Sunday, 14 June 2015

No 2845, Sunday 14 Jun 2015

1   Plant in gale shaken about (8) ANGELICA {IN+GALE}*{CA}
5   Crown found in sea with relief brought back (6) DIADEM {DIA}{DEM}<=
9   Mostly reliable sailor with yen to be alone (8) SOLITARY {SOLId}{TAR}{Y}
10 Accurate child receives prize (4,2) SPOT ON {S{POT} ON}
12 Varied music one's playing, including Fitzgerald? (13) MISCELLANEOUS {MISC{ELLA}NEOUS*}
14 In hearing, regretted being impertinent (4) RUDE (~rued)
15 Structure highly indicative of the present time (5,5) CLOCK TOWER [CD]
18 Son tormented an alarmed amphibian (10) SALAMANDER {S}{AN+ALARMED}*
19 Wrong about good omen (4) SIGN {SI{G}N}
21 Nag crazy person to protect box tree (5,8) HORSE CHESTNUT {HORSE} {CHEST}{NUT}
24 Second during final round in game (6) TENNIS {TEN}{NI}{S}<=
25 Energy in call by hard member of tribe (8) VISIGOTH {VISI{GO}T}{H}
26 Porter for instance carrying on in language (6) CREOLE {C{RE}OLE}
27 A little match in secret (8) SLIGHTLY {S{LIGHT}LY}

1   Group of players following ace further (4) ALSO {A}{LSO}
2   Fifty in odd game getting frantic over large prize for winning (4,5) GOLD MEDAL {GO{L}D MEDA*}{L}
3   Most recent US city experiment (6) LATEST {LA}{TEST}
4   Bishop in association with knight in longing for authority (5,7) CARTE BLANCHE {CARTE  {B}L}{A{N}CHE}
6   Exemption obtained by rascal with agreement (8) IMPUNITY {IMP}{UNITY}
7   Part of plot tidied up, the same as before (5) DITTO [T<=]
8   Soup's sources sound about right (10) MINESTRONE {MINES}{T{R}ONE}
11 Skip college, excited to get hold of new instrument (12) GLOCKENSPIEL {N} in {SKIP+COLLEGE}*
13 Artificial distortion of short alien in film (10) PROSTHETIC {P{SHORT*}{ET}IC}
16 Something worn and old in attic was thrown out (9) WAISTCOAT {O} in {ATTIC+WAS}*
17 Magnificent tune rising in force (8) IMPERIAL {IMPE{RIA<=}L}
20 Conclusion not yet decided? No pressure (6) ENDING pENDING
22 Set compass and wander (5) RANGE [MD]
23 Tips from witch expertly creating watery liquid (4) WHEY {WitcH}{Ex...lY}



  1. Special at 10:30 by Doppelganger. My Sunday Special bank is empty as of now, contributions are invited.

  2. DG is handy when the bowl is empty?
    Col., a couple of doubts-
    25A- Link for energy leads to 'vis', but solution seems to indicate 'visit' meaning call. Confused.
    I am in love (read zero) with tennis. Not able to get anywhere.Is final 'ten' and 'in' for during?

    1. That link is a mistake, I've removed it

    2. Second = S
      during = IN
      final =NET
      round = Reversal indicator
      in game = {TEN}{NI}{S}<=

  3. 'Go' for energy in 'visit' looks to be right.

  4. Put PROSTHESES and got bungled in SW corner. Only 90% today:((