Saturday, 26 March 2016

No 11660, Saturday 26 Mar 2016, Arden


1 Refreshing to see Bill inland (7) BRACING {BR{AC}ING}
5 Wealthy people act fast, surprisingly (3,4) FAT CATS {ACT FAST*}
9 Sloshed over at the store (5) DEPOT {TOPED<=}
10 Nothing survived except rejected army material (5,4) OLIVE DRAB {O}{LIVE D}{RAB<=}
11 Once you British occupied a number of plants (9) EYEBRIGHT {E{YE}{BR}IGHT} Plural?
12 Seat under lock and key — it's the other way around (5) CHAIR {C}{HAIR}
13 Gets special entry, a bit fast (4) LENT (T)
15 Resolute and mean-spiritednot same but different (8) INTREPID {meaN sPIRITED}*
18 Represent Stanford? (5,3) STAND FOR {STANFORD*} 
19 Shout and cry out in pain like a coward (4) YELL  YELL+OW gives like a coward
22 Backward American city, leading American state (5) ASSAM {A}{SSAM<=} ? MASS is a state
24 Got up wet and smelling good (4,5) ROSE WATER {ROSE}{WATER} Defn does not lead to a noun
26 Calm around midnight, it's back to the reserve (9) SERENGETI {SEREN{G}E}{TI<=}
27 Polish people follow government (5) GRACE {G}{RACE}
28 Night service during midweek, all together (2,5) EN MASSE {E{N} {MASS}E}
29 Refined metal — exchanging information for end products (7) GENTEEL {(+GEN-s)TEEL} Addendum : See comments


1 Trouble the animal... (6) BADGER (DD)
2 Pat Riley won't like it (2,7) AT PRESENT {PAT*} {RESENT} It is redundent
3 Season hasn't startedkeep it underground (5) INTER {wINTER}
4 My god! An oxymoron! (4,5) GOOD GRIEF Good grief is oxymorn of My god
5 Fob off with empty hand (5) FOIST {F{O}IST}
6 Go outside, come to the point using guile (9) TREACHERY {T{REACH}{E}RY}
7 It comes straight from the heart, say in Kannada or Tamil (5) AORTA (T)
8 Corrupt forcibly take up during a day (6) SUBORN {SU{BOR<=}N}
14 Houses oriental people in temporary shelters (9) TENEMENTS {TEN{E}{MEN}TS}
16 Beating it, overspeeding (9) THRASHING {TH{RASH}ING}
17 May be local anaesthetic will not catch on, feeling uncomfortable (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE {LocaL AnAESthETIc}
20 Harry and Henry in sales (6) HASSLE {H}{SALES}* Harry on double duty?
21 Good choice before an author (6) ORWELL {OR}{WELL} Addendum : See comments
23 Hesitate to crack problem of drug (5) SERUM {S{ER}UM}
24 Official bird (5) REEVE (DD)
25 Vehicle came first, but got second prize (5) WAGON {W{AG}ON}

Reference list

Bill=Ac, Nothing=O, Once you=Ye, British=Br, American=A, Government=G, Night=N, Information=Gen 
Empty=O, Point=E, Day=Sun, Oriental=E, Henry=H, Hesitate=Er, Second prize=Ag (Silver)

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator



  1. 29A GENTEEL - GEN + (S) TEEL

    1. 29 Refined // metal — exchanging information for end products (7)
      metal STEEL exchanging GEN for S = GENTEEL (refined)

  2. 22A if that was the intended anno , then city has no place. I took it as AS < SAM . but is SA an American city?

  3. 21 Good choice before an author (6) {OR}{WELL}

  4. Thanks Shrikanth & Sandhya Garu

  5. Reposting as Nadathur Rajan has deleted his comment regarding reversal indicator being mistaken for being a part of definition in 10A

    It is correctly coloured as a reversal indicator. Is the colour too close to black? Should I stop "bolding" indicators? Any thoughts from the commentators?

    1. Here is the comment deleted by Nadathur Rajan
      10A rejected is not part of the definition. It is a reversal indicator for BAR.

    2. @Ramesh: The colour is fine.

    3. Checked on mobile & other devices that I could get hold off. Colour contrast is better on mobile than desktops. So may be in old monitors, this is an issue.

      Not "bolding" is not an option. It is very difficult to make out the indicators if they are not in bold.

      So I will leave the colour coding as is. I may be adding another indicator for link/connecting words

    4. Ramesh:I go over the blog in my mobile..& it appears fine..

  6. Entries invited for Sunday specials. I have just one left for tomorrow

  7. Just missed the bus! I had 5Dn as FEINT instead of FOIST...naturally had trouble parsing FEINT.

  8. SA... San Antonio in Texas state?
    San Antonio Spurs Basketball Team

  9. SA... San Antonio in Texas state?
    San Antonio Spurs Basketball Team

  10. the colour coding of 'rejected' & 'army material' look almost similar until a closer look- in my desktop.

    1. Modified the colour. Please let me know if this is better.

  11. 20(D): Harry and Henry in sales -> H(assle). Having trouble accepting 'in' as anagram indicator.

  12. Superb one from Arden!..Lot easier than yesterday's but equally instructive & enjoyable...loved At present..Good Grief..hassle(CPC as Ramesh has indicated Harry on double duty)..Orwell

  13. For 4 D i interpreted it as a DD with Good Grief= My God ( both exclamations) & Good Grief itself is an oxymoron

  14. Arden in a kinder spirit today :) Some lovely clues - esp Thrashing and Bracing. Good grief was funny.... Did miss out narrowly by putting in Feint instead of Foist :(

  15. Could not get BADGER :( and lost ... what you know...

  16. Very happy. To be honest it was abig blank to me today morning. Per se it was very tough. As the time went by, apt clues& references only enabled me, complete the cw.6,7 &21d appealed much.Simply put, it was both a filling(for us) & fulfilling job(for Author).Thanks Arden.