Tuesday, 15 March 2016

No 11650, Tuesday 15 Mar 2016, Gridman

1   Look, accept a danger's looming (4,1,6) TAKE A GANDER {TAKE} {A} {DANGER}*
9   Fixes blame back on a plant (7) PARSNIP {PAR}{SNIP}<=
10 The French politician working around old satire (7) LAMPOON {LA}{MP}{O{O}N|
11 Setting straight: Labour leader goes out feeling remorseful (5) RUING RUlING
12 Fix mother's part in elaborate procedure (9) RIGMAROLE {RIG}{MA}{ROLE}
13 Powai streetwalker exposes midriff (5) WAIST [T]
15 Somehow need approval, with female leaving enterprise (9) ENDEAVOUR {NEED*}{fAVOUR}
18 Check seat, fix again (9) REINSTALL {REIN}{STALL}
21 Return early to set central hangman's halter (5) NOOSE {NOOS<=}{sEt}
22 Former African island given Indian article (9) RHODESIAN {RHODES}{I}{AN}
24 Handled prince — quite feared (5) PAWED {P}{AWED}
26 Goalie you finally drafted gets praise (7) EULOGIA {GOALIE+yoU}*
27 Noble dissipated ire before now (7) EARLIER {EARL}{IRE*}
28 Walk two times aimlessly, mix up, say senseless things (4,7)  TALK TWADDLE {WALK+T+T}*{ADDLE}

1   Two pieces of garment are of the highest quality (3-6) TOP-DRAWER {TOP}-{DRAWER}
2   Former UN leader gets one women's dress in India (5) KURTI {KURT}{1}
3   Sailor cancels out and gives up (9) ABNEGATES {AB}{NEGATES}
4   Slander according to senior engineer (7) ASPERSE {AS}{PER}{SE}
5   Overwhelmed big brute indeed (7) DELUGED {DE{LUG}ED}
6   Spirit with which graduate joins dance (5) RUMBA {RUM}{BA}
7   Sadly, do see spoor getting lost with power gone (8) DOLOROSO {DO}{LO}{SpOOR*}
8   At one time ostentatious, without any limit (4) ONCE pONCE
14 “__ __ __, then I would” (2,1,5) IF I COULD [FITB]
16 Tamil brother and father pass over vessel in peak (9) ANNAPURNA {ANNA}{P{URN}A}
17 Confirm again ordering of sorer need (2-7) RE-ENDORSE*
19 Suffer, following a large girl (7) ABIGAIL {A}{BIG}{AIL}
20 Look, new hotel customer, not superior, is most tedious (7) LONGEST {LO}{N}{GuEST}
22 King to escape back leaving female in dance (4) REEL {R}{EELf<=}
23 Therefore begin terminating plant disease (5) ERGOT {ERGO}{Te...g}
25 Crazy with dire manifestation (5) WEIRD {W}{DIRE*}


  1. Thanks Gridman.
    Rhodesian prevented me from getting full score.

  2. Pretty straight forward xword from CV sir today.. thanks sir for the samosas :) BTW.. on Kurti.. I presume Kurt is the ref to UN Sec Gen Kurt Waldheim.. using first names is not usual right?

  3. Nice one once again from Gridman...the 10 letter grid..with some 1D clues..particularly liked take a gander...talk twaddle & the indian references...kurti(kurta is more popular) & Annapurna

    1. kurti refers to the short top.. and is far more trendy now than the kurta

    2. Right...I do hear my wife & daughter refer to these short trendy kurtis...

    3. Umm...'kurta' - 'kurti' reminds me of my favourite Sunday dish 'murga' - 'murgi' ;-)

  4. I am reminded of an old film-'If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium'!

  5. Here is the song-