Tuesday, 22 March 2016

No 11656, Tuesday 22 Mar 2016, Buzzer

1   Deputy taking over in speech (5) VOICE {V{O}ICE}
4   Tiny portable mosaic tub (9) SUBATOMIC*
9   Laid-back group having second exclusive language (7) DIALECT {DIAL<=}{sECT}
10 Estate agent is utter rubbish on reflection (7) REALTOR {REAL}{TOR<=}
11 Insufficient message has nothing mostly (3,6) NOT ENOUGH {NOT E}{NOUGHt}
12 Having a tendency to be lying (5) PRONE [DD]
13 Rue losing regularly designer sock (6) ARGYLL reGuLARLY*
15 Standing minister, one in the end government rep at the centre (8) PRESTIGE {PR(-1)EST(+1)I}{G}{rEp}
18 Internal petition to inspect aerosol (5,3) SPRAY CAN {S{PRAY} CAN}
19 Liberal class has a stronghold (6) CASTLE {CAST{L}E}
22 Tea very revolting in mess (5) CHAOS {CHA}{OS<=}
24 High-level art second preference for a tourist (9) TRAVELLER {LEVEL+ART}*{pRe...e}
26 Place for hanging perhaps each dress: clothes-line (7) EARLOBE {EA}{R{L}OBE}
27 Fear smuggling electronic goods... (7) FREIGHT {FR{E}IGHT}
28 ... next in line cutting such tax as an alternative (9) SUCCESSOR {SUCh}{CESS}{OR}
29 Going west, fashionable wearing torn outfit (5) TUNIC {TU{NI}C}<=

1   Review and vet a system of philosophy (7) VEDANTA*
2   Doing exercise being unfit (5) INAPT {IN}{A}{PT}
3   Essentially pet bird, friend forever (9) ETERNALLY {pEt}{TERN}{ALLY}
4   Arrange for leave (3,3) SET OUT [DD]
5   It shows a plot by lawyers talking around rule (3,5) BAR CHART {BAR} {CHA{R}T}
6   Walk wearily through public transport parking (5) TRAMP {T}{RAMP} (Addendum - {TRAM}{P} - See comments)
7   Believer is fickle — do test him (9) METHODIST*
8   Get upset in essence with entourage (7) CORTEGE {COR{TEG<=}E}
14 Old and doddering e.g. 20 (9) GERIATRIC {EG+ERRATIC}* Seems to be an error in the fodder
16 Telling statistic setter initially omitted (9) STATEMENT {STAT}{cEMENT}
17 One serving on ship, underweight reportedly (8) WAITRESS (~weight}{WAIT}{RE}{SS}
18 Revolts thus succeeded gaining understanding (7) SICKENS {SIC}{KEN}{S}
20 Wandering sewer rat I chased around (7) ERRATIC [T]
21 Bear the cost or suffer consequences (3,3) PAY FOR [DD]
23 Range of street deliveries curtailed (5) STOVE {ST}{OVEr}
25 Block in operation to gain access to a computer (3,2) LOG IN {LOG} {IN} (Addendum - LOG ON {LOG} {ON} - See comments and solution tommorow)



  1. 6 Walk wearily // through public transport / parking (5) TRAMP {T}{RAMP}

  2. 6D- That is how I had it too. We used to have them in Chennai- no Madras- long long ago. Still in operation in Calcutta?
    18D- how do we get 'Sic'?

  3. Sorry. I got it. It is from 'Thus'.

  4. I messed up the tea or cha really and had verse for voice (could not parse it naturally)
    Loved how geriatric was coined. Another nice and interesting buzzing one from the bee.

  5. Sometimes you look for deviousness when it's not there. I spent some time assuming 26A as Gallows

  6. Great solving pleasure on two successive days....spoilt for choice for COD..

  7. Feeling very very happy today for having solved a Buzzer CW. Maybe it was for the second time ever since I started doing his puzzles! It was a hard grind though. 18Dn SICKENS was the last one in. Couldn't annotate this and 16Dn STATEMENT for I never knew that 'thus' = 'sic' and 'setter' = 'cement'! I was groping around 'me' and 'i' for 'setter'! So many beautiful clues...my COD being 26Ac EARLOBE. All said and done it was a satisfying and enjoyable solve. Thank you, Buzzer. :)

  8. Buzzer had me on the backfoot today - got it all except Argyll which i had as Argyle. Lil puzzled over some clues.. Geriatric of course but thats probably a typo. Not very happy with 19a - Castle = "Liberal class has a" shouldnt it have been "class has a liberal" or Liberal class about? Also in Argyll.. Google says Argyle is the sock (pattern) .. is there anything to indicate Argyll is a sock? Btw Is buzzer a statistician perhaps? :) Earlobe took me a bit but it is a good clue :)

  9. I had 25d as LOG ON
    On operation =on
    Defn=to gain access to a computer

    1. I too put LOG ON only

    2. I had put in 'Log in', but 'Log on' is better and more suitable. If it is 'In' operation becomes redundant. Access to a computer could be both, isn't it?

    3. Here is a copy paste from ...grammarist.com/usage/log-on-log-in/

      Log in vs. log on
      In nontechnical web parlance, log on often means to visit (especially a website), and log in means to sign in with a username and password. For example, we could say you logged on to this website simply by visiting this page, but you won’t be logging in because nothing on this site requires a username and password.

      These are not technical terms when used in these senses, and technologically literate people (along with careful writers) might scoff especially at this use of log on. Notwithstanding that, it is common.


      Log on

      To learn more about some of these measures, log on to the website. [Houston Chronicle]

      Log on to Samsung’s site and it’s blaring out “it’s time for a better tablet”. [Independent]

      Then make sure you log on to theage.com.au tonight at 7pm for Real Footy Live, our new AFL finals show. [The Age]

      Log in

      The password came, but I was still unable to log in. [Guardian]

      On your iPhone, you toggle on PhotoStream and log in with your Apple ID. [Wired]

      Many Facebook users logged in this morning and found a strange, new social-networking world. [USA Today]

      I too had put in Log-in. Hope Buzzer would tell us what was his take!

    4. In my view 'IN' is given gratis and the definition is 'operation to gain access to computer'

    5. If it is LOG ON then 'Block operation to gain access to a computer' would have been better from the surface point of view in addition to giving a misleading meaning

  10. First time got somosas from Buzzer! Thanks a lot.

    1. What is somosa :) Buzzer gave you first time samosas on February 18th as well :)

    2. That was Aloo Samosa and perhaps this one is of the onion kind.

  11. Can around work as hidden word indicator?

    1. From Free Dic...One of the meanings given

      Prep. Here and there within; throughout: on the political stump around the country.

      So I think 'around' here can work as a hidden indicator.

    2. Fodder within answer or answer within fodder? I understand answer is around fodder but something extra missing for hidden word indicator?

  12. I took 'To gain access to a computer.
    Block- Log
    In operation- On
    wait till tom. or do we hear from Buzzer?

  13. Good run continues right from Gridman. EARLOBE and NOT ENOUGH are excellent.

  14. Thanks Ajeesh for the 'dig' . Age factor ... forgotton... So read my comment as "second" in the place of 'first'.

  15. Not much digging.. I remembered you saying that once :)