Tuesday, 4 October 2016

No 11817, Tuesday 04 Oct 2016, Arden

1   Set up church across border – it's against the law (9,5) ORGANISED CRIME {ORGANISED} {C{RIM}E}
10 Due to return overland (5) OWING {GO<=} over {WIN}
11 Prince is no kisser, and the Queen may flirt (9) PHILANDER {PHILlip}{AND}{ER}
12 Delhi CM’s solution to avoid the din (7) MUFFLER [DD]
13 Strip next, bare to make it clear (7) EXPLAIN {nEXt}{PLAIN}
14 Holy book given top attention during peak hour (5) TORAH {TOR}{At...n}{H}
16 In a clandestine manner I will, say, accompany a friend (9) ILLEGALLY {I'll}{EG}{ALLY}
19 Touch up – goes through fielder happily (9) GLEEFULLY {G{FEEL<=}ULLY}
20 Maybe novel way to outlaw agent (5) ENVOY {NOVEl+waY}*
22 Spooner ran a paper called 'Socialist Standard' (3,4) RED FLAG (~ fled rag)
25 Back end or empty space? (7) ENDORSE {END}{OR}{SpacE}
27 A separate hideaway is never a good policy (9) APARTHEID {A}{PART}{HIDE*}
28 Ponder over Bishop's cross (5) BROOD {B}{ROOD}
29 Perhaps enter left brain of a nonconformist (6,8) ENFANT TERRIBLE*

2   Strengthen check for cocaine after evacuating (9) REINFORCE {REIN}{FOR}{Co...nE}
3   Investor's ire seen on the other side finally (5) ANGEL ANGE(-r+l)L
4   Just teach one a lesson at first (9) IMPARTIAL {IMPART}{1}{A}{Le...n}
5   The top fashion celebrities boycotted scribe (5) ELITE cELebrITiEs*
6   Change switch carrying current, it's sparkling (9) CHAMPAGNE {AMP} in {CHANGE}*
7   State's banned, not even near our state (5) INDIA Anno pending (Addendum - INDIAna - See comments)
8   Going against the tenets is sin – one's extremely cheeky (7) ERRANCY {ERR}{AN}{Ch..kY}
9   It may be worth keeping mother in style (6) FORMAT {MA} in {FORT}
15 Half turn in it becomes affected (9) HIFALUTIN {HALF+U+IN+IT}*
17 He goes through and through the film, assisting the minister (3,6) LAY READER {LAY {READ}ER}
18 Be poor, unhappy before long in the city (9) LIVERPOOL {LIVE}{POOR*}{L}
19 Refuse to get into rage, perhaps (7) GARBAGE {BAG} in {RAGE}*
21 Returns from grounds after a change at the top (6) YIELDS (-f+y)YIELDS
23 Goes forward, or goes overshadow (5) DWARF ForWARD*
24 Initially Sidney becomes tense in 'guess who's coming to dinner?' (5) GUEST GUES(-s+t)T
26 Making a bid to keep you finally in a city (5) DUBAI {yoU} in {A+BID}*



  1. 7 State's banned, not even near our state (5) INDIA Anno pending

    even NEAR = N.A.

  2. 7DN INDIA(-na)
    banned - deletion ind
    not even = odd near = na

  3. 11AC: I see Prince as PHILip (if Arden meant Prince, Duke of Edinburgh)and deletion of kisser will leave PHI. If this thinking is right, where does L come from?

    1. Seems to be 'a slip between the cup and the lip' :-)

  4. 11A- Philip is spelt with one L only. Is there an alt. spelling, being a proper noun?

    1. Both 'Philip' and 'Phillip' are used, but in the present case it is Prince Philip. I should have checked it beforehand. My mistake.

    2. I read that Phillip Fillips is an American singer. Is it again an American version- I mean the spelling' Phillip'?

    3. It is American policy perhaps - whenver they see lips, they fill and not phil!

  5. I put in my comment before reading KKR's comment and Col.'s interesting reply.

  6. 14A- 'Top' is for tor and A for attention?

  7. outlaw in 20A was different.
    Enjoyed Delhi CM's muffler! (muffles his voice?)

    1. I would love to recommend to Chambers to include in their list of synonyms to Muffler as Arvind!

    2. For that also, he will blame Mr Modi !!

  8. 12AC: I couldn't hide my laugh, when I solved it. Who didn't laugh?

    1. Incidentally, there is a news item in the Hindu:
      Unmask Pak. smear campaign: Kejriwal
      A photograph shows Arvind unmasked!

  9. Not withstanding Philip, this was a superb puzzle..found it tough going especially after a 2 day break from puzzles..Loved all clues & Muffler was funny!

  10. Funny clues from Arden.. with lotsa references to the Stately (or not so stately) :) and their shadowy colleagues .. This was fun :)