Saturday, 24 September 2016

No 11809, Saturday 24 Sep 2016, Gridman


1 Even on a hot day one might get this poor reception (4,7)  COLD WELCOME (CD)
9 Regulation O announced to get stack of coins (7) ROULEAU {~ RULE O}
10 Does this crisis phone service remain unused during a cold war? (7) HOTLINE (CD)
11 Old boy bets men – every otheris more than fat (5) OBESE {OB}{bEtS mEn}
12 No cadgingfree to launch a ball (2,7) GO DANCING {NO CADGING}*
13 Small, small page to examine electronically (5) SWEEP {S}{WEE}{P}
15 One can't be right when one is ___ ___ (4,5) DEAD WRONG (FITB)
18 One who personifies dishonesty and exists in it? (6,3) LIVING LIE (CD&D)
21 Direct both ways (5) REFER <=>
22 What you do when you ignore the morning alarm (4,2,3) STAY IN BED (Easy)
24 Hid to cast off ministerial wear from Tamil Nadu (5) DHOTI {HID TO}*
26 Doubly sick about Western leader's animosity (3,4) ILL WILL {ILL} {Western}ILL
27 A Hindu scripture initially tossed off energetically (7) AGITATO {A}{GITA}{Tossed}{Off}
28 Do these arguments leave the parties concerned singed? (6,5) HEATED WORDS (CD)


1 Clears our revolutionary contraption (9) CARROUSEL {CLEARS OUR}*
2 Nasty character removes top off woman's garment (5) LOUSE {bLOUSE}
3 At which point, we took that woman on UP tour (9) WHEREUPON {W{HER}E}{ON UP*}
4 Bludgeoned boys into leaving, loosened up and reclined lazily (7) LOUNGED {bLUDGEONed}*
5 Snakes concealed in ideal State (not Union Territory) (7) OPHIDIA {utOP{HID}IA}
6 All gone off the plate boy leaves defeated (5) EATEN {bEATEN}
7 Reached the target? Hatless gentleman became cordial quickly (3,2,3) HIT IT OFF {HIT}{IT}{tOFF}
8 Icy mass hits foot of bird looking up (4) BERG Anno pending {eBERG} See comments
14 Ten late in beginning. Six clever and very impressive (8) ENVIABLE {tEN}{VI}{ABLE}
16 Short talk about learner having struggle with outlook (5,4) WORLD VIEW {WOR{L}D} {VIE}{W}
17 Nice waiters about to leave with rising gentleman for military establishments (9) GARRISONS {GAR{RIS<=}SONS} {GARc{RIS<=}ONS} See comments
19 Toss a lie about a bloomer (7) LOBELIA {LOB}{A LIE*}

20 Stop play just before mating? (7) ENDGAME {END}{GAME}
22 Minor mistake (4) SLIP (DD)
23 Indian sage raises one of Emerald Isle folk (5) IRISH {(+I)RISH(-i)}
25 O, man from Kerala, it's currently happening (2,3) ON AIR {O}{N AIR}

Old Boy=OB, Small=S, Page=P, That woman=Her, Boys=B&Ed
Union Territory=UT, Boy=B, Six=VI, Learner=L, About=C, With=W, One-I

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  1. 17D: Anno should be GARCONS (Nice i.e. French waiters) -C(about to leave) around SIR<< (with rising gentleman)

  2. 8 Icy mass hits foot of bird looking up (4)(-e)BERG<-

  3. 8 Icy mass hits foot of bird looking up (4) BERG Anno pending

    GREBe <=

  4. 4D: "Boys" to be interpreted as B (boy) and ED (name of a boy)?

    1. Gridman usually uses these names for boy

    2. His question is how come one boy is 'b' and another 'Ed'. True, 'boys' generally yields BB, 'fellows' FF. Here I saw a chance of variation and used it. Rules will be occasionally broken if a chance offers.

  5. Lot of OFFS this time :)
    cast off, tossed off, top off, gone off, hit it off

  6. Small small in 13A- first small giving S and 2nd giving 'wee'.

  7. Gridmanji playing hot n cold today :) Nice one.. happy to see the dhoti clue !

  8. Coming in late to the blog..was stuck in plant work..nice clues all around..loved Garrison & the CDs too..opposites attract!

  9. I thought 15A is also a bit of a CD - opposite of "be right" (with be = live) is DEAD WRONG

  10. As I have said before, these crosswords are set months before the publication date. While I deliberately carry out certain ideas (opposites in gridfills) while setting and also impulsively add some touches (boy, Ed; small, wee) and satisfy myself over other things (be = living, as Ramki notes). But, on a day or two before publication when checking the puz, it's a routine, mundane job - chore - and all these are forgotten. The cockles of my heart (wherever they are located) warm up when my friends note them here. I have written many clues for DHOTI and this time I gave it a TN touch - which Srividya has liked. Thanks, friends.

  11. A bit of humour to relieve the serious business of solving is always welcome- even if a few ministers are at the receiving end! Cheers for the dhoti.

  12. IXL solutions are up. Not the leaderboard

  13. any ideas how SPEW is a marshy spot

  14. Replies
    1. I do not find this meaning in the online version of Chambers

    2. noun
      Vomited matter
      A marshy spot (dialect)

      The above is from my online version

    3. I still can't locate it. But if you say so it is there. So no issue

  15. Leader board is up, but not the solutions!

  16. Replies
    1. I found it. But leaderboard is only accessible from the Home page not from the Solutions page. Another computer wonder, I suppose.

  17. Got both. Happy I erred only 'Spew'. But poor score due to late submission. Must make it early this week.