Thursday, 31 March 2016

No 11664, Thursday 31 Mar 2016, Vulcan

1   Prepare a report about India's capital city (8) PRETORIA {A+REPORT}* aroind {India}
5   European style (6) POLISH [DD]
10 Hear about old divorced female becoming a crime boss! (9) GODFATHER {G{O}{D}{F}ATHER}
11 Scenes from Eclipse (5) CLIPS [T]
12 A very bitter dressing to taste (6) SAVOUR {S{A}{V}OUR}
13 Manage to rope in our male connoisseur (7) GOURMET {G{OUR}{M}ET}
14 Method followed by an American state, for the most part, to develop uncultivated stretch (8) MOORLAND {MO}{OR}LAND  Anno pending
15 England's leading trial judge backing/ protecting the rich (3,3) JET SET {Judge}{E}{T SET<=}
18 Old follower of street band (6) STRIPE {ST}{RIPE}
20 In U.S., coated with lead? Deem unfit (8) ENAMELED* (Addendum - Error in fodder - See comments)
22 You don't need any written material to do this (3-4) LIP-READ [CD]
25 Red polish that's mostly expensive (6) RUBRIC {RUB}{RICh}
27 Primarily crass and vulgar (5) CRUDE {Crass}{RUDE} Semi&lit
28 Bizarre U-turn Alan made (9) UNNATURAL*
29 Be around to participate in meeting/ discussion (6) DEBATE {D{EB<=}ATE}
30 Oddly eager to change suppressing envy (8) BEGRUDGE {B{EaGeR}UDGE}

1   Call out for bellboy (4) PAGE [DD]
2   Attempt to complete under any circumstances, say (9) ENDEAVOUR {END}{EAVOUR} (~ever)
3   Experiencing success without end, having a ball (2,1,4) ON A ROLL {wON} {A} {ROLL} Success on double duty?
4   At home guy takes a break — it's natural (8) INHERENT {IN}{HE}{RENT}
6   Stop upcoming company getting a hint about the beginning of downtrend (7) OCCLUDE {OC<=}{CLU{Do...d}E}
7   Expression coming from mostly stupid men at the top (5) IDIOM {IDIOt}{Men}
8   Wavered after the date is fixed (9) HESITATED*
9   Pull a paper with a note on top (4) DRAG {D}{RAG}
14 Misguided MCP ladies thrashed (9) MISPLACED*
16 Old desire somehow fulfilled — served in the army (9) SOLDIERED*
17 Fascinate with approach (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
19 Offer to host (7) PRESENT [DD]
21 Second suspect, best ringleader, member of a crime syndicate (7) MOBSTER {MO}{BEST*}{Ring}
23 This is what the fruit sounds like when pronounced exactly (5) PLUMB (~plum)
24 Down with stroke, beat (4) DRUB {D}{RUB}
26 What is this? Hint to get letters basically in (4) CLUE {C{Le...s}UE}



  1. Entries invited for Sunday specials.

  2. 14A- (M) ORLANDO-O
    Mostly American state- Orland(o)

    1. Orlando is still a part of Florida. Surprised to hear that it has seceded & joined the USA as 52nd state

    2. :-)
      I jumped the gun.Vulcan to clarify.

    3. Usually Puerto Rico is taken as 51st state

    4. I did annotate as Paddy had done:

  3. Sorry.
    Is O pushed ahead Or is method 'MO'?

  4. 20A- Enameled is U.S.spelling? (in stead of enamelled)

  5. Ooops... Drub not Drum :) On Moorland.. Mo is ok (method), i thought it was ORLAND (-O) .. though that is a city not a state . Neat one from Vulcan today

  6. 20 across...where did the n come from?

    1. Appears to be an error in the fodder which I too did not notice

  7. Nice one from Vulcan..had to stretch a bit to complete

  8. 3D I think it is DD and the def is "experiencing success without end". On a roll also means "Having continuing luck or success, on a winning streak"

  9. Good one from Vulcan. Enjoyed solving it. Thank you, Vulcan. :)