Friday, 30 December 2016

No 11891, Friday 30 Dec 2016, Buzzer

6   Small trim roast cut of pork (5-3) SPARE-RIB {S}{PARE}-{RIB}
9   Made some shoe repair or mended reportedly (6) HEELED (~healed)
10 Welcome shower (4) HAIL [DD]
11 Way of doing things to share control (10) MODERATION {MODE}{RATION}
12 Consider right thing returning charges upfront (3,3) SEE FIT {SEE F<=}{IT}
14 Republic of Malta deploying an army (7) MYANMAR {M}{AN+ARMY}*
15 I perhaps prepare lettuces for tossing (5-4,6) UPPER-CASE LETTER*
18 Warrior in say mural is all unfinished (7) SAMURAI {SAy}{MURAl}{Is}
20 Perceived struggle to marry (6) VIEWED {VIE}{WED}
22 Mad friend I set right (4-6)  FAIR-MINDED*
23 Endless hard work to become a tennis player (4) GRAF GRAFt ?
24 Judge beer twice as sweet (6) JALEBI {J}{ALE}{BI} Oh Boy! My mouth is watering
25 Sign of the times, hotline playing a rock piece (8) XENOLITH {X}{HOTLINE}*

1   Test periodically? Not really (4) ORAL {nOt}{ReAlLy}
2   Drive in the morning, a habitual movement that is thrilling (8) DRAMATIC {DR}{AM}{A}{TIC}
3   Ultimately rhythmic to listen, a spinning wheel (6) CHARKA {r...iC}{HARK}{A}
4   CM in recent time, out of sorts (10) CENTIMETRE*
5   Appeal to turn off AC in a sporting venue (8) RECOURSE RacECOURSE
7   Nothing new in remorse for past conduct bringing calm (5) PEACE PEnAnCE
8   Submits heartily for a healthy measure? (4,4,5) BODY MASS INDEX {suBMIts}
13 Street shops moving fast to secure a spot (4,6) FLEA MARKET {A}{MARK} in {FLEET}
16 Tricky phase, strife in Asian city (8) PESHAWAR {PHASE}*{WAR}
17 Mitt no good over a pet (5,3) LOVED ONE {gLOVE}{D ONE}
19 Where in India mobs govern? (4,2) REIN IN [T]
21 Out of alternate transport (5) EXALT {EX}{ALT}
23 Hit over in a game of course (4) GOLF <=



  1. The regular blog on Sunday will be posted at 7:30 AM and at 8:30 AM, I will be posting a 25 x 25 Special by a new setter

    1. Yipee!A New Year Special Treat!

    2. Have to get over the 31st hangover for solving the jumbo

  2. Online grid not appearing today 😞

    1. Luckily my niece sent me the grid very early in the morning...

  3. Extraordinary puzzle.Buzzer surpasses himself.BMI was devious..Upper Case Letter had me in all sorts of problem(I had somehow guessed the second & third words as clue setter & was trying to fit paper for the first word!)
    CM was nicely done while Samurai was another outstanding clue.
    Thanx Buzzer..

  4. The attendance is thin here..asking all regulars to come here..a puzzle of this calibre deserves lots of comments

  5. 23A: Why the QM Col?The parsing is bang on.

  6. Col. @
    What does 25×25 mean Sir? 50 clues ?

    1. Grid Size..normal grid is 15x15

    2. i.e. 15 rows & 15 columns..each row made up of black & white squares called unches & lights respectively

    3. Thanks. That means the number of clues in 25x25 will be more, I believe!?

    4. Learning, learning, always learning! :-)

    5. Correction: Black & White squares are called Blacks & Lights
      Unches are unchecked blocks(blocks that do not have any letter common with their vertical or horizontal counterpart) e.g. in today's puzzle, 6A the first, third, fifth & seventh letters are unches

    6. In crossword Unclued you will find lots of topics on Grids..e.g. ABC of crossword grid

  7. Nice one. Liked CM. The sweet looks more like Jehangiri which has a symmetrical shape and more curls. Jalebi generally is not as symmetrical

  8. A mouth watering puzzle like a jalebi but I missed it, I mean the jalebi.
    My COD 8DN "BMI"

    1. Send you some jalebi MB?
      I always had a doubt about jalebi & jangri. I think jalebi is one which is crisp and expected to be consumed hot as against soaked jangri served during feasts in weddings. Any food specialist around here?

    2. Thanks Paddy :)
      BTW the one shown by Col. sir, is jangiri, I belive.

    3. Here is the jalebi I offered you. I hope it IS jalebi & not jangiri.

  9. Col.,
    Thank you for the colourful and informative blog matching the beauty of the Buzzer CW.
    Thank you, of course, for the New Year Special. Looking forward to the Jumbo.

  10. 23A- Graft also has a meaning as hard work, apart from what is talked about widely these days. '?' for this purpose?

    1. Paddy: On Graft; Graft is an interesting word- graft, in the UK, is a good thing - it refers to hard work. To describe someone as a grafter means that they work hard, and long hours. In the US it refers to bribery and corruption.

      Graft has also another meaning of hair grafting for baldies ? skin grafting? medical connotations?

  11. Just read a partial explanation by Raghu.

  12. Vasant:; Second day on end , no ONline facility? Their software man has gone worn out? or has he gone out of town? In any case, its a shame , ain't it? can you send me a doable grid please ?

  13. Jangri is Jehangiri? Is that the etym for jangri? Mainly found in the South ( though with a NI sounding name?) is a sinfully treacle-dunked piece of circles served not cold necessarily. Jalebi is a typical NI dish eaten dunked in hot milk on a cold night ? I still have the after-taste of a couple I had years ago on a wayside street in Amritsar.
    Indians' sweet palate takes the widest swathe from all parts of the country. That's why we Indians are so sweet-tongued - literally and metaphorically ! I love all sweets especiailly both the varieties of j(ANGRI) and Jalebi.

    But what about Jalebas? is it a masculine variety?

    jaleba recipe - YouTube
    Video for Jaleba▶ 7:31
    Aug 3, 2016 - Uploaded by INDIAN KITCHEN
    do watch this sweet indian recipe. Its very mouthwatering and very delicious. Do try this at home ...

  14. Super puzzle. Thank you Buzzer ji