Tuesday, 5 May 2015

No 11386, Tuesday 05 May 2015, Anon

1   End of European country after slaying of third king (6) FINISH FINnISH
4   Grape from Oman city (6) MUSCAT [DD]
9   Laugh at hollow morsel (4) GRIN GRaIN
10 In a riot, lethal anger is very popular (3,3,4) ALL THE RAGE {ALL THE}* {RAGE}
11 Be, at first, rather cunning about minerals (6) BERYLS {BE}{Ra...r}{YLS<=}
12 Criticizes head cop for warrants (8) CENSURES {Cop}{ENSURES}
13 Hide holy man’s remains outside (5,4) STASH AWAY {ST}{ASH} {AWAY}
15 Rent land initially effortlessly (5) LEASE {Land}{EASE}
16 Pungent camel initially in dry surroundings (5) ACRID {A{Ca..l}RID}
18 Publicize, notify about every other secret (9) ADVERTISE {ADV{sEcReT}ISE}
22 Head, leg pain to weaken (8) LANGUISH {Leg}{ANGUISH}
23 I lead confused souls primarily with morals (6) IDEALS {I}{LEAD*}{Souls}
25 Dad captures heartless opossum, alien with instrument (10) FATHOMETER {FATH{Op...uM}{ET}ER} I wish someone would invent a GOLFOMETER to find lost golf balls!!
26 In Bethlehem, Macbeth conceals novel (4) EMMA [T]
27 Potatoes in shreds after blight finally is gone (6) TATERS TATtERS
28 Chinese gambling game in Parliament? (3,3) FAN TAN [DD]

1   First off, write off damage penalty (7) FORFEIT {wRITE+OFF}* My COD
2   Girl can get confused in American city (5) NANCY {N{CAN*}Y}
3   Wanders, heads east at Welsh city (7) SWANSEA {SWANS}{East}{At}
5   Let go of secret after the German escapes (6) UNHAND UNderHAND
6   Obese policeman swallows rabbit head? Acceptable during fasting period (9) CORPULENT {CO{Ra...t}P}{U}{LENT}
7   Pullers lose source of leverage, struggle badly (7) TUGGERS STRUGGlE*
8   Divided into mutually distinct categories like a chess board (5-3-5) BLACK-AND-WHITE [C&DD]
14 Catapult somehow hits long targets finally (9) SLINGSHOT {HITS+LONG + t...tS}*
17 Noisy petitioner loses source of income (7) CLAMANT CLAiMANT
19 Broke retailer loses source of livelihood in African nation (7) ERITREA RETAIlER*
20 King unaccompanied by hermit for the most part (7) SOLOMON {SOLO}{MONk}
21 Soldier in the company of the queen (6) FIRMER {FIRM}{ER} Is that an autocorrect error for SOLIDER?
24 Not odd to initially have affair (5) EVENT {EVEN}{To}



  1. A small nit on15 A. Effortlessly is easily and not ease

    1. Land initially = L, Effortlessly = "with ease", so L with EASE gives us LEASE.

  2. Enjoyed the crossword. I just wish the setter had not repeated indicators - like LOSE/S SOURCE (7D, 17D, 19D) or INITIALLY (15A, 16A, 24D).

  3. An enjoyable puzzle. Samosa lost because of 21 Dn FIRMER. Couldn't parse 1Dn FORFEIT but it is my COD too.

  4. Thanks to Anon for an enjoyable crossword, and to DG for the blog. 1a, 1d, and 15a are my top clues for the day.

    The misprint of solider in 21d did hold up things for a few minutes.

  5. Plausible and nice surface reading in most clues today by Anon.

  6. Nice enjoyable CW, though could not compete for samosas.
    I had put tachometer for 25A and was trying to locate father!

  7. I struggled for a long time coz I took European country as Denmark, removed the third of king - n and got Demark which means terminate = end. BTW, Finnish is not a European country, it is a nationality, right?

    1. Finnish adj. :
      Of or relating to Finland or its people, language, or culture.

      Copy paste Free Dic.

    2. Clue to be read as "of European country" pl.