Saturday, 18 April 2015

No 11372, Saturday 18 Apr 2015, Gridman

1   Lower the record in clothing (7) DEPRESS {D{EP}RESS}
5   Check very fiery disposition (6) VERIFY {V}{FIERY*}
9   Spirit of a slender maiden? (5) SYLPH [DD]
10 Will students take it and worshippers say it before time? (9) TESTAMENT {TEST}{AMEN}{T}
11 Rare ornamentation around geometric pattern for frequent patron (7) REGULAR {RE{GUL}AR*}
12 Cordial gathering at a fair (7) RATAFIA*
13 Means to shake lions' prides (5) MANES*
14 Little boy in one country or another (9) AUSTRALIA {AUSTR{AL}IA}
16 Slur envoy put out in a state of apprehension (9) NERVOUSLY*
19 Place of birth (5) NATAL [DD]
21 Walks quietly to provide info to vacuous examinees (7) TIPTOES {TIP}{TO}{Ex...eS}
23 Equip group with sleeve adornment (7) ARMBAND {ARM}{BAND}
24 If you do this, things may not go off the shelf quickly (9) OVERSTOCK [CD]
25 Hang medical man's animal (5) DRAPE {DR}{APE}
26 Sailor boy? One of four (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
27 Botched-up medical lecture (7) DECLAIM*

1   Record on border by one country is of class distinction (14) DISCRIMINATION {DISC}{RIM}{1}{NATION}
2   Only GOP can make out the figure (7) POLYGON*
3   Once healthy, son lets it all out (7) EXHALES {EX}{HALE}{S}
4   Relaxed, to begin with, such are these times! (9) SATURDAYS [CD] With SAT at the beginning
5   A face-saving device in Medieval times (5) VISOR [CD]
6   Church official acquires a pile (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
7   Dissatisfied with French flute going awry (7) FRETFUL {FR}{FLUTE*}
8   What a disappointed person might say after awakening (2,3,3,1,5) IT WAS ALL A DREAM [CD]
15 Journalist, going after bird, indulged in frolic (9) SKYLARKED {SKYLARK}{ED}
17 Agent, allowed ultimate luxuriance, is fully satisfied (7) REPLETE {REP}{LET}{l...cE}
18 They are found among the reeds (7) OBOISTS [CD]
19 Wandering in-charge follows rise of Pythias's friend (7) NOMADIC {NOMAD<=}{IC}
20 Singsong syllables from coach — old, old cricketer (3-2-2) TRA-LA-LA TRA-{LA-LA} Anno for TRA pending
22 Clipped opening of speech on crescent part (5) SHORN {Sp...h}{HORN}



  1. 20 Singsong syllables from coach — old, old cricketer (3-2-2) TRA-LA-LA TRA-{LA-LA} Anno for TRA pending

    Probably: Coach: TRA(IN). In = current. not current = Old. Minus that from TRA - IN = TRA?

    1. I couldn't stretch myself that far! My first take was Ooh- La-La!! :)

  2. CD player's working very well!

  3. 20D- I could make out the old cricketer- Lala (Amarnath)
    Tra has to be train-in (Train minus old?)

    1. 'Tra' is to be taken as part of train or coach?

    2. I think it is TAA DA DA for Dada old cricketer

  4. I enjoyed today's puzzle. Thanks Gridman

  5. Enjoyable mixed puzzle Gridman .. thanks

  6. Nice puzzle but somewhat tough. Enjoyed though!

  7. 11Ac : Rare ornamentation around geometric pattern for frequent patron (7) REGULAR {RE{GUL}AR}

    Ornamentation of RARE requires *

  8. Results of Chennai Crossie Open

    First - Ramesh and Srividya
    Second - Mohsin and Ajeesh
    Third - Laksmi and SSS
    Fourth - Bhala and Partner

  9. Hearty congrats to Ramesh & Srividya! :)

  10. Report by Bhala

    Interesting afternoon today, a well conducted competition with a written prelim round and 3/4 interactive final rounds.

    Mohsin had come down from Bangalore just for this, and he with Ajeesh cracked the prelims in under half the allotted time. One thought at that time that all was done and dusted, but not so. Seven other teams also made it to the final rounds, and ultimately it was Ramesh the juggernaut partnered by Srividya taking the top slot comfortably, closely followed by MacEsh.. LV and partner finished third. Hopefully the IIT folks will send across pics of the prize distribution with our very own Rishi doing the honours.

  11. Thanks Bala :) we were truly lucky in the face of such competition ... lion share of solves goes to Ramesh ...have to thank the colonel for that :)

    1. Thanks everyone. Congrats to all the participants & the other winners. Srividya is being very modest by passing off the credit to me. We made a good team as she cracked the ones that i was slow to get and vicre versa. Thanks Col. for suggesting that we participate as a team

      Was wonderful meeting all the S&B folks again.
      +1 to Bala's comment about a well conducted competition. Well done Nirmal & team. Hope to see this event take roots & finds its niche in the Chennai events calendar

  12. Great! The entire contest grabbed by our own guys and gals. Congrats to all of them.

    1. Of course, credit to Col's blog for the honing and finetuning they received here.

    2. Proud to say that out of 8 teams , 8 members are from our THCC group :)