Wednesday, 20 May 2015

No 11399, Wednesday 20 May 2015, Gridman

Enjoyed 16A and 8D.

1   Woman backs skill in flying machine (8) AIRCRAFT {AIR<=}{CRAFT}
6   Time edge is put in shape (4) TRIM {T}{RIM}
9   Again troubled, having new heart disease (6) ANGINA {A{N}GINA*}
10 Revulsion is talked over, it is said (7) DISGUST (~discussed)
13 Lifeline between mother and baby (9) UMBILICUS [GK]
14 Select drug that isn’t too potent? (5) ELITE {E}{LITE}
15 Work group was exultant (4) CREW [DD]
16 Shifty VIP enrages rumour mills (10) GRAPEVINES*
19 Could be conjectured helps lose right to the clever (10) SUPPOSABLE {SUPPO(-rt+able}ABLE}
21 Daze son — one leaving AP town (4) STUN {S}{TUNi}
24 School publicist is portly (5) STOUT {S}{TOUT}
25 A Socratic change in a South American country (5,4) COSTA RICA*
26 Tragedy almost all of the rest — learners — get to observe initially (7) OTHELLO {OTHEr}{LL}{Ob...e}
27 Old father's search leaves good man out — it's clouded (6) OPAQUE {O}{PA}{QUEst}
28 Say etiquette demanded the outing of the Himalayan legend (4) YETI [T]
29 Thwarted action, indeed (8) DEFEATED {DE{FEAT}ED}

2   Base in globe destroyed (7) IGNOBLE*
3   Unfriendly country named (6) CHILLY (~chile)
4   Song about a top-class vehicle's growth (9) ARAUCARIA {AR{A}{U}{CAR}IA}
5   Members of tribal group now not unknown to take seconds (5) TODAS {TODAy}{S}
7   A school function in the French island (7) REUNION [DD]
8   New hailstorm felled family members (7-2-3) MOTHERS-IN-LAW*
11 Turn to start court activity to catch workers' leader (6) SWERVE {S{Wo...s}ERVE}
12 It relates no failure (7,5) SUCCESS STORY [CD]
17 Kill — sheen's gone (6,3) POLISH OFF {POLISH} {OFF}
18 Fatal result of extra story being left unfinished repeatedly (6) MORTAL {MORe}{TALe}
20 Visionary in favour of making dog swallow drug (7) PROPHET {PRO}{P{H}ET}
22 But no Tamilian leader included in banal praise (7) TRIBUTE {TRI{BUt}TE}
23 Black fruit no second to this fruit (6) BANANA {B}{ANANAs}
25 Initially catching footloose rogue in assembly (5) CROWD {Ca...g}{ROWDy}



  1. One of my quickest Gridman solves ever. Neat puzzle, with some very nice wordplay and surfaces - I especially liked 14, 16, 24, 7, 20, 22. I must admit to being a tad disappointed by the concise crossword-style clue for UMBILICUS.

    Thanks to Gridman and DG!

  2. For the first time ever, I managed to finish before 8.30 and got all but 5A, Happy nevertheless. Thanks Gridman.

    1. I did not get 5A either. In fact, I did not find the clue for it. :))

  3. Delightful. Had an excellent time. Thank you Gridman.
    Made a mess of spelling 'Umbilical' and got caught there. Loved the 'crew'- though I filled in, I could appreciate it only after seeing the blog.

  4. 19a; Typo in anno. SUPPORTS (-rt) + ABLE

  5. For 13A, I put UMBILICAL and got into a knot. T(h)oda mushkil ho gaya.

  6. Put in 'Umblicus'.I lost! Bahut mushkil ho gaya.

  7. A small niggle-
    Costa Rica is in Central America and not in South America. I had my doubts before filling in but crossings made the change.