Tuesday, 13 December 2016

No 11876, Tuesday 13 Dec 2016, Anon


1   Pet looking after the ship? (6) CARESS {CARE}{SS}
4   Fears scan within Damascus’ boundaries… (6) DREADS {READ} in {Da...uS}
9   …sloth starts unusually nesting atop icecaps (4) UNAI Acrostic
10 Implored sober cadet to revolt (10) OBSECRATED*
11 Idle love in spring (6) LOUNGE {L{O}UNGE}
12 Final fact is not even usable (8) EVENTUAL {EVENT}{UsAbLe}
13 Aid vestry perplexed by misfortune (9) ADVERSITY*
15 Protect Investment Company (5) HEDGE [DD]
16 Get rid of leftover (5) SCRAP [DD]
18 I find deft stranger timid (9) DIFFIDENT*
22 Demands of multinational not operating dubiously (8) ULTIMATA MULTInATionAl* Deletion fodder not clear. NIL ON for Not operating?
23 Whale found in lunar waters (6) NARWAL [T] Seems to be an error in the fodder
25 Forgetting bridge’s directions, takes second left in US city (3,7) LOS ANGELES {LOS {ANG{lEft}LE}S} Not sure of Anno
26 Walk with father at Church of England (4) PACE {PA}{CE}
27 Drink for German man within Sicily’s boundaries (6) SHERRY {HERR} in {Si..lY}
28 Disguised, appeared as Oriental devil (6) VEILED {E+DEVIL}*

1   Erstwhile turbojet, it is said, was compact (7) CONCORD (~concorde}
2   Sit on the throne on curb (5) REIGN (~rein) Homophone indicator?
3   Pushers hang about in ship (7) SHOVERS {S{HOVER}S}
5   Loud noise of bat, we hear (6) RACKET (~ racquet)
6   Exclude husband who yearns most for return of racial discrimination (9) APARTHEID {APART}{H}{DIEs<=}
7   Woman to crash system (7) SHEBANG {SHE}{BANG}
8   It can be found out if aliens eat crab stew (13) ASCERTAINABLE*
14 Destroy cycle, insist on removing tyres first (9) ERADICATE {ERA}{DICtATE}
17 Insensitive outcries missing tact, at first (7) CALLOUS {CALL OUtS}
19 Subtlety of penalties seem odd (7) FINESSE {FINES}{SeEm}
20 We hear new dance is difficult, has refinement (7) NUANCED (~new){NU}{DANCE}*
21 More expansive beer has drop of rum in it (6) LARGER {LA{Rum}GER}
24 Keep at bay returning outcast (5) REPEL <=



  1. Too many gaps. Can someone give satisfactory annos?

    1. I had no difficulty at all ! Fairly easy , I'd say. OBSECRATED is a new one for me. Spell checker directed me to add to my dictionary. I have obeyed !

      I pray that all our friends and every other person in Madras are safe and sheltered from the killer cyclone ! Madras seems to be under a bad spell ?

  2. A few iffy clues..22A,23A,25A & 2D..
    Otherwise the puzzle was quite ok..

  3. 25 Forgetting bridge’s directions, takes second left in US city (3,7) LOS ANGELES {LOS {ANG{lEft}LE}S} Not sure of Anno

    Anno is correct: Forgetting: LOSS, bridges: Container ind. Direction (not directions?) takes in lEft

  4. Paddy..hope all is well in Chennai..had talked to my sister in the evening..she said power has been in restored..my cousins too are safe..do post

    1. CV Sir,Ajeesh,Renga, Srinkanth..hope you are all safe & fine