Monday, 22 August 2016

No 11783, Monday 22 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Soldiers' average curative (8) REMEDIAL {RE}{MEDIAL}
5   Managed little reportedly towards price to pay (6) RANSOM {RAN}{SOM}(~some)
9   Mad follower with a complaint (7) FANATIC {FAN}{A}{TIC}
10 V-sign from boy on American car (7) CHEVRON {CHEV}{RON}
11 Mum's EP he and I palmed off using polite term (9) EUPHEMISM*
12 By the river, start daring action (4) DEED {DEE}{Da...g}
14 Hurt American's left all tucked in (4) ABED ABusED
15 Laughing uncontrollably after surgeon has tied up? (2,8) IN STITCHES [DD]
17 Give away origins of ordinary folks (10) GRASSROOTS {GRASS}{ROOTS}
19 Urge to drop player in decline (4) SPUR SPURn
22 Spoils union leader in aerospace and defence company (4) HAUL {HA{Un..n}L}
23 Beams at TO rollicking in ship (9) STEAMBOAT*
25 Nothing good by a backward group's knockouts (7) OPIATES {O}{PI}{A}{SET<=}
26 The better you fold, the better its shape and value? (7) ORIGAMI [CD]
27 Father with great many in Indian city's temple (6) PAGODA {PA}{GO{D}A} City or State?
28 Weaken five moving to the back in worship (8) VENERATE (+v)VENER(-v)ATE

1   Target practice area to go through on mountain (5,5) RIFLE RANGE {RIFLE} {RANGE}
2   Military unit where fellow hides bit of booze (7) MANIPLE {MA{NIP}LE}
3   Hesitate, with girl over there, to give up drug (6) DITHER {DI}{THERe}
4   Lots of things are hammered down in these places (7,6) AUCTION HOUSES [CD]
6   A chatty relation (8) ANECDOTE [CD]
7   Shout as Canadian Indian enters small church (7) SCREECH {S}{CREE}{CH}
8   Pay attention to object (4) MIND [DD]
10 Arrive with child and man at teatime, say, and become visible (4,2,3,4) COME TO THE FORE {COME} {TO T}{HE} {FORE}(~ four)
13 Being devious, coteries secrete core of grid in writing table (10) ESCRITOIRE {gRId} in {COTERIES}*
16 Segregated, Oldie sat fidgeting (8) ISOLATED*
18 A player in Gujarat's capital is letting up (7) ABATING {A}{BAT}{IN}{Gu...t}
20 Expert Tara makes distribution that's in proportion (3,4) PRO RATA {PRO} {TARA}*
21 Oriental politician starts investigating royal escapades in kingdom (6) EMPIRE {E}{MP}{In...g}{Ro..l}{Es...s}
24 The French article man and woman abandoned in clever move (4) COUP COUPle Thanks to Ramesh 



  1. Nice crossie - thanks Gridman! MANIPLE was a new word for me - had to look it up. Liked AUCTION HOUSES a lot.

  2. Re the query against 27.
    Apologies if it is considered a mistake.
    However, 'city' may be broadly interpreted as 'a large and permanent human settlement', suggesting 'Goa', whatever its political or administrative status is. At least that is my consolation.

  3. Nice puzzle and a satisfactory solve. Missed out on MANIPLE though. Thanks Gridman.

  4. Thank you GM for an enjoyable crossie.

  5. Typical Gridman puzzle..very enjoyable

  6. Enjoyable ride though I missed out on a few including Maniple * Escritoire.
    Where were you all these days?

  7. Thanks CVji...nice puzzle ...liked especially "come to the fore" with teatime (four as fore) :) Maniple new word yep.. so also Coup .. nice surface for an addition/deletion clue .. grassroots came up recently in one of the Guardians i sprang to mind quickly.. Auction houses a classic clue well reinvented .. :)

  8. Nice CW! Didn't get maniple, though.

  9. excellent puzzle... most of the clues were smooth to read and solve, even for an average solver like me. Thank you Mr Gridman!