Wednesday, 30 November 2016

No 11865, Wednesday 30 Nov 2016, Buzzer

Well done Argentina

1   Attend to recreational vehicle parked in spot (5) SERVE {SE{RV}E}
4   Has doubts about spray stains (9) MISTRUSTS {MIST}{RUSTS}
9   Fluctuation in general means increase (7) ENLARGE*
10 Tennis stroke with bite, see turning (7) TOP SPIN {NIP}{S POT}<=
11 Expose one aptly wearing nothing (3,4,2) LAY OPEN TO {ONE+APTLY}* over {0}
12 Danger of exercise drill crossing limits (5) PERIL {PE}{dRILl}
13 Revolting bow, huge not small neckwear (6) CRAVAT {ARC<=}{VAsT}
15 Some footballers having navy shorts (8) KNICKERS {K{N}ICKERS}
18 Tournament stage held in very cold northern Indian state (5,3) DAVIS CUP {DA{V}IS} {C}{UP}
19 Around Middle East head for relief work (6) EMBOSS {ME<=}{BOSS}
22 Game of chance in life? No good (5) BINGO {BI{N}{G}O}
24 Mercurial Lib-Dem won over a London suburb (9) WIMBLEDON*
26 Irish man tucked into tea and some bread (7) CHAPATI {PAT} in {CHAI}
27 Bat-mobile vehicle reversed without a sound, I jumped out of the way (7) RACQUET {CAR<=}{QUiET}
28 Fresh way he sees visionary solutions (9) EYEWASHES*
29 One and only Territorial Army showing character (5) THETA {THE}{TA}

1   Female to ring up for a varnish (7) SHELLAC {SHE}{CALL<=}
2   Gathering by word of mouth, leader's dead (5) RALLY oRALLY
3   Natives be our hope, can US leaders be gone? (9) EUROPEANS {oUR}{hOPE}{cAN}{uS}
4   Volcano erupting meant overwhelming temperature (2,4) MT ETNA {T} in {MEANT}*
5   Firm and distinct characteristic, one that is needed to win some games (3,5) SET POINT {SET} {POINT}
6   Cut into pieces evenly, fruit that's oddly plump (3,2)  RIP UP {fRuIt}{Pl UmP}
7   Surer hope in a strife? (9) SUPERHERO* &lit
8   Bachelors to serenade belles, not half (7) SINGLES {SING}{belLES}
14 Benefit from a broadcast TV agenda (9) ADVANTAGE {A}{TV+AGENDA}*
16 Business member allowed to get involved in unlawful activity (9) COMPLICIT {CO}{MP}{LICIT}
17 Be over dated way to speak (8) OUTWEIGH {OUT}{WEIGH}(~way)
18 Failing without latitude be called a complete fiasco (7) DEBACLE {BE+CALlED}*
20 Singer Francis in a track is captivating (7) SINATRA [T]

21 Ability and skill shown in texting (6) SMARTS {SM{ART}S}
23 Heartily endorse Black American adjective for this president (5) OBAMA {endOrse}{B}{AM}{A}
25 Second date spurned, reason – sporting tie? (5) DEUCE DEdUCE


  1. Ace-service from Buzzer! Very enjoyable.

  2. Was it timed for the great Davis cup final? Great fight shown by Argentina & Del Potro on particular.
    Thank you Buzzer for the tennis special- most enjoyable.

  3. 13A-Revolting bow, leading to ARC<=?

  4. 25D- Clear indication for the removal of second D and not the first one. Great.

  5. Top Class Tennis Game from Buzzer.Pithy clues with wonderful wordplays that has become the setter's trademark.It leaves you with a satisfying glow after solving

  6. Wonderfully themed one from Buzzer :) particularly the Deuce and Set point surfaces are beautifully strung together ! :)