Friday, 4 November 2016

No 11843, Friday 04 Nov 2016, Arden

Please excuse me if I leave this CW incomplete, too disturbed to continue. A close friend and classmate of mine in Coimbatore lost his mother last morning and his wife this morning, tragic.

Updated on behalf of Col.

1   Saw lift's empty after show (7) PROVERB {PROVE}{RiB} {PROVE}{RoB} See comments
5   Camp story, one gets interchanged (7) FACTION {F(-i+A)CTION}
9   Darkness is bad thing (5) NIGHT*
10 Islet will allow one at a time (9) TURNSTILE  Rev of {ISLET}*
11 Hair covering Hindu God shortened — it's elementary (9) MANGANESE {MAN{GANESh}E}
12 Pointless to load, it will go bad (5) ADDLE {sADDLE}
13 Slide close to his cheek (4) SLIP {hiS}{LIP}
15 If under a bust one follows his analysis (8) FREUDIAN*
18 Used wile during work (8) DEPLOYED {DE{PLOY}ED}
19 Castigated for having wine (4) ASTI [T]
22 Greeting, embracing our heavenly beauty (5) HOURI {H{OUR}I}
24 Shake it up, not down — in benevolence there's awkwardness (9) GAWKINESS {GAW<=}{KINdESS} {GAW<=}{KINdnESS} See comments
26 Cop on way intercepting message (9) CONSTABLE {ON}{ST} in {CABLE}
27 Unethical perhaps, but reduced ache upto a point (5) UNTIL UNeThIcaL
28 Nearly gone having nothing initially (5,2) EARLY ON  {O} in {NEARLY}*
29 Relocates for a change — not so sweet (7) TREACLE RELoCATEs*

1   One goes through a plan going upcountry (6) PANAMA {P{AN}AM A <=}
2   French magazine carries paper on Ribosome, for example (9) ORGANELLE {ORGAN}{ELLE}
3   Additional document not with court (5) EXTRA EXTRAct
4   Ram's cunning, but isn't serious (9) BUTTERFLY {BUTTER}{FLY}
5   There is constant change with power hammer (5) FORGE {FOR(-c+G)E}
6   "Put concrete on top, because desert road isn't even" — she warned (9) CASSANDRA {Concrete}{AS}{SAND}{RoAd}
7   Indian parliament rises to this song (5) ILIAD {I}{LIAD<=}
8   Second time scene is shot, for those who are relatively junior (6) NIECES {tIme+SCENE}*
14 Friend of Rohinton perhaps reading the lines (9) PALMISTRY {PAL}{MISTRY}
16 Last time — women free to enter, get gift (9) ENDOWMENT {END}{WOMEN*}{T}
17 True, it's child's play to carry acceptable article (9) AUTHENTIC {A{U}{THE}NTIC}
20 Is it a bit sticky in line? Not in line (6) CHICLE Anno pending {CHIC}{LinE}
21 Soldier isn’t reading about a fairy tale character (6) ISOLDE SOLDIEr*
23 Some colourful narrative about a bone (5) ULNAR [T]
24 Country in the process of issuing a bond (5) GABON [T]
25 Let one get used to home by the river (5) HOUSE {H}{OUSE} INURE{IN}{URE}



  1. That's unimaginably terrible.

  2. It's very sad to hear this news. May their Souls rest in peace!!!

  3. You'll may add the incomplete answers in the comments. I will update the main post later today

  4. 1A Saw lift's empty after show (7) PROVERB {PROVE}{R(-i)B}

    1. That should read (PROVE){R(-O)B}, I think

  5. Extremely sad to hear about your friend's double tragedy. May God be with him in this critical hour and may the departed souls rest in peace.
    Hats off to your commitment.

  6. 10a : TURNSTILE Rev Anag of ISLET

  7. My condolences to the bereaved gentleman. May the Almighty give him strength to bear the loss.

  8. 17D- Authentic- {A(U)(THE)NTIC}
    Def.- True

  9. Thanks to Ramesh for completing the main post

  10. Thats terrible news..My condolences to your friend and family :(

  11. Sorry to hear , Deepak. My condolence to your friend.

  12. 24A - Benevolence is KinDNess. We have deletion indicator for D, what about the N? Could somebody explain?

    1. I think it is Dn for Down

    2. While you are at it you could also look at 1A and make the deletion of O from RoB instead of I from RiB

  13. Tough luck Col for your friend, with a double blow. Pray he gets strength to tide over the unfortunate situation.

  14. 20 D: How does CHIC LE work out? In = CHIC. line = LINE. Not 'in' = L(in)E. The 'line' at the end of the clue is?

  15. Is it 'In line' for chic? That is the only way a second line can be justified.

  16. I took the first line as a hint to place L&E obtained from the second line next to in(Chic)

  17. Thanks to everyone for the condolence messages

  18. Col: You are a true friend ! It is God's wish that your friend loses his mother and wife one after the other. His ways are inscrutable. Take heart . I pray for the departed souls to rest in peace eternal. God bless you ``

  19. So sorry to hear .our sincere condolences.

  20. Shocked to hear about the tragedy... Hope he gets the courage to face it

  21. @Col Sorry to hear the sad news. My condolences to your friend .