Thursday, 11 August 2016

No 11775, Thursday 11 Aug 2016, xChequer

7   Strong back — otherwise broke (6) ROBUST {RO<=}{BUST}
8   Dowry a motive constraining dad to gently decline (4,4) DROP AWAY {DOWRY+A}* over {PA}
9   Panic with Marsh carrying Dexter in arms (8) FRIGHTEN {RIGHT} in {FEN}
10 Tipped journalist dogging scoundrel (6) HEELED {HEEL}{ED}
11 Assume when not completely certain, state cases (5) USURP {SURe} in {UP}
12 Freak discharge behind dam (6) WEIRDO {WEIR}{DO}
14 Keep stolen coins perhaps? (4,4,7) LINE ONES POCKETS* &lit
17 Cut down a link (6) BRIDGE [DD] (Addendum - aBRIDGE - See comments)
18 Spirit level in evidence (5) PROOF [DD]
22 Fleet Street keeping mum, two articles squashed (6) ARMADA {A}{R{MA}D}{A}
23 While in denial, thoughtful (8) ALTHOUGH [T]
24 Violations from rotten club seen after substitution (8) OFFENCES {OFF}{C+SEEN}*
25 About to break even in series (6) TIERED {TIE{RE}D}

1   Purist, hot, almost bothered, supporting carbon dating (9) COURTSHIP {C}{PURIST+HOt}*
2   Long cuddle overcoming normal hesitation (6) HUNGER {HU{N}G}{ER}
3   Lets them stand interminable tsetse flies (5) STETS TSETSe*
4   Seduced harlot over the moon with Don Juan (8) LOTHARIO {HARLOT}*{IO}
5   Spooner's evil doctor revealing medical history (8) CASEBOOK {(-b+c)CASE}{(-c+b)BOOK}
6   Judge parrots displaying tricks (5) JAPES {J}{APES}
8   Red lights with siren? Lads gang up (6,7) DANGER SIGNALS*
13 Gents, normally half­baked, mighty fair performers? (9) STRONGMEN {GENTS+NORMally}*
15 Welcomes English support in writing (8) EMBRACES {E}{M{BRACE}S}
16 Note time to pay bills attracts interest burden (8) NUISANCE {N}{U{I}SANCE}
19 Revolutionary, without unduly rebelling, gets firmly established (6) ROOTED {R{TOO<=}ED}
20 Following primary in Georgia, Trump returns hoarse (5) GRUFF {Ge...a}{RUFF}
21 Position rubbish in corner (5) STATE {TAT} in {SE}


  1. Greatly enjoyed solving. 14AC is superb!

  2. 17 Cut down a link (6) BRIDGE [DD]
    Felt it was aBRIDGE, although Chambers gives Abridge as cut(down).

  3. Request those who are able to access The Hub to post there..Since about a week no one is posting there..

    1. I wish very much to post. I routinely attempt to log in daily, atleast twice. But it always comes as a blocked site to me.

    2. Blocked by BSNL as well as Relaince

    3. I have been able to log in through Idea network....
      No problems for me
      BSNL continues to block the site

  4. A lighter xchequer.. hope this means no longer holding on too tightly to the purse strings :) wow for 14a :) liked weirdo too :)

  5. Solved; yet the happiness and satisfaction I get in solving others is found missing for me - I don't know why.

  6. Should I say RIP to The Hub with a leaden heart?

    1. PP have you enquired with the administrator of The Hub?

    2. Instead log in through different ISP.
      For in a remote corner of country with no access to print edition..The Hub has been a great source of comfort & accessibility..thanks to Bhavan & Col..the clues used to be posted early in the morning & I could solve before going to work..
      And PP mam doing the hard work..finishing off the clues with your trademark clapping smiley..hats off to you
      Hence PP mam...Others..dont let this forum die..please log in through ISP like Idea