Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2895), Sunday 29 May 2016

1   Endless story family doctor developed into topic (7,5) TALKING POINT {TALe}{KIN}{G P}{INTO*}
9   A door well designed for truck (3-6) LOW-LOADER*
10 Have home next to old green (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE}
11 Plant receiving a gentle touch (6) CARESS {C{A}RESS}
12 Solid vessel in trouble (8) HARDSHIP {HARD}{SHIP}
14 If teased badly, time to be despondent (9) DEFEATIST {IF+TEASED}*{T}
15 Range covered by disco perhaps (5) SCOPE [T]
16 In distress, divided (3,2) CUT UP [DD]
17 Fearful about agent, turned and ran away (9) SCARPERED {SCAR{PER<=}ED}
19 Final net value resolved (8) EVENTUAL*
21 Stoat's hesitation in front of pit (6) ERMINE {ER}{MINE}
23 One not using animal products for example in vehicle (5) VEGAN {V{EG}AN}
24 Serious post in place in Kent (9) GRAVESEND {GRAVE}{SEND}
25 Station group angry after tea (7,5) CHARING CROSS {CHA}{RING} {CROSS}

1   Wrong test for the oddly reliable person (5,2,8) TOWER OF STRENGTH*
2   Hurry up and appear with second instrument (4,5) LOOK SHARP {LOOK} {S}{HARP}
3   Home and dry, having no heart for form of racing (4) INDY {IN}{DrY}
4   Enormous worry newspaper raised with trade union article (10) GARGANTUAN {GAR}{GAN}<={TU}{AN}
5   Egg-shaped ornament initially empty (5) OVOID {Or...t}{VOID}
6   Union rebel sighs, ordered to show sociability (15) NEIGHBOURLINESS*
7   Mild pressure applied to edge of Bakewell tart (6) PLACID {P}{b...eL}{ACID}
8   Great footballer occupied by work for human beings (6) PEOPLE {PE{OP}LE}
13 Musical song's aim is varied (4,6) MISS SAIGON*
15 Wild horse, pure one with unusual power (9) SUPERHERO*
16 Stick around with permission (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
18 Democrat studies fears (6) DREADS {D}{READS}
20 Number on love right for singer (5) TENOR {TEN}{O}{R}
22 Powder used by hospital cleaner (4) TALC [T]



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

  2. Went out on an errand early in the morning. Bought paper and had the pleasure of solving, after long time.
    Great and easy clues.

  3. Nice Clues..I read the blog to appreciate the clues..don't do them.
    My Sunday mornings are occupied by the Sunday Times Crossword(Mumbai edition)

  4. I have someone with me to do the Sunday Times CW and I am a regular. I am not sure if the Mumbai & Chennai editions carry the same CW.
    Comparatively an easy one, though I missed out on 11A & 7D.
    Looking forward to the Doctor's CW which is enjoyable.

    1. Both the editions carry the same puzzle

  5. Happy Birthday Vasanth & many Happy returns of the day.

  6. Happy Birthday Vasanth & many Happy returns of the day.

  7. 16 Stick around with permission (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
    Failed to annotate initially. Think 'around' to be taken as 'about' to get 'C' for 'circa'