Friday, 5 June 2015

No 11413, Friday 05 Jun 2015, Lightning

8   Lawyer’s influence is used to appoint a representative (5,2,8) POWER OF ATTORNEY {POWER} {OF} {ATTORNEY}
9   Substantial medium for one expert (8) SIZEABLE {SIZE}{ABLE}
10 Key perhaps to allow pill (6) TABLET {TAB}{LET}
11 Betrayal by guru takes king close to misery (9) TREACHERY {T{R}EACHER}{m...rY}
12 Superior bridge primarily breaking a software crawler (5) ABBOT {A}{B{Br...e}OT}
15 Talk of power scare (7) PRATTLE {P}{RATTLE}
17 Burden of sapper in war (7) FREIGHT {F{RE}IGHT}
19 Tesla wearing dirty headgear (5) MITRE {MI{T}RE}
20 Order a grade one beverage (9) ORANGEADE*
23 Internal standoff ends insult (6) OFFEND [T]
25 Born ordinary, superhero with a bit of instigation becomes unconventional (8) BOHEMIAN {B}{O}{HE-M{In...n}AN}
26 Extremely sensitive tobacco ruling out? Not quite there (5,3,2,5) CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR {Se...vE+TOBACCO+RULING}*

1   One making a replica of firm pillar (6) COPIER {CO}{PIER}
2   Defender’s force bent a cross (10) BENEFACTOR*
3   Attractive woman blows up inferno (9) BOMBSHELL {BOMBS}{HELL}
4   Wine brought into existence by one artist (7) MADEIRA {MADE}{1}{RA}
5   Leaderless land, say (5) STATE eSTATE
6   Cheat caught by kid (4) CRIB {C}{RIB} 
7   Giant insect after insect outside hospital (8) BEHEMOTH {BE{H}E}{MOTH}
13 Bishop travels miles to help one who always falls short (10) BRIDESMAID {B}{RIDES}{M}{AID}
14 Club trustee left out of afternoon party (9) TRUNCHEON TR{lUNCHEON}
16 Rule, say to diminish precipitation (8) RAINFALL (~reign){RAIN}{FALL}
18 Testimonial, I butter up (7) TRIBUTE*
21 Plays from Madras broadcast (6) DRAMAS*
22 Even exchange of home building material (5) ADOBE {A(-b+d)DO(-d+b)BE}
24 Missing the first contract? Relax (4) EASE lEASE



  1. Ha! So near, yet so far!! Missed out on 19Ac MITRE. Could not annotate TRUNCHEON. Nevertheless an enjoyable solve. Thank you Lightning. :)

    1. The problem with TRUNCHEON was, I could get TR, LUNCH and was struggling to account for EON! Was not aware LUNCHEON also means LUNCH!

    2. MB
      Luncheon is a 'formal lunch'.
      Read maugham's story
      Simply google for the title and author and get a link to the story.

  2. Nice one. Mitre was the last one to fall

  3. Smooth as usual from Lightning.
    'For' in 9a is intrusive and has no role in the clue.

  4. Enjoyable crossword from Lightning. Some very nice surfaces - 7d and 14d are my favourites.

    Thanks to DG for the blog.

  5. That was a good left right luncheon. I had headgear as Tiara but could not parse. Sizeable needed sizeable help from Ramesh.

    Please see my suggestion above.'

  7. In old days of cricket commentary, used to hear "luncheon break" frequently over Radio Australia along with "sundries" for extras, not in use these days.

  8. Lovely clues! Enjoyable grid.. Thanks Lightning... Got all except MITRE...