of West Indian music (10) APOCALYPSE {AP{CALYPSo}E} (Addendum - {AP{(+o)OCALYPS(-o)}E} - See comments)
21 Drink when it's served (4) ASTI {AS}{IT*}
24 Imp was sent back (5) DEVIL <=
25 No place for crisp cake, perhaps (5,4) SPICE RACK* &lit? Didn't understand the definition?
26 Ace made merry in scholar's world (7) ACADEME*
27 Get old and new things to cover at a meeting (6) AGENDA {AGE}{AND*}
28 Take a look at mountaintop, say (4) PEEK (~peak)
29 That woman's to tell authorities about a style of furniture (8) SHERATON {SHE}{RAT ON}

2   God has goddess returning baking dish (7) RAMEKIN {RAM}{EKIN<=}
3   Give credit to lead rocking rocker (6) CRADLE {CR}{LEAD*}
4   State: “Time lady put out publicity material to a moderate standard” (9) AVERAGELY {AVER}{AGE}{LadY}
5   Called for Oriental kitchen appliance (5) RANGE {RANG}{E}
7   Suit Len distributing household implement (7) UTENSIL*
8   Washing places where dishes may pile upthink sickens badly! (7,5) KITCHEN SINKS*
11 Almost lose sight of evil spirit (6) GOBLIN {GO}{BLINd}
12 Light for the normal US city politician (8,4) STANDARD LAMP {STANDARD} {LA}{MP}
17 This month I get a different version to start (9) INSTIGATE {INST}{I+GET+A}*
18 “__ __ Bwana”: 1963 Bob Hope film (4,2) CALL ME [FITB]
20 Get round to old boy mixing tea after six (7) OBVIATE {OB}{VI}{TEA*}
22 Mr. X is also in fair (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO {SO{-AND-}SO}
23 Groups army officer left out (6) GENERA GENERAl
25 Design criteria for eyeglasses (5) SPECS [DD]



  1. Replies
    1. Felt Col would have cottoned on to that at first sight. For me it was LOI.

    2. Thanks Bhala. Didn't strike me at all.

  2. CV,
    No one got the following two yesterday

    5) one who is forever a winner?
    6) one who will not volunteer and do any work at any time?

    Who are they?

    1. The intended answers are:
      5) one who is forever a winner? VEER (from V for Victory)
      6) one who will not volunteer and do any work at any time? NE'ER (meaiing 'Never'!)

  3. 25 No place for crisp cake, perhaps (5,4) SPICE RACK* &lit? Didn't understand the definition?

    Probably that's the place where you would not place cakes perhaps

  4. Enjoyable one - thank you, Gridman! Some very nice surfaces here. I especially liked the image conjured up by 1d - Hera returning a ramekin to Zeus, or Lakshmi to Vishnu?!

    Just one thought: surely someone saying "I'M PALE" is admitting to *looking* unhealthy rather than being unhealthy?

    Thanks for the blog, Col. A small point: the definition of OBVIATE should be just "get round", not "get round to".

    1. Sorry - the god-goddess reference was in 2d, of course, not 1d.

    2. Abhay seems to be right. Unhealthy looking is "pale"

  5. Wondering how I could have missed the Bunk (bed). More wonder how I could make the same mistake as Col.
    Nice enjoyable smooth flowing CW with some very nice surfaces.

  6. I filled in Junk for 6Dn! But for this it was a smooth ride, an enjoyable one at that! Thanks Gridman. :)

  7. 29 That woman's to tell authorities about a style of furniture (8) SHERATON {SH}{RAT ON}

    That woman in the anno needs your special attention, Sir!

  8. 1 After gruelling march, first-class rest starts in this piece of furniture (8) ARMCHAIR {MARCH*}{A1}{Rest}

    There was much discussion about acrostic indicators. Had a doubt here: Does "starts" convey "only" the first letter of "rest"?

    1. IMO, it depends on how one treats "starts": if one treats it as a verb, then it would apply to only the first letter of the preceding word; if one treats it as a noun, it could be taken to apply to the starting letter of more than one preceding word, or - at a stretch - to the first two letters of the immediately preceding word.

      In this case, the rest of the wordplay leaves room for just one letter, so there is little room for doubt that "starts" needs to be treated as a verb. An example of it being treated as a noun is:

      This raider of low literacy starts as a vandal (5)

  9. Col, Have you "cut" the disc of West Indian music?

    1. I cut it from the rear but didn't add it to the front :-)

  10. 25A No place for crisp cake, perhaps (5,4) For samosas?

  11. JUNK - ed like MB. Missed the samosas by it.:-(((

  12. With Col.'s preamble and the light fixture he has chosen, I expected a few comments, but none so far.

    1. If the Col. Is given a few promotions, he would become a Gen.i.e. A resident of a lamp

  13. Wonder if such beautiful pieces, I mean magical lamps,...err....Standard lamps are available in India?! CV Sir is lucky to get one today!

  14. Thank you enjoyable xword with some smooth surfaces...

  15. Quite enjoyable. Wonderful x'ie with well mapped out clues.24a - was-lived unlikely likes.23 d- was able to crack though not in my active vocabulary. 18d - a wild guess or contextual inference helped me work out. Simply put an engrossing & entertaining type of puzzle. Thank you GM.