Sunday, 19 April 2015

No 2837, Sunday 19 Apr 2015

1   Crimes committed with collusion behind bars, damaging pieces of work (6,4) INSIDE JOBS {INSIDE} {JOBS}
6   Mark causing alarm, no end (4) SCAR SCARe
9   Helps a farm labourer after loans (5,1,4) LENDS A HAND {LENDS} {A HAND}
10 Indian's home, Central America (4) INCA {IN}{C}{A}
12 Typical member of parliament, perhaps (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
14 A Spaniard, and native of one African country, heading off (7) IBERIAN lIBERIAN
15 Racing driver we upset during launch (7) STEWART {ST{EW<=}ART}
16 Girl with mate back on one of the Canary Islands (2,5) LA PALMA {LA P}{ALMA}<=
19 Clown making most of mistake in part of theatre (7) PIERROT {PI{ERROr}T}
21 Lawyer Perry and policeman George on course for state boundary (5-5,4) MASON-DIXON LINE {MASON}-{DIXON} {LINE}
23 Crucifix over entrance (4) DOOR <=
24 Free enterprise supporter in Moscow, say, is tense (10) CAPITALIST {CAPITAL}{IS}{T}
25 Pay close attention to college turning (4) NOTE <=
26 Daily row about Germany's leader, not a real threat (5,5) PAPER TIGER {PAPER} {TI{Ge...y}ER}

1   Disliking work, I must get led astray (4) IDLE {I}{LED*}
2   Seeing that about open (7) SINCERE {SINCE}{RE}
3   Lies stranded, unfortunately, in remote spot (6,6) DESERT ISLAND*
4   Lexicographer producing Gospel, very new (7) JOHNSON {JOHN}{SO}{N}
5   Fruit bats (7) BANANAS [DD]
7   Insincere talk in a rural Mexican bar (7) CANTINA {CANT}{IN}{A}
8   Official car leaving property (4,6) REAL ESTATE {REAL} {ESTATE}
11 Cook so keen to make a flan (8,4) BAKEWELL TART {BAKE}{WELL} {TART}
13 Foolish male, fellow crossing one place in field (5,3-2) SILLY MID-ON {SILLY} {M}{1}{D-ON}
17 Faint in narrow defile abroad (4,3) PASS OUT {PASS} {OUT}
18 Jumping bail, seaman, a pantomime hero (3,4) ALI BABA {ALI B*}{AB}{A}
19 Papers supporting professional image (7) PROFILE {PRO}{FILE}
20 Rating showed card (7) RANKING {RAN}{KING}
22 Ringo, short celebrity (4) STAR STARr


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  1. Special at 10:30 is the Prelim 21x21 CW used at the Chennai Crossie open yesterday. As I will be out of home till 3 PM or so, someone is requested to keep a track of the leftovers