Tuesday, 23 August 2016

No 11784, Tuesday 23 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Is one holding armour a Muslim? (7) ISMAILI {IS}{MAIL}{1}
5   At opening of Golconda, escort is an excessive talker (6) GUSHER {Go...a}{USHER}
9   Is breathless for trousers (5) PANTS [DD]
10 Parotta I rolled over top of vessel for singer (9) PAVAROTTI {PAROTTA+I}* over {Ve...l}

11 English parliamentarian's row is without substance all the more (7) EMPTIER {E}{MP}{TIER}
12 Russian and the French go after special Indian mollusk (7) SPIRULA {SP}{I}{RU}{LA}
13 Always, that is haunting (5) EERIE {EER}{IE}
14 Ken leaped adroitly, for flooded water was that much (5-4) ANKLE-DEEP*
16 Casual workers admitted overdue models (9) TEMPLATES {TEMP{LATE}S}
19 Almost hand over one to Vietnamese city (5) HANOI {HANd}{O}{1}
21 Went for fishing after tea — didn't get it straight (7) TANGLED {T}{ANGLED}
23 Publicity official having a last account proving to be unyielding (7) ADAMANT {AD{A}MAN}{a...nT}
24 I hope sago slips through inner tubes (9) OESOPHAGI*
25 Banish from the French island (5) EXILE {EX}{ILE}
26 Dotards losing right are mad and in disagreement (2,4) AT ODDS DOTArDS*
27 Reportedly stimulate perception (7) INSIGHT (~ incite)

1   Carrying out plan of workers in simple station without police (14) IMPLEMENTATION {sIMPLE}{MEN}{sTATION}
2   State where main displacement is almost flawless (7) MANIPUR {MAIN*}{PURe}
3   Urge on to great things in part of church (7) INSPIRE {IN}{SPIRE}
4   Bring in worker of significance (9) IMPORTANT {IMPORT}{ANT}
5   Joe's garment, torn off, crumples (5) GIVES {GI}{VESt}
6   Armed force's assistance (7) SERVICE [DD]
7   Pump up player in this way taking part in middle of meet (7) ENTHUSE {N}{THUS} in {mEEt}
8  Girl's date is a failure (14) DISAPPOINTMENT {DI'S}{APPOINTMENT}
15 Hail Kiwis flaunting a Bantu language (9) KISWAHILI*
17 Military Intelligence dents unconventional way of thinking (4-3) MIND-SET {MI}{ND-SET*}
18 Little young daughter pockets father's floater (4,3) LILY PAD {LIL}{Y} {PA}{D}
19 The man's secreted silly dear's initial letters (7) HEADERS {DEAR}* in {HE'S}
20 Getting closer to almost grab a precious ornament (7) NEARING {NEt}{A}{RING}
22 Faces dismal order sacking military leader (5) DIALS DISmAL*



  1. Nice 'n easy from Gridman today! Liked ENTHUSE and EXILE

  2. nice...not too demanding one from gridman :) thanks.. liked surface for mind set... and ha ha ha Ken hasnt seen chennai floods i think :)

  3. Laughed after imagining a man jumping over a knee deep puddle. Enjoyable surface- I don't mean the puddle.
    Thank you GM. Had a good time.

  4. Nice and simple. No much head scratching! Thanks , Gridman.

  5. 1D- Did not realise SS as police as the word rolled out rather easily- until I saw it in the blog.

  6. Gridman entertains!
    The 14 letter grid was smooth!

  7. Replies
    1. It's for police, and stands for either Secret Service or Scutzstaffel.

  8. Could somebody explain {EX}{ILE}?

    1. I think FROM is EX. Normally, we see such usage in train timetables like Ex-Delhi meaning trains leaving from Delhi.

  9. ...and of course 'Ile' is French for isle.

  10. Loved Ave Maria sung by Pavarotti. Thanks for the link, Colonel Sir.

  11. Thanks for the Comments.
    Biswas: Ex in Latin means 'from'.
    In olden days books used to have on the fly page a box with the term 'EX Libris' and a few lines in which we wrote our name.
    It meant 'From the Library of'.
    Maybe in the ages gone by there were few copies that were circulated among book lovers and the book was returned to the owner.
    Nowadays a book that is lent is a book that is lost.
    In secondhand bookshops we see books autographed by the authors. I am sure these were not sold as raddi by the original owner but rather by someone who had borrowed it without knowing its true worth.
    As has been pointed out above, the French word for 'isle' is ile.
    There is a one-act play called 'Ile' by the American playwright Eugene O'Neill.
    I highly recommend it.
    Easily available on the Intenet by Google search of appropriate terms.
    Tell me if you enjoyed the powerful drama.

  12. Thanks Mr Gridman for another good day at solving THC! It took me a while to get ISMAILI and MANIPUR. The clue for DISAPPOINTMENT could have also been Princess's date instead of Girl's date... :)

    1. Ah, you're now getting deeper into the game! It's such thinking that makes one a better solver and ultimately a setter too!
      Princess' date may not end in failure because she has all the money to make it a grand success!
      It's our poor girls who face difficulties. I have just read a report that paents of a girl in TN took away their daughter and locked her up in a room because they cannot tolerate her dating a colleague.