Wednesday, 24 August 2016

No 11785, Wednesday 24 Aug 2016, Gridman

1   Indian peace beginning to envelop small hovels (8) SHANTIES {SHANTI}{En...p}{S}
5   Sailors regularly upbraidsilly! (6) ABSURD {ABS}{UpbRaiD}
10 With the front exposed, female champion's essentially couth (4,3) FACE OUT  {F}{ACE} {cOUTh}
11 Nothing to fasten on, taking one's point of view (7) OPINION {O}{PIN}{1}{ON}
12 News is finally she's leaving dieting reschedule (6) TIDING DIeTING*
13 What an optimist won't see (4,4) DARK SIDE [CD]
15 Former shahdom one managed (4) IRAN {1}{RAN}
16 Initiative to rise, then leave (3,2,3,2) GET UP AND GO {GET UP} {AND} {GO}
18 Almost finished — when the fifth ball has been bowled? (6,4) NEARLY OVER [C&DD]
20 Forbids graduate Poles (4) BANS {BA}{N}{S}
23 Sirens' Indian litany and postscript (8) MANTRAPS {MANTRA}{PS}
24 Ahead of moon mission? (6) APOLLO {A}{POLL}{O}
26 Charms with conclusions about listener (7) ENDEARS {END{EAR}S}
27 Each vacuous swamy with one new runaway? (4,3) EASY WIN {EA}{SwamY} {W}{1}{N}
28 Most judicious saint taking a very long time (6) SAGEST {S{AGES}T}
29 Chairperson perhaps is live in public relations (8) PRESIDER {P{RESIDE}R}

1   Sub having feisty manner runs with assurance of one in a crowd (6,2,7) SAFETY IN NUMBERS {SUB+FEISTY+MANNER}*
2   A car turns to help back in rural setting (7) ARCADIA {A}{CAR*}{AID<=}
3   Tamil leader, calloused, is difficult to deal with (6) THORNY {Ta..l}{HORNY}
4   Has capacity for limitless refreshments (4) EATS [DD] (Addendum - sEATS - See comments)
6   Blunt criticism of brother, so nasty, joining club (8) BRICKBAT {BR}ICK{BAT}
7   Whole group, falling short, given food around 1 (7) UNIFIED {UNIt}{F{1}ED}
8   Where on the road it isn't quite safe to take a turn (9,6) DANGEROUS CORNER [E]
9   It doesn't tickle me, I am ... ... (3,6) NOT AMUSED [FITB]
14 Coed's poem laid threadbare as rot (9) DECOMPOSE*
17 They lead to Rome proverbially (3,5) ALL ROADS [GK]
19 First class ground not proper and not right for Japanese canine (4,3) AINU DOG {A1}{GrOUND*}
21 A couple of learners still had to pay — let it go (7) ALLOWED {A}{LL}{OWED}
22 Health resort's station masters are in fits (6) SPASMS {SPA}{SMS}
25 Noble look (4) PEER [DD]



  1. My joy knows no bounds as I completed and am the first to blog. Thank you Gridman

  2. 4d was not thought of as a DD. Its anno is different and may have an issue to be discussed. Shall wait till someone offers an alternative.

  3. Having been a regular Commenter in FB, of late, after writing a Comment here I press Enter and puzzle why it is not published, before realising that here I have to click 'Publish'.

  4. AINU DOG was a new one - but solvable from wordplay and xing letters.
    For 4D: looking at CV's comment above, I think it should be SEATS (has capacity for) -S (limitless) and def as "refreshments"?

    1. Absolutely correct!
      The issue is: can 'limit' be used for the indication of the opening letter? Why should limit only mean the extreme limit?

    2. My question is different- does it indicate only one extreme or both? If one which?
      The simple answer to this question is- 'As the situation demands'. One should not expect the setter to dot the I's & cross the T's.

    3. I would take 'LIMIT' for removing one end preferably the rear end and 'LIMITLESS' for removing both ends

    4. For the first letter it has to be initial/ start or similar?

  5. Simple and elegant. A delightful puzzle. Thank you GM.

  6. I concluded it as (-s)EATS. But does "seat" mean capacity?

    19D is new breed. Didn't find it in dictionaries.

    Overall, easy one again.

    1. It is one of the nick names for the Hokkaido. See the link in the main post

    2. It is one of the nick names for the Hokkaido. See the link in the main post

  7. Same doubt here. Does "seat" mean capacity?

  8. Another nice one from Gridman. I seemed to have a dislike for dangerous corners. I did not get to it!

  9. Gridman ends the run with this lovely 15 letter grid

  10. In airlines, there is a term called Seat Load Factor (SLF). It means the percentage of number of seats in a flight which is occupied(sold), that is the no of seats occupied divided by total number of seats available (capacity) in that type of aircraft, expressed as a percentage. In that sense, total number of seats or just seats can mean capacity.

  11. Smooth sailing... this one was for the most part! Ainu Dog was new to me and had to be googled. Dangerous Corner was not intuitive. It took me a while. However, Mr Gridman, you remind me of Sankalak (I mean it as a compliment). Thanks for yet another good day!

  12. Has capacity - Seats is fine, I expected limitless to take out both the start and ending letters, so was unable to anno. that part. Further, "for", doesn't read correctly there, since it doesn't imply that "Has capacity", is limitless. Has limitless capacity for refreshments, might be better. Overall, it was a delightful crossword. Enjoyed doing it.

  13. Happening xword.. rather liked the part indianization - shanti and mantra :) its nice to use these words which are well now global enough for all i guess . thank CVji :)