Saturday, 30 April 2016

No 11689, Saturday 30 Apr 2016, Incognito

1 Deliver an open handed blow and symbolically arrest (8) HANDCUFF {HAND}{CUFF}
5 Some Kaffir men ratify (6) AFFIRM (T)
10 Superannuate without right, and join up again (5) RETIE {RETIrE}
11 Vibrates seconds after hoofed animals lose weight and gain density (9) UNDULATES {UN(-g+D)ULATE}{S} Extra S as hoofed animals gives ungulates?
12 Bridge player reserves electronic reading materials (1-5) E-BOOKS {E}{BOOKS}
13 No “Ladies first” policy in this locker area (4,4) MENS ROOM (CD)
15 Golden Temple devotees kiss the top of the head and circumambulate (5) SIKHS {KISS+Head}*
17 Actors were graded and neutered (9) CASTRATED {CAST}{RATED}
19 Vintage or outmoded, depending upon point of view (3,6) OLD SCHOOL (E)
20 Ash held by personal assistant for a governor (5) PASHA {P{ASH}A}
21 The good man that Simon Templar is, as shown by his initials (3,5) THE SAINT {THE}{SAINT} Anno is correct?
23 See 1 Dn.
27 Decent pie can be made from this insect (9) CENTIPEDE CENTIPEDE anagrams to DECENT PIE
28 Homer's book that I laid around (5) ILIAD {I LAID}*
29 Gathered together // and lifted (6) RAISED (DD)
30,3 Facetiously shove one fleshy bit into another (6,2,5) TONGUE IN CHEEK {TONGUE}{IN}{CHEEK}

1,23 Ac. Stud farm owner // commonly found in politics (5,6) HORSE TRADER (DD)
2 Well connected when the IP service was up (9) NETWORKED {NET}{WORKED}
3 See 30 Ac.
4 IV, but not intravenous (4) FOUR (E)
6 Celluloid piece tapes hallucinatory experience (9) FILMSTRIP {FILMS}{TRIP}
7 Short preamble about nitro compound (5) INTRO {NITRO*}
8 Church service about tapes, CDs etc led to mainstream communication (4,5) MASS MEDIA {MASS{{MEDIA}
9 Serve lady misbehaving badly (9) ADVERSELY {SERVE LADY}*
14 Recorded one about Dracula, for example and died (9) ACCOUNTED {AC{COUNT{E}{D}
15 Exhibits vehicle used for racing (6,3) SPORTS CAR {SPORTS}{CAR}
16 Entertain left winger who takes ecstasy instead of tea, I hear (9) SOCIALISE {SOCIALIS(-t(~tea)+E)}
18 Takes 15 for a spin, to check out, on impulse (4,5) TEST DRIVE {TEST}{DRIVE}
22 Nine went madly round the bend resulting in boredom (5) ENNUI {NINE*} around U
24 Repenting after having sounded the bell around lunchtime (5) RUING {RU{I}NG}
25 God and arch-criminal created radioactive gas (5) RADON {RA}{DON}
26 Nothing // contributed to the world of mathematics by India (4) ZERO (DD)

Reference list

Right=R, Seconds=S, Weight=G(Gram), Density=D, Bridge player=E, Personal assistant=PA
One=Ace, Died=D, Ecstasy=E, Bend=U, Lunchtime=I, God=Ra

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector


  1. Nice samosas K! Cake walk!

  2. 27a i would not like to try that pie however decent it may be

  3. While solving the CW today I felt like I was sitting in a 15D in a Formula 1 race

    1. I must have set a new course record as well

  4. I had to be careful while doing the CW today since I was going at breakneck speed! Luckily no crash and Champagne (in stead of samosas) Cheers!

  5. 21a and 4d require further look ..

    1. 21A 'The good man' is the definiton, with initials of Simon Templar being S&T or ST. Besdies the above Simon Templar is also the creator of the character 'The Saint'

    2. Don't know how to classify 4D but I don't think we can call it an E

    3. Leslie Charteris is the creator of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint."

  6. Can it be classified as easy? It is just literally so. ST (initials) leading to The Saint.

  7. Col: DEMITASSE : Remember I had sent you a snapshot of a demitasse in my possession? You couldn't reproduce it here .

    A demitasse means literally half a cup in German. When friends are offered a cup of coffee, they say: just half a cup. This is where we can offer them half a cup in a demitasse !

    Now in NAGOYA , ENJOYING THE TURNING OVER OF MY four months old GRANDSON- Ren- means : lotus in Japanese. The weather here is pretty chill, as opposed to the roiling heat we have ran away from in CBE !

  8. 4d . 4 =IV=intravenous. Needs another look to see if it is a six.

  9. Suresh@ 835. Bear Grylls wouldn't mind the ingredient in the pie.

  10. To me it sounds straight out of 'Fear Factor'

  11. The master punster churns out another entertaining puzzle in his inimitable style..loved it all the way

  12. Four down is not a four? What does the third umpire say?

    1. The third umpire confirms it is only a four and not six.

  13. Hey! (for the fielding side) But is it after a relook?

  14. Typical one from usual offering spicy complaints...all have been well cooked! Thousand thanks to him :-)

  15. But, centipede is not an insect.

  16. I think 8D, 15D etc. are examples for CUs latest post. Car in sports car and media in mass media share same roots

    1. Yes, they are. Most charades are, including the example POTASH given by the Colonel in this blog's left hand panel. As I commented there, I don't find anything wrong with it.

  17. Express solving. Liked TONGUE IN CHEEK.

  18. On a short vacation :) a day late on this.. enjoyable one from doubts much except one mentioned above already.. so will say thanks for a nice simple one :)