Saturday, 25 April 2015

No 11378, Saturday 25 Apr 2015, Arden

Nice one as usual from Arden

Added some links & reference as an afterthought

9 Take off keeping within limit at entrance (7) IMITATE (T)
10 Plant anatomy also includes a weed (7) LANTANA (T)
11 One perhaps felt regret over one who isn't professional (7) AMATEUR {A}{MAT}{EUR<=}
12 Be dressed as a monk (7) INHABIT CD {IN}{HABIT} see comments
13 Cabling removed from Buckingham palace in terrible state, sometime ago (9) KAMPUCHEA {bUcKingHAM PAlacE}*
15 Tie like a hammock (5) ASCOT {AS}{COT}
16 One acting strangely from father's side (7) AGNATIC {A}{ACTING}*
19 Stripper's there, mostly outside tavern (7) THINNER {TH {INN} ERe}
20 A girl not returning to Kingdom (5) TONGA {A}{G}{NOT}}<=
21 Crazy about study of coral (9) MADREPORE {MAD}{RE}{PORE}
25 Trap wire in centre of court (3,4) NET CORD {NET}{CORD}
26 In new game, ground gets significance (7) MEANING {IN N GAME}*
28 A low caste state (7) ALBANIA {A}{L}{BANIA}
29 Look back and forth while covering the play (7) OTHELLO {O{THE}L<=}{LO}


1 Grab a greeting card (6) HIJACK {HI}{JACK}
2 Win over mermaids at sea? Not me! (6) DISARM {meRMAIDS}*
3 Capital fellow (4) MALE (DD)
4 Fireside chat among the art historians (6) HEARTH (T)
5 He demands list containing sorted mail (8) CLAIMANT {C{LAIM*}ANT}
6 From earth it can be mined (10) ANTHRACITE {EARTH IT CAN}* &lit
7 Stop cabin construction as a defensive post (8) BARBICAN {BAR}{BICAN*}
8 Captain gets lieutenant to supply the brewers (8) MALTSTER {MA{LT}STER}
14 Extremist voice can never be heard (10) ULTARSOUND {ULTRA}{SOUND}
16 Feelers that girl has to catch up, with a low grade (8) ANTENNAE {AN{TEN<=}N}{A}{E}
17 Strange one- but an interesting material (8) NANOTUBE {ONE BUT AN}*
18 Invitation to help over by mid-morning? He must be joking (8) COMEDIAN {COME}{DIA<=}{morNing}
22 Plum in front of child is mother (6) DAMSON {DAM}{SON} 
23 Flyer shows zero interest in the part (6) ORIOLE {O}{R{I}OLE}
24 Went up, taking girls for a drink (6) EGGNOG {E{GG}NOG<=}
27 Beaches are somewhat long (4) ACHE (T)


Lieutenant=Lt,Low grade=E,Zero=O,Interest=I 



  1. Not clear on the anno for MAT in 11A

    1. Okay. Msg from Ajeesh saying that 'felt = fabric = MAT'

  2. I had 12A as {IN}{HABIT} with Be as the definition

  3. An engrossing puzzle! Happy to have completed an Arden crossie for the first time!! Thank you Arden. :-)))

  4. Completed?! Great! I am far from it today.
    Missed a few well disguised anagrams also. Not my day, I presume.
    Good one, nevertheless..

    1. As for me, initially I missed some of the well disguised T clues, like ACHE in 'beaches', but the crossings helped me get them!

  5. Awesome puzzle. :) Comparatively easier. Learnt some new words. But no hassle at all. Only 17A D definition I felt was slightly inadequate.

  6. Good one, Arden - many great surfaces in there, and some fascinating wordplay! Thank you, and to Ramesh for the blog.

    I think the definition of NET CORD is not right - NET CORD refers to a the ball hitting the top of the net, not just to the net itself (as the definition seems to suggest).

    Three words were completely new to me, but the wordplay made them accessible (MADREPORE, MALTSTER, NANOTUBE). I made things more difficult by first putting in ULTRASONIC instead of ULTRASOUND, which of course held up ALBANIA till I saw the mistake.

    1. Well the 'Net Cord' is in the centre of the court isn't it?

    2. See some of the terms used in Tennis at the link GLOSSARY OF TENNIS TERMS

    3. Abhay i made the same mistake and Albania came to the rescue :-)

    4. Col., the page you cite actually supports my take on this! For "net cord", it says "see dead net cord", and it defines dead net cord to mean the ball clipping the top of the net.

  7. Net cord is really a cord/ rope that holds the net in place. The ball that hits the net is sometimes loosely called the net cord. This cord is concealed with a tape.


  8. Net cord: noun

    (tennis) a cord that passes along and supports the top of a tennis net

    1. I checked again and Collins does indeed have this meaning. I do follow tennis quite ardently and have never heard the phrase applied to the cord itself, hence my doubt.

  9. Great puzzle from Arden today.. Managed to finish it but with lot of googling... Totally new words for me were AGNATIC, MADREPORE, BARBICAN, NET CORD, DAMSON, LANTANA.... but the wordplay and crossing letters helped a lot in narrowing down the guesses..