Tuesday, 7 June 2016

No 11720, Tuesday 07 Jun 2016, Anon

1   Beguile English by deception (6) ENTRAP {EN}{TRAP}
4   Subject could be of importance (6) MATTER [DD]
9   Wild sheep found in a ruination (4) ARUI [T]
10 Professional people drink bit of sake on the seafront (10) PROMENADES {PRO}{MEN}{ADE}{Sake}
11 Clear a disorganised basement (6) CELLAR* Seems to be an error in the anagram fodder
12 Improving cruciverbalist is an unexpected victor (8) UPSETTER {UP}{SETTER}
13 Surprised Doctor ate eggs scrambled (9) STAGGERED {DR+ATE+EGGS}*
15 At first, people value idle talk (5) PRATE {Pe...e}{RATE}
16 First lady in outskirts of Niger? No chance! (5) NEVER {Nig{EVE}eR}
18 Hide tea in waistband as a custom (5,4) STASH AWAY {S{T}ASH} {A}{WAY}
22 Saint to endlessly irritate her tailor (8) STITCHER {ST}{ITCh}{HER}
23 Bete noire slays a leading attorney during chant (6) ANTHEM ANaTHEMa
25 Leave valets at end of bureau (10) DEPARTMENT {DEPART}{MEN}{aT}
26 Letters from allied Germany found at boundary (4) EDGE [T]
27 Quake damages metro rail initially (6) TREMOR {METRO*}{Rail}
28 Batsman hits ball to fence with hesitation (6) OPENER {O}{PEN}{ER}

1   Wilde stressed on the importance of being thus (7) EARNEST [GK]
2   Lose rug, quiver in shaft (5) THILL THrILL
3   Sully a southern leader intrinsically (7) ASPERSE {A}{So...n}{PER SE}
5   Loath a rhyme (6) AVERSE {A}{VERSE}
6   Italian restaurant gets tart ratio wrong (9) TRATTORIA*
7   Final chance for female to consider return (7) REELECT RE(-f+e)ELECT
8   Films show proof of Ram (13) DOCUMENTARIES {DOCUMENT}{ARIES}
14 Enormous European dog (5,4) GREAT DANE {GREAT} {DANE}
17 Plead with English party… (7) ENTREAT {EN}{TREAT}
19 … to commence a new business (5-2) START-UP [DD]
20 Captain America, for one, is one who pays back (7) AVENGER [C&DD]
21 Cut short visit to the ravaged district (6) GHETTO {Go}{THE+TO}*
24 Baron of Thane? (5) THEGN [DD]



  1. Simple one as usual from Anon. THILL & THEGN took some time; both new words.

  2. Only on reading the blog realised there was error in fodder of Cellar.

  3. Quickly solved almost all. ARUI, THILL and THEGN made me to halt. Initially, I felt THANE could be anagram!

  4. As Baron,Thane & Thegn mean the same, would the clue classify as DD?

  5. Thanks Anon. I solved by 8.40 AM What will I do for the rest of the day?

  6. We setters just cannot afford to make errors in anagrams.
    We cannot trust our eye/mind to conclude that anagram fodder/anagram are perfect.
    We need to write the fodder and scratch every letter to ensure that the anagram emerges without redundancy or insufficiency.
    Of course there are anagram checking facilities online where we can carry out the exercise with much ease and speed.

    1. Agree. Add enu and other silly errors to that.

  7. Nice one from Anon. Mised out on just three...THILL, ANTHEM & THEGN.

    1. ...and also an 's'...

    2. I meant missing of 's' in your MISED

    3. I got what u meant Ram! My figurative expression above was to mean "Ayyoo!" for having misspelt the word!!

  8. Want to get en'light'ened on lights? Read the latest post on Shuchi's blog

  9. Nice, Arui and Thane were new

  10. Google helped out with Thill meaning rug.. arui i guessed and checked..thegn i knew from my previous historical readings :) rest were all straight fwd..tho ghetto parsing escaped me for a while :) Nice one from Anon..