Sunday, 7 June 2015

No 2844, Sunday 07 Jun 2015

Enjoyed the surface reading of most of the clues today.

1   Disappointment about protest turning personal (8) COMEDOWN {C}{OMED<=}{OWN}
5   Device used by ensemble mostly (6) EMBLEM [T]
9   Priests beginning to understand one cracking jokes (7) JESUITS {JES{Un...d}{1}TS}
10 Selection was first preserved (7) PICKLED {PICK}{LED}
11 Withdraw permission (5) LEAVE [DD]
12 Find out about king with policy creating unfriendly state (9) SURLINESS {SU{R}{LINE}SS}
13 Music arranged on rack next to comic (4,3,4) ROCK AND ROLL {ROCK AN}*{D ROLL}
17 In fiction, capturing quiet Scottish island (11) FASHIONABLE {FA{SH}{IONA}BLE}
20 Removed drink, letting crowd in (6,3) STRUCK OUT {ST{RUCK} OUT}
21 Teacher's expression of disapproval, nothing right (5) TUTOR {TUT}{O}{R}
22 Terrible liar yet to provide truth (7) REALITY*
23 Outlaw still missing one meal (7) BANQUET {BAN}{QUiET}
24 Greek character leading small rebellion (6) MUTINY {MU}{TINY}
25 Salvage concerning company too (8) RECOVERY {RE}{CO}{VERY}

1   Joy clear after rereading Persuasion (8) CAJOLERY*
2   Self-esteem finally is thing that ignites unequal contest (8) MISMATCH {s...eM}{IS}{MATCH}
3   Urge to take plunge seizing Romeo (5) DRIVE {D{R}IVE}
4   Show direction on pages followed by Conservative (4,4,5) WEST SIDE STORY {WEST} {SIDE S}{TORY}
6   Chap keeping Duchess of Cornwall apart from a former PM (9) MACMILLAN {MA{CaMILLA}N}
7   Flowers in heart of Belize, whoppers? (6) LILIES {beLIze}{LIES}
8   Unassuming style on street (6) MODEST {MODE}{ST}
10 He appears in this chart at number 2 (8,5) PERIODIC TABLE [CD] My COD
14 Liking cafe if not in a mess (9) AFFECTION*
15 Sailor stumped by stratagem hard to understand (8) ABSTRUSE {AB}{ST}{RUSE}
16 Moment before closure of account in bank behind closed doors (8) SECRETLY {SEC}{RE{a...nT}LY}
18 Force going after residue in retreat (6) ASHRAM {ASH}{RAM}
19 Absolute skill, inwardly controlled (6) ARRANT {AR{RAN}T}
21 Cheers new move in dance (5) TANGO {TA}{N}{GO}



  1. Special at 10:30 by new setter Spritzer

  2. COD likely to be unanimous. Outstanding clue- I was nowhere near it! But after seeing it in the blog, I cannot understand how I could have missed it. capitalisation of He is the crowning part.
    Thank you Col.

  3. +1 for COD, got it from crossing letters :)