Wednesday, 27 May 2015

No 11405, Wednesday 27 May 2015, Arden

Takes time to shift to Arden style from Buzzer style.

1   Cruelty I see in man (6) MALICE {MAL{I}{C}E}
4   Caused by extremely careful characters — it’s dead end (3,2,3) CUL DE SAC {CAUSED+Ca...uL}* What is the AInd? Though I'm still not convinced about it, see comments.
9   Poisonous gas is near ground (6) ARSINE*
10 Shadow boxing, say taken to higher level (8) DOGFIGHT {DOG}{FIGHT} Semi&lit
12 He's dispatched to keep shifting gear in service (8) SERGEANT {SE{GEAR*}NT}
13 By and large, Byrd goes out with a girl (6) ANGELA {by+ANd+LArGE}*
15 Press a number, and the country follows (6,6) FOURTH ESTATE {FOUR}{TH E}{STATE}
18 Wrong — vice versa, not right (12) CONSERVATIVE*
21 Tool setter's in the back (6) REAMER {REA{ME}R}
22 Herb's most uneasy inside car by day's end (8) COSTMARY {C{MOST*}AR}{daY}
24 Hold up group, it's on line (8) BANDITRY {BAND}{IT}{RY}
25 Self control not often lost in ancient text (6) SCROLL {SeLf+ContROL}*
26 Showed respect — blunt side used (8) CURTSIED {CURT}{SIDE*}
27 Big toe's well known (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}

1   Same feat reproduced in the old kitchen (4,4) MEAT SAFE* Used to be a standard item of furniture issued to us in all army houses.
2   Passion turned sour in glossy (8) LUSTROUS {LUST}{SOUR*}
3   For once, niceties exchanged with sweets (15) CONFECTIONERIES*
5   Not business voucher on top (4) UPON coUPON
6   The sure thing (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE &lit
7   Ring It's gone, love lost sadly (6) SIGNET {ITS+GoNE}*
8   Sleep over, fight for breath getting up (6) CATNAP {CA}{TNAP<=}
11 Perhaps sent in, a quarter deep (7) INTENSE {SENT+IN}*{E}
14 Beginning shortly — Music festival's rising fame (7) STARDOM {STARt}{DOM Anno not clear (Addendum {STARt}{DOM<= - See comments)
16 Drink up — a warning overall (8) PINAFORE {PIN<=}{A}{FORE}
17 One round in shade — did something eco-friendly (8) RECYCLED {RE{CYCLE}D}
19 Spies in Langley have a local picking up what's spoken in Baghdad (6) ARABIC {A{RAB}IC}<=
20 He went into battle, loveless but composed (6) WAGNER {WA{GoNE}R}
23 Poetry doesn't start with language (4) ERSE vERSE



  1. 14 Beginning shortly — Music festival's rising fame (7) STARDOM {STARt}{DOM<-}

    A mod is a festival of Scottish Gaelic song, arts and culture


  2. 4a Characters is the anagrind
    14d Mod is scottish musical festival. So STARt DOM<=

  3. Could not parse 8d. Where did CA come from?

    1. CA - Circa - Approximately - About - Over

    2. I get it that Over=Around & Around=Circa/Ca is the path, but to me it looks like using Tom & expecting the solver to fill in Tiger, ( Tom=Cat & Cat = Tiger )
      What do others think?

    3. I'm also not convinced by this.

  4. We don't see clues like 20D often, where the definition is split on both ends & the wordplay is in the middle. Any other instance of this type of clue in THC?

    1. That & 7A) He was Godless- in his heart composed (8) in

  5. 25A : Self control not often lost in ancient text (6) SCROLL {SeLf+ContROL}*

    What's the anind pl? Is it 'lost'?

    1. Thank you Sir. I find 'loose' as an anind in the list of anagram indicators and not 'lose'. Hence the confusion!

    2. 'Lost' is an anagram signal in the 'confused' sense... Not the 'lose' sense...

    3. Thank you, Aakash Sridhar. NOW no more 'confusion'! :)

  6. In 11208, xC's clue was
    14 Lost hope that fasting can create history (1,5,2,3,4)

    1. Thanks CV SIr! That was a thing of the past!!

  7. In another THC, Arden had
    18 Arbitrator will summon bad characters (9)

  8. I lost two different nostalgic Comments even as I was writing them on my iPad because my finger accidentally touched the glass surface somewhere.
    Nothing like the desktop, I say.

  9. I as a setter am intrigued by the preamble today.
    What is Arden style? What is Buzzer style? Does Gridman have his style?
    It wifi be nice if different volunteers try and write on any noticeable traits of THC setters.
    Style apart, many clues in recent crosswords have been wonderful.
    I as a setter have indeed clued EXPRESS man times yet B's recent clue for this was novel and
    My honest opinion is that the standard of THC is good.
    It might bear some research and analysis with database of clues and solutions.

    1. In my opinion each setter has his inimicable style, I am unable to explain what it is, but something is there.

  10. Help.
    On iPad can I turn on this bloody sp suggestion? Do I go to the settings and do that? Any suggestion welcome.

    1. To turn auto correct off:

      1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Keyboard

      2. Touch Auto-Correction -> OFF

  11. Thanks. I just now realise that i should have said "turn off". But you knew what i meant.