Saturday, 18 July 2015

No 11450, Saturday 18 Jul 2015, Afterdark

AD is in Chennai today


1 Selection of calamari nabbed at harbour (6) MARINA (T)
5 Third cocktail consumed in a booth for anniversary (8) BIRTHDAY {B{THIRD*}AY}
9 Stroke of luck to find a mess, but say Rahul Dravid is around (8) WINDFALL {W{FIND*}ALL} 
10 Carbon monoxide, fluorine, iron found on the surface of energy drink (6) COFFEE {CO}{F}{FE}{Energy
11 See 19 dn.
12 For starters,I love you’ should be preceded by large flower (4) LILY {L}{I}{Love}{You}
13 Sin to hold lone vagrant by forcefulness (8) VIOLENCE {VI{LONE*}CE}
16 Agree to let out place earlier (6) SETTLE {SET}{LET*}
17 Uncle's lounge serves a dish (6) SAMBAR {SAM}{BAR}
19 Company’s dismissal is never related to heart (8) CORONARY {CO}{RO}{NARY}
21 Lazily // having an accompaniment to 17 ac. (4) IDLY (DD) 
22 Portugal's agent joins association of a children's institution (4,6) PREP SCHOOL {P}{REP} {SCHOOL} Association=School?
25 Database crashed, administrative trainee first sacked and humiliated (6) ABASED {DatABASE}* 
26 Bowling off-spin gets seven down upfront (8) NINEPINS {NINE}{SPIN*} Seven down brings in the ninth man to the crease 

27 Man's links I revealed at a capital (8) HELSINKI {HE}{LINKS I}*
28 Fix bone at the end, make a weapon (6) STYLET {STYLE}{T}


2 Farewell dialogue, a disaster. Log out (5) ADIEU {DIAlogUE}*
3 Assume 3/5th of our country has university education primarily (5) INDUE {INDia}{U}{Edu...n}
4 US resident’s invite carried by a network (7) ALASKAN {A}{L{ASK}AN}
5 Compensate // for the rest (7) BALANCE (DD)
6 Changes the new actress (7) RECASTS {ACTRESS*}
7 Pretentious, informal filth in Ukraine beaten up (9) HIFALUTIN {FILTH IN UA}*
8 Striated muscle fibres // and protozoa are ......... (9) ACELLULAR (DD)
14 Noiseless trendy German car gets billed often (9) INAUDIBLE {IN}{AUDI}{BiLlEd}
15 Influencers sit by slob mistakenly (9) LOBBYISTS {SIT BY SLOB}*
18 Enlisted heartless Japanese mercenary to kidnap deputy on comeback (5,2) ROPED IN {ROn{PED<=} IN} Anno Pending See comments 
19 & 11 ac. Crushing pain, seek new treatment from team, say (7,10) CHENNAI SUPERKINGS {CRUSHING PAIN SEEK N}*
20 Dislikes new residents without identity (7) RESENTS {RESidENTS}
23 Lucky to find parish priest hidden in grass (5) HAPPY {HA{PP}Y}
24 Animal attacked, head and tail eaten (5) OUNCE {pOUNCEd}

Reference list

Carbon monoxide=CO, Fluorine=F, Iron=Fe, Large=L, Uncle=Sam, Company=Co, Dismissal=RO(Rule out?), Portugal=P, Agent=Rep, Man=He, Bone=T
University=U, Network=LAN, Ukraine=Ua, Deputy=Dep, Identity=ID, Parish Priest=PP

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. MB might have missed BASIN BRIDGE.
    For CSK, it is too late!

    1. Incidentally I missed CHENNAI SUPERKINGS today but not IDLY SAMBAR :)

  2. In Chennai we have what is called LILY Pond Shopping Complex.

  3. There is a school of thought that Chennai is till a backward city compared to Mumbai.

    school = some people whoa re like-minded. In that sense school=association.

    A school of hales may be an association of whales.

  4. No samosa for me today. Only idly and sambar.

  5. Thanks again AD! Finished earlier than yesterday. Samosas are more delicious today!


    2. They seem to have stolen quite a few more people as well- not just samosas!

  6. I guessed 19 A. Where does RO in it come from?
    Didn't understand 28A. That was the only one I couldn't solve. Can someone help please?

    1. Fix=style

    2. Thanks a lot. Seeing this only now.

  7. Some late Comments under yesterday's blog.

  8. Happy that AD is trying to rope in CSK- some say it is never too late! Will it take a new avatar?
    Thank you AD for the Idl- sambar- coffee. Compensating for the samosas I missed.
    Googled 'Protozoa' and got 'Unicellular', but still did not connect to the solution!

  9. Super puzzle..CSK was the last in..
    Shall certainly miss CSK for 2 yrs

  10. Re the two clues for IDLY.
    It seems that AD, while he slurps over ladles and ladles of tasty sambar, has bits of bland idly as a side dish.
    Edhu edhai thottukkum?

  11. Replies
    1. Some times the side dish overtakes the main one and seeing the way some people take it, AD is probably right. Sambar with 'thouttukka' idly!

    2. esp. non- South Indians, who ask for more spoons of sambar or 'samber' as they pronounce it.

  12. Brings me the memories of Ratna Cafe's Nei Idly Sambar

  13. But for the constraints and limitations presented by grids, tough words like KODAMBAKKAM which led to the coinage of Kollywood, KOYAMBEDU the transport hub, COOUM river, PARRY'S CORNER and others may have found a place here...;)

  14. Thank you CV for drawing attention to comments in yesterday's blog. Otherwise we would have missed some fun.

  15. Sorry. Missed wishing Mohsin and other friends EID MUBARAK.

  16. Better late than never in joining you with Best Wishes. Eid Mubarak.