Monday, 7 December 2015

No 11568, Monday 07 Dec 2015, Gridman

1   Cover that's yielding? Not exactly! (7,4) PLASTIC CROP ? [CD] (Correction - PLASTIC WRAP [CD] - See comments)
9   Surround club after fellows don't start at five (7) ENVIRON {mEN}{V}{IRON}
10 Such a person keeps on postponing leaving (7) STAYING ? [CD]
11 Almost everyone go into male child's room (5) SALON {ALl} in {SON}
12 Yet one should be at home in these matches (4,5) AWAY GAMES [CD]
13 One trapped in grid in disrepair is unable to bend (5) RIGID {1} in {GRID}*
15 Making mad by starting golfing (6,3) TEEING OFF [DD]
18 One who is sluggish like a small bleak vehicle (9) SLOWCOACH {S}{LOW}{COACH}
21 They form enduring attachments (5) GLUES [CD]
22 What did you say? “Visit once more?” (4,5) COME AGAIN [DD]
24 Metal one head of Naxalites obtained (5) INGOT {1}{Na...s}{GOT}
26 She is crazily mad about a country (7) MIRANDA {MAD}* about {IRAN}
27 New carpets in ranges of colours (7) SPECTRA*
28 Run in the raw that proved to be fortunate? Not exactly! (5,6) LUCKY STREAK [CD]

1   Request certain southern amusements (9) PLEASURES {PLEA}{SURE}{S}
2   It gets a lot of hammering (5) ANVIL [CD]
3   Lift principally raucous bit in the Nordic lament for the dead (9) THRENODIC {TH(+r)RE}{NO(-r)DIC}
4   Meet prisoner with diplomacy (7) CONTACT {CON}{TACT}
5   Say again others consumed (7) RESTATE {REST}{ATE}
6   Jumped leaving son in collision (5) PRANG sPRANG
7   Forum fit enough to get dense cheeselike soy product (4,4) FIRM TOFU*
8   Sage has son kept down for a long period of time (4) AGES (-s)AGE(+s)S
14 A genuine old coin for a decent score (4,4) GOOD MARK {GOOD} {MARK}
16 Unconcerned General backs General in literature (9) NEGLIGENT {NEG<=}{LI{GEN}T}
17 Not one for slowcoaches? (4,5) FAST TRACK [CD]
19 Old church goes for retarded mother in biblical language (7) ARAMAIC {AR(-ch)+(ma<=)AMAIC}
20 Sharpen pen in candour (7) HONESTY {HONE}{STY}
22 You may part with this dressing room tool (4) COMB [CD]
23 Cancel yearbook missing third of chapters (5) ANNUL ANNUaL
25 A defeated solver's cry on good tome falling apart (3,2) GOT ME {G}{OT ME*}



  1. Why should one be at home during an away game

    1. No idea. We'll have to Get Idea to find out:-)

    2. If you want to win, you should feel at home even in away games.

    3. That was the idea. Only when you're 'at home' while playing an away game, there are chances of winning.
      The clue may be poor, but then...

  2. As per me Wrap/Grip/Crop all fit we'll have to wait for Gridmans response

    1. Wrap is a cover. Others aren't. Expect it to be 'wrap'

    2. See the link provided by me. Wrap doesn't yield anything

    3. I presume Gridman used yielding in the sense of being flexible & giving way

    4. I agree it's a vague clue but WRAP fits in better than other suggestions.
      Haven't we heard of aluminium wraps for packing food for our outdoor picnics?
      Yes, 'yielding' gives PLASTIC.

    5. Does GRIP or CROP go with 'cover'?

    6. I think so. I put in grip as a cover on a handle of a tennis racquet, say. And it is not exactly yielding.

  3. The puzzle didnt was an easy solve except for NE corner which took time..

    1. Does the easy solve include 'Threnodic'

    2. Threnodic was were prang & Firm Tofu...the last requiring google

  4. Elsewhere I saw an English teacher explaining in an youtube video that the nursery rhyme, Ringa Ringa roses is actually a Threnodic. I believe it was Ring of rashes.

  5. RJ is mentioned in The Telegraph:
    The article itself seems to have been written by one of the IXL participants.

    1. At the time when folks from Daily Telegraph spoke to me, I did not know that the date of the final was 25th Dec

    2. Is this Telegraph a sister publication of the one in UK? Is it available
      only in the Metro cities ? Does it carry any crossword -cryptic or otherwise? Can I have more details?

    3. The article in the Telegraph is interesting. Thanks CGBji for bringing it to the notice of all of us .

  6. I chose the THRENODIC clue for today's

  7. I wrote Plastic wrap for 1A. Seemed to fit the meaning of the clue.
    Good morning all. It's been a while!

  8. Whoever it is at The Hindu has conveniently taken the excuse of the floods (I think so) to not upload the CW in the online edition of the paper. It has not appeared after 11563