Saturday, 4 June 2016

No 11718, Saturday 04 June 2016, Lightning


1 Section of one chapterextremely little piece (8) PARTICLE {PART}{I}{C}{LittlE}
5 Comment about score (6) REMARK {RE}{MARK}
9 Nausea for one troubled king since boarding ship (8) SICKNESS {S{K+SINCE*}S}
10 One primarily screening access (6) SENTRY {Scre...g}{ENTRY} &lit
12 Mammal dwells in hot terrain (5) OTTER (T)
13 Mover trimming a move? (9) IMMIGRANT {TRIMMING+A}*
14 Vocal about a royal garment (6) SARONG {S{A}{R}ONG}
16 New and for the most part sharp fabric (7) NANKEEN {N}}ANd|{KEEN}
19 A week at hospital department is distressing (7) AWKWARD {A}{WK}{WARD}
21 Amateur singer? (6) LAYMAN (D&CD) Lay=Song
23 Furious at new dining resort (9)  INDIGNANT {AT+N+DINING}*
25 Break up earth with stick and energy (5) ERODE {E}{ROD}{E}
26 Fancy old nurse had (6) ORNATE {O}{RN}{ATE}
27 Soften friend to accept appeal by one German (8) MITIGATE {M{IT}{I}{G}ATE}
28 Ascertain losing one-third of fur (6) ERMINE {detERMINE}
29 Rookie engineer caught in extraordinary stress becomes disturbed (8) RESTLESS {STRESS*} around {L}{E}


1 Pilot deviously concealing second revolver (6) PISTOL {PILOT*} around S
2 Circuit where two vehicles are flipping around, essentially witnessed by a thousand (9) RACETRACK {RAC<=}{witnEssed}{TRAC<=}{K}
3 Winner’s intrinsic secret (5) INNER (T)
4 Enduring final half of inning (7) LASTING {LAST}{innING}
6 Measure by earl initially lacking seriousness in crisis (9) EMERGENCY {EM}{E}{uRGENCY}
7 Can’t raise walls for cavities (5)  ANTRA (T)
8 They open with high quality basis for an argument (8) KEYSTONE {KEYS}{TONE}
11 Humans standing by a last word (4) AMEN {A}{MEN}
15 Animal’s colour – nearly brown with a touch of umber (9) ORANGUTAN {ORANGe}{Umber}{TAN}
17 Polish engineer able to speak at length (9) ELABORATE {ABLE}*{ORATE}
18 Almost arrived with one exclusive outfit (8) CAMISOLE {CAMe}{I}{SOLE}
20 Extract coarse diamonds at first (4) DRAW {D}{RAW}
21 Bugs surround a dry wooden frame (7) LATTICE {L{A}{TT}ICE}
22 Maybe Shylock finally gave 50 shillings for ornaments (6) JEWELS {JEW}{gavE}{L}{S}
24 Cloth dug up (5) DENIM<=
25 Order English dictionary (5) EDICT {E}{DICT}

Reference list

One=I, Chapter=C, About=Re, King=K, Ship=SS, Royal=R, New=N, Week=Wk, Earth=E, Energy=E, Old=O, Nurse=RN (Registered Nurse), Appeal=It, German=G, Rookie=L (Learner), Engineer=E
Second=S, Thousand=K. Measure=Em, Earl=E, Diamonds=D, Dry=TT, 50=L, Shillings=S, English=E, Dictionary=Dict

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector,Extraneous



  1. Nice and simple. No need of dict. Thanks Lightning

  2. Well-dressed feast today!
    Thanks Ramesh for the colourful dresses.

  3. Words in reference section now have links from the clues. Please let me know if that adds value

  4. As I read the clues and answers, I find that the surface reading of many clues is good.
    Some may consider three T clues in a puzzle one too many.But we can ignore any arbitrary rules and leave it to the setter's predilection as long as the work is neat.
    In 1 ac is 'of' really 'extraneous'? Cannot it be treated as link? I invite comments from readers on the blogger of late indicating what he considers 'extraneous' in some clues.
    When 'of' is a link, what should be the order - def-of-WP or WP-of-link? Is the order OK in 1 ac. I am only raising a question and am not commenting.

    1. "Wp of defn" or "Defn of Wp" are both fine in my opionion. Use of 'of' to link different components of the word play is what I have treated as extraneous

    2. A of B is not A + B IMO, also not sure how wordplay OF definition works

    3. Agree with Ramesh. For me it's a no-no. In some cases an insignificant'a' can also be extraneous.

    4. But here it is essential for surface reading and fits in nicely.

    5. Ajeesh@8:58 I take "link" between WP & Defn as bidirectional.

    6. CV: ,, Compiling itself is a tough calling and then to keep in mind the distribution of various types of clues like anagrams, telescopic, DD, CD embedded , homophones etc is an additional burden . How does any compiler manage? I marvel at their ingemnuity. Until I came to India, I used to merely dolve without knowing the nomenclature of the clues. This has been a learning experience for me. The THC compilers are indeed a different breed .

    7. Well, a visitor here at my request made a prog for me. If I import the clues into it and then against each clue type the clue type, a click of the button will give me the count. The clue types are in a drop down and I have to choose the one for each clue.
      However, as you say, all that is additional chore and most of us go by instinvt.
      I put through the clues in another app which will indicate the frequent occurrences of a given word, say 'chief'. Then I would change the duplicates to 'head', 'leader' so that the letter indicator is not boringly repeated.

    8. Ramesh, what about FROM?

    9. Even for For/From. While setting I usually take care of the direction, but while solving, I assume that it is bi-directional

  5. Ramesh - I have figured out what you mean by the statement in the Comment ' Words.." above.
    Since you have asked for opinions, I don't think it is really that useful and why you should add more work to yourself.
    The list in itself is useful as it give the full form and abbr or the other way around.

  6. Easy going for three days in succession! A lull before storm? Anyway,thanks Lightning, for making it my day :)

  7. Ramesh adding links to the Reference section is too much of additional work. It would have been useful if the post ran over three or four pages, here everything is on one page and can be seen at one glance so I don't think it is of much use or if anyone will use it

    1. Thanks CVji, Col. & KKR Garu for the feedback. I will drop this feature in the future.

  8. Neat!Even if one considers of to be extraneous only one extraneous word in the entire puzzle.That speaks volume of the conciseness of the clues

  9. Who are the setters who put you into a 'lull' and who wake you up in a 'storm'?
    Or can one do either, depending upon the day and circumstances?
    What would you like to be in - a long lull? a storm raging day after day?
    Or alternating between them?
    Whatever it is, I dare say TH itself takes it as it comes along.

  10. Well, CV Sir, it is obvious who put me into some kind of a lull (a pleasant one at that!) these three days but I refrain from naming others who are likely to give me a wake up call soon! Personally I prefer a storm raging now and then :)

  11. Fairly straightforward today as well

  12. Enjoyable day. Let us relish it as long as it lasts and not worry today about a 'stormy' tomorrow!

  13. sweet one today.. sentry a simple delight ) Thanks Lightning..

  14. I didn't get NANKEEN, ERODE (related to names of places) and ELABORATE today, but didn't find the rest too hard. I try not to use any tools or dictionaries while solving.

  15. 17d 'To speak at length' could well be the def for ELABORATE. But it is not. The anno is ELAB, anag of ABLE ('engineer' being the anag signal), plus ORATE (to speak or to speak at length). Now my question what is the role of 'Polish'? What is the exact anno?

    1. Polish is the definition

      Elaborate - to add detail to
      Polish - to impart culture and refinement to

      Above from Chambers

  16. My schoolboy idol Mohammed Ali is no more. RIP

    1. The greatest..float like a bitterfly..sting like a bee..RIP

  17. Bye Bye Butterfly. You were the Greatest. RIP.