Sunday, 17 May 2015

No 2841, Sunday 17 May 2015

There's music in the air today. This doesn't look like the regular Everyman setter that we know of.

1   Spirit shown by quartet in Dvorák intermezzo (4) RAKI [T]
6   Lyrics by quality poet (10) WORDSWORTH {WORDS}{WORTH}
10 Retired teacher drinking at college dance (3,1,3) CUT A RUG {e...oC}{U{T A} RUG}<=
11 Slim country and western singer with hired killer (7) WHITMAN {W}{HITMAN}
12 Gay song in the new musical (8,4) ANYTHING GOES*
15 Polish bandleader, Joe, after opening in Gdansk (5) GLOSS {Gdansk}{LOSS}
16 Tenor spots headphones in bins (5,4) TRASH CANS {T}{RASH} {CANS}
17 Rose, for example, can, cutting track (9) EGLANTINE {EG}{LAN{TIN}E}
18 Opening bars of anthem - take it away! (5) INTRO INTROit
19 Upset client, artist, a musician (12) CLARINETTIST*
23 Composer, extremely diverse, occupied penning most original of songs (7) DEBUSSY {Di...sE}{BU{Songs}SY}
24 Man, leader of choir, reportedly pleased (7) CHAPPIE {Choir}{HAPPIE}(~ happy)
25 Troupe of musicians, male, in street playing lyres (10) MINSTRELSY {M}{IN}{ST}{LYRES*}
26 Part of a Gibson, say, about to be wrapped in pink paper (4) FRET {F{RE}T}

1   Figures great-uncles lost heart performing (10) RECTANGLES GREAT-uNCLES*
2   Film of Ginger Rogers in pool with wartime detective (5,5) KITTY FOYLE {KITTY} {FOYLE}
4   Ear, perhaps, for a musical instrument (5) ORGAN [DD]
5   Sell short sad standard (9) DOWNGRADE {DOWN}{GRADE}
6   Released with Cream hits, second song (5,9) WHITE CHRISTMAS {WHITE CHRISTMAS}*{S}

7   Peculiar piano seat (4) RUMP {RUM}{P}
8   Solo, last from Band Aid? (4) HAND {HAN}{banD}
9   Canned music producers? (6,3,5) BRAHMS AND LISZT [DD]
13 Tidy rapper adapted Beatles record (3,7) DAY TRIPPER*

14 Medley master's not arranged (10) ASSORTMENT*
16 Verse form in short hymn I later changed about (4,5) TAIL RHYME {TAIL R{HYMn}E*}
20 Takes US singer "Stevie" (5) NICKS [DD]
21 Faith, for example, shown by a mother (4) ADAM {A}{DAM}
22 Old pop group docked in small Scottish port (4) OBAN {O}{BANd}



  1. nowhere in the picture!
    Special today?

  2. I remember doing this one in the Guardian - I had got Wordsworth and Whitman on first pass, guessed a theme, and spent a long time trying to spot other poets before remembering that Whitman wasn't clued as a poet! It was indeed a tough one compared to Everyman's usual offerings. Great fun, though, and very fairly clued.