Monday, 1 June 2015

No 11409, Monday 01 Jun 2015, Scintillator

Bumpy horse ride today. Had trouble in the SW corner, some annos elude me.

1   Burden leads criminal to abduct daughter (6) SADDLE {SAD{D}LE*}
4   Iron-clad army somewhat lamented on defection of Navy (8) ARMOURED {ARmy}{MOURnED} Does somewhat mean take only half?
9   No alfresco reported in this Indian city? (6) INDORE (~indoor)
10 India and Sri Lanka sidestep outlining reposition (8) DISLODGE {D{I}{SL}ODGE}
12 Boulder with a block mostly used to make chemical salt (4-4) ROCK-ALUM {ROCK}-{A}{LUMp}
13 A gold-winning athlete in the end is long-lived (3-3) AGE-OLD {A}{G{a...tE}-OLD}
15 Keeping a hold, jump on your horse (4) PONY [T] What's the role of 'a hold'?
16 Cavalier, upwardly mobile Keralite faces Internet challenge (10) EQUESTRIAN {E-QUEST}{RIAN<=}
19 I guarded against trespassers after actors dressed down (10) CASTIGATED {CAST}{I}{GATED}
20 Crime sheet frames a network (4) MESH [T]
23 Eddy is training voter on voting mark (6) VORTEX {VOTER}*{X}
25 Rude-looking girl went swiftly on Splendour (8) GRANDEUR {G}{RAN}{RUDE*}
27 Watchmen seem suspicious to us (8) LOOKOUTS {LOOK}{TO+US}*
28 Allied airlines primarily fly by Spain (6) AGNATE {Ai...s}{GNAT}{E}
29 Certainly right to charge Manorama? (8) YEARBOOK {YEA}{R}{BOOK} Poor definition in my opinion even though there is the question mark
30 Condition publicised in social media, say (6) STATUS [E]

1   A ring of support for jockey? (7) STIRRUP [E]
2   Devotees maintain distance with divine leader (9) DEDICANTS {Di...e}{DISTANCE}*
3   With loop not secured, patchy tailor ties a rope (6) LARIAT {TAILoR+A}*
5   Control after ouster of government rule (4) REIN REIgN
6   Policeman's able to sort out force through contract (8) OBLIGATE OBLIGATE {IG+ABLE+TO}* (Addendum - {ALE+TO}* around {IG} - See comments)
7   Travelled on wheel to reach an exhibition (5) RODEO {RODE}{O}
8   City in Germany where one lives without coldness (7) DRESDEN {D}{RESiDENce}
11 Orange in kilo quantity - squat to peel top layers (7) KUMQUAT {K}{sUM}{sQUAT} Not sure of Anno
14 Ornaments Israeli found on English lines (7) JEWELRY {JEW}{E}{L}{RY}
17 After all, one getting in tangle could be __________ (9) INELEGANT {IN+TANGLE+E}* Anno for E pending See comments
18 One could be explosive one second (4,4) TIME BOMB A poor &lit in my opinion
19 Soldiers with poor vocabulary miss out becoming unit captains (7) CAVALRY VoCAbuLARY*
21 Tackle and keep in check (7) HARNESS [DD]
22 Bestow with honour at the end of the day, say (6) KNIGHT (~night)
24 Film on Kashmir about one that could be intoxicating (5) RIOJA {R{I}OJA}
26 German perfume (4) OTTO [DD]



  1. 17 D - After all - Utlimately or In the end of ONE - E , with IN TANGLE - INELEGANT

  2. 11D I had the same anno too. Looks fine
    17D After all one yields E

    6D seems an indirect anagram. Policeman could be IG,PC, MP

  3. 14Dn : Ornaments Israeli found on English lines (7) JEWELRY {JEW}{E}{L}{RY}

    (L) for ?

    1. Lines = line & line= L & RY

    2. L: line
      RY: line
      {L}{RY}: lines

    3. Thanks Ramesh & Sandhya Ma'am. :)

    4. Lines can be LL too, I think! Maybe one has to choose a proper 'line(s)' in accordance with the given clue!

    5. The problem arises because we have to interpret the 2 L's in different ways in the same word.

  4. 8Dn : City in Germany where one lives without coldness (7) DRESDEN {D}{RESiDENce}*

    Think * is not needed.

  5. Is it because 'ice' is not continuous?

  6. ICE need not be continuous, only in the right sequence. Check these clues by Arden:

    Family leaving Pakistan for some food (5) PASTA PAkiSTAn
    Next holy book released is enough for illustration (7) EXAMPLE {nEXt}{AMPLE}

  7. Thank you SP. I get the point. Very good examples- ample?

  8. 6D: IG has (ABLE+TO)* out
    18D: A poor &lit in my opinion - Sure, it was meant to be a CD referring to a temperamental person. No distinct wordplay and would be a poor &-lit if construed so.
    15A: What's the role of 'a hold'? - Telescopic indicator. The construction is "'Fodder' keeping a hold answer".
    29A: Poor definition in my opinion even though there is the question mark - Why?

    1. Does 15A convey that fodder keeping answer ?

    2. Because Manorama is not a Yearbook. It is a publishing house which publishes a daily, a weekly besides a yearbook

    3. How can 18D be a CD??
      I'm not convinced by 'Keeping a hold' as telescopic indicator. Keeping or just hold is OK but what is keeping a hold??

    4. Sorry for the delay in getting back. This link suggests the annual is titled so, and Def-by-example does not need to get any more precise than this. The Wiki Link also mentions Manorama as one of the very few examples of yearbooks in India.

      The publisher is "Malayala Manorama Company Limited" and the daily is titled "Malayala Manorama". Even if the daily were titled "Manorama", that does not mean the definition in the clue for YEARBOOK is wrong. "Manorama?" can as well define "actress" or "news channel" or "weekly".

  9. Good one from scintillator.. I could not understand annotation for 3d.. Could some one help?.. Ties a rope means Lariat?..

    1. 3D With loop not secured, patchy tailor ties a rope (6) LARIAT {TAILoR+A}*

      Loop not secured = - O
      Ties a = + A
      Rope = Lariat

    2. Ohho, got it now .. Typical of me to not see the obvious ... Thanks Sandhya