Friday, 21 July 2017

No 12065, Friday 21 Jul 2017, Spinner

1   Setter craving food eats a bit of lasagna, for example (12) ILLUSTRATION {I}{La...a}{LUST}{RATION}
10 Power to sack unruly groups (5) PACKS {P}{SACK*}
11 Researcher : Setter wearing perfume is extremely smart (9) SCIENTIST {SC{I}ENT}{IS}{s..rT}
12 Authentic is authentic even without proof, ultimately (6) ACTUAL fACTUAL
13 Tiniest horse extraordinarily wins leading trophy second time (8) SHORTEST {SHOR{Tr...y}E*}{S}{T}
15 Company’s Head of Relationships responded by removing article – It’s rectified! (9) CORRECTED {CO}{Re...s}{REaCTED}
16 Main man is that woman’s love (4) HERO {HER}{O}
20 Spinner finally set cryptic’s remaining part (4) REST {s...eR}{SET*}
21 Needs rice cooked at home (9) RESIDENCE*
24 Fix up broken code to get speed (8) DECORATE {CODE*}{RATE}
26 Jaw is mended with gas cutter (6) JIGSAW {JAW+IS+G}*
28 Large amount of baked good available in a disco (9) ABUNDANCE {A}{BUN}{DANCE}
29 Helps to have cold liquids that promote digestion (5) ACIDS {A{C}IDS}
30 ‘Respected Sir’ is one landlord’s introduction (6,6) LETTER OPENER {LETTER} {OPENER}

2   Cream applied around base of chest, arms and some sensitive places (9) LOCATIONS {LO{Chest}{Arms}TION}{Se...e} I feel base in a down clue would give us T and S from Chest and Arms
3   Place that’s one flight away? (8) UPSTAIRS [CD]
4   Sound of annoyance on receiving a piece of work (4) TASK {A} in {TSK}
5   Complex math I tried endlessly has hundred calculations (10) ARITHMETIC {MATH+I+TRIEd}* over {C}
6   Disregard region in turmoil (6) IGNORE*
7   One is troubled by commotion (5) NOISE*
8   Weapon at last diverts pawn’s attention (5) SPEAR {d...tS}{P}{EAR}
9   Its not a free channel! (7) STATION*
14 Approval for professional to recruit college topper with paltry wage, minus Income Tax (10) ACCEPTANCE {A{Co...e}C}{PitTANCE} AC/Professional? (Correction - {A{Co...e}CE}{PitTANCE} - See comments)
17 Unrestrained old tax including VAT exterminated, basically (9) EXCESSIVE {EX}{CESS}{In...g}{Vat}{Ex...d}
18 Measured change of guard Anil leaves India, upset! (7) GRADUAL {GUARD+AniL}*
19 Acted strangely to cover up lie that’s turned embarrassing (8) DELICATE {LIE<=} in {ACTED}* (Correction - {ACTED}* over {LIE}* - See comments)
22 Cried uncontrollably on getting technology’s top recognition (6) CREDIT {CRIED}* {Te...y}
23 She went inspecting several states, starting from European country (5) SWISS Acrostic
25 Captain to regret loss that’s heartbreaking (5) CRUEL {C}{RUE}{L}
27 Outlaw buried in massive tomb (4) VETO [T]


Thursday, 20 July 2017

No 12064, Thursday 20 Jun 2017, Sunnet

Plenty of Parsis around.

1   Trace of shower on road (6) STRAIN {ST}{RAIN}
4   Perhaps Bond girls can be spotted from a distance using this (8) SPYGLASS {SPY}{G}{LASS}
10 Old religious person gets a conservative's purgative (9) EXPIATORY {EX}{PI}{A}{TORY}
11 Principal officer (5) MAJOR [DD]
12 Average is raised by Indian community (5) PARSI {PAR}{IS<=}
13 Shrink the criminal (9) THERAPIST {THE}{RAPIST}
14 Expression of dismay on finding catholic queen is more violent (7) FIERCER {FIE}{RC}{ER}
16 Goodbye and thanks once again (2-2) TA-TA {TA}{TA}
19 Trickle from bore (4) DRIP [DD]
21 Indian unit to almost question Japan (7) LACQUER {LAC}{QUERy}
24 Boiled red banana for food (4,5) NAAN BREAD*
25 Laugh hides desire of scavenger (5) HYENA {H{YEN}A}
26 Lower with potassium inside lawyer (5) VAKIL {VA{K}IL} That should have been an Indian lawyer
27 Ah! Sam knew to galvanize a soldier (9) MANEKSHAW * &lit
28 Litigates to protect individual's right over family identities (8) SURNAMES {MAN}{R}<= in {SUES}
29 Aim to absorb university's forge (6) SMITHY {S{MIT}HY}

1   Rest to get rid of rotten strips around in front (5,3) SLEEP OFF {PEELS<=} {OFF} What's the role of 'rotten'? Anno for OFF not clear See comments
2   Hack note bearer (8) REPORTER {RE}{PORTER}
3   Managed to stop two persons from Persia (5) IRANI {RAN} in {II}
5   Settlement of salary's expected disregarding the Centre (7) PAYMENT {PAY}{MEaNT}
6   Agile of me to get back into machined casting (9) GYMNASTIC {MY<=} in {CASTING}*
7   Touch Bill's tie (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JOIN}
8   Spray without any issue near luxurious accommodation (6) SPRITZ {SP}{RITZ} Anno for SP pendingGot this because it had to be a Pangram! See comments
9   Change medical practitioner (6) DOCTOR [DD]
15 This French beer damaged and completely upset portions of the brain (9) CEREBELLA {CE}{BEER*}{ALL<=}
17 Very successful president left dinner bash (8) SUPERHIT {SUpPER}{HIT}
18 Open style amusement destination in New York (8) BROADWAY {BROAD}{WAY}
20 An abnormally early arrival? (7) PREEMIE [CD]
21 Nick is after city's cargo (6) LADING {LA}{DING}
22 Rascals evenly skin birds (6) KNAVES {sKiN}{AVES}
23 Rely on king's financier (6) BANKER {BANK}{ER}
25 9 thousand and one cut meat (5) HAKIM {K}{1} in {HAM}


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

No 12063, Wednesday 19 Jul 2017, KrisKross

1   Reduces uric salt through treatment (8) CURTAILS*
5   I am back wrapped in tattered coat, that can't be cut further (6) ATOMIC {I'M<=} in {COAT}*
9   Majority of Indians… (8) EIGHTEEN [GK/CD]
10 …work hard, with a new motto (6) SLOGAN {SLOG}{A}{N}
12 Short artist played instrument (5) SITAR ARTISt*
13 Old-timer? (9) HOURGLASS [CD]
14 Senior members wish to be included in parties (6) DOYENS {DO{YEN}S}
16 "Cars wrecked houses" – news by English reader (7) SCANNER {NN}{E} in {CARS}*
19 Sat casually in virgin grassland (7) PASTURE {P{SAT*}URE}
21 Stick had broken earlier (6) ADHERE {HAD*}{ERE}
23 Promise an umbrella? (4,5) RAIN CHECK [C&DD]
25 Agent is mostly penniless (5) BROKE BROKEr
26 A soft skin, according to reports, creates attraction (6) APPEAL {A}{P}{PEAL}(~peel)
27 Pole hiding a weapon without a tip, it is obvious (8) MANIFEST {MA{kNIFE}ST}
28 Criminal loves to start robbing you (6) SOLVER {LOVES*}{Ro..g}
29 What the bride says after some time – "He is madly in love" (8) IDOLATER {I}{DO}{LATER}

1   Fold sleeves of robe inside bag (6) CREASE {C{RobE}ASE}
2   Its rough at sea…around twelve, finally becomes fair (9) RIGHTEOUS {ITS+ROUGH}* over {t...vE}
3   In fact, Orson Welles was one (5) ACTOR [T] &lit
4   Worms left trees trimmed at the top (7) LEECHES {L}{bEECHES}
6   Possibly great help to communicate in the past (9) TELEGRAPH* &lit
7   Hot rock music, appreciated initially by grandmother (5) MAGMA {Mu..c}{Ap...d}{G}{MA}
8   Coy nurse perhaps is the centre of attraction (8) CYNOSURE*
11 Studies faces (4) MUGS [DD]
15 Say, oriental spies protect a lady, in order to escape at first (9) ENUNCIATE {E}{NUN}{CIA}{To}{Es...e}
17 Dart into retreat that's extremely cramped (9) NARROWEST {N{ARROW}EST}
18 They exhibited self-control, without taking leave (8) SPARTANS {SANS} taking{PART} Exhibit would have been better
20 The peer's fencing weapon (4) EPEE [T]
21 Difficult week spent in a hospital room (7) AWKWARD {A}{WK}{WARD}
22 I could be in Queer Street (6) SETTER*
24 Force politician to wear garland when rising up (5) IMPEL {MP} in {LEI<=}
25 Advertisement about river fish (5) BRILL {B{R}ILL}


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

No 12062, Tuesday 18 Jul 2017, Aspartame

6   Prepared quite a large drink (7) TEQUILA {QUITE+A+L}*
7   Victories scarce for city (7) WINSLOW {WINS}{LOW}
9   Angry one left for head office to make a speech (5) ORATE (-i+o)ORATE
10 Article on grammatical construct teacher dictated to crier (9) ANNOUNCER {AN}{NOUN}{CER}(~sir)
11 Pumping device to remove bits of orange residue (7) EJECTOR {EJECT}{Or...e}{Re...e}
13 Muscleman exercises back to show hard tissue (6) ENAMEL [T<=]
15 Burdensome area of the kitchen? (8,5) DRAINING BOARD [CD]
19 Injured sent warning signals (6) HORNED [DD]
20 Analyst, in effect, exchanges pounds for rand (7) ACTUARY ACTUA(-ll+r)RY
23 Company representative discovered in-charge being involved, assisting crimes (9) COMPLICIT {CO}{MP}{L{IC}IT}
24 Not illuminated until turned on (5) UNLIT*
26 Instrument requires energy and egg to make seasoning (7) OREGANO {OR{E}GAN}{O}
27 Currently, jumper lacks direction and power – He's expected to fail (2-5) NO-HOPER {NOw}{HOpPER}

1   Water got some militia quarantined (4) AQUA [T]
2   Gets evidence against characters to rob them of power (6) DIVEST [T<=]
3   Mad tailor's stitches are unskillful (9) MALADROIT {MAD+TAILOR}*
4   Suggestion from engineers union - stop getting involved (8) INNUENDO {END} in {UNION}*
5   First American film studio's police van (5,5) BLACK MARIA [DD]
6   Tool cleaner contains drop of resin (6) TROWEL {T{Re..n}OWEL}
7   Accustomed town criminal (4) WONT*
8   Carefully fight with extremely looney individual getting surrounded (6) WARILY {WAR}{I}{Lo..eY}
12 Listening device President concealed in a tree possibly (3,7) EAR TRUMPET {TRUMP} in {A+TREE}*
14 Flower in elegant display (9) EGLANTINE*
16 What a petrol bunk worker would say of a hypothetical fluid (5,3) IDEAL GAS {I DEAL GAS}
17 Crazy person to hit without getting interrupted (6) WHACKO {HACK} in {WO}
18 Seafood soy preparation they're selling often (6) OYSTER {SOY*}{ThEyRe}
21 Coached model has to discuss.. (6) TAUGHT {T}{AUGHT}
22 ... answer copy (4) ECHO [DD]
25 Run to see training (4) LOPE {LO}{PE}


Monday, 17 July 2017

No 12061, Monday 17 Jul 2017, Afterdark

1   In leader's absence, ready to take offence (6) RESENT pRESENT
4   Adamant leader hiding in disguise (6) MANTLE [T]
9   Lies spread by man, perhaps (4) ISLE*
10 Reinforce road on New Guinea soon (10) STRENGTHEN {ST}{RE}{NG}{THEN}
11 Stick to company at this place (6) COHERE {CO}{HERE}
12 Day crowd at a club is impressive (8) DRAMATIC {D}{RAM}{AT}{1}{C}
13 Swans tend to swim to booth (9) NEWSSTAND*
15 Macho guys become leaders without advantage (2-3) HE-MEN HEadMEN
16 Producer is from Udma, Kerala (5) MAKER [T]
18 At the beginning, in zest I get worked up to have spirit (9) ZEITGEIST {In+ZEST+I+GET}* 'At the' is superfluous
22 During exercise, have sliced carrot to keep going (8) PROTRACT {CARROT}* in {PT}
23 Out of nothing, playboy manufactured an incidental activity (6) BYPLAY PLAYBoY*
25 Expect the French at the deckhouse, say (10) FORECASTLE {FORECAST}{LE} Why say?
26 Letters from Arul edited as a practice (4) RULE [T]
27 Lawrence gets drunk before rave begins, in confusion (6) LITTER {LIT}{TE}{Rave}
28 Treasurer seen in vehicle, right inside with a Republican (6) BURSAR {BU{R}S}{A}{R} We used to have a 'Bursar' in our school

1   Replace trees or perish (7) RESTORE*
2   Situation is said to be watched (5) SCENE (~seen)
3   Developing a new heady perfume (7) NASCENT {A}<=>{N}{SCENT}
5   Yearly, it's heard that you go out to gather energy and strengthen (6) ANNEAL ANN(-u+e)EAL
6   Three railway officials having drink, after removing their caps, in privacy (4-1-4) TETE-A-TETE {TEA} in {tTE}(TEA}{tTE}{tTE}
7   Before joining university engineer was a recluse (7) EREMITE {ERE}{MIT}{E}
8   Agitated teens pointlessly misbehaved across road at a commercial complex (7,6) TRADING ESTATE {AGITATED+TEeNS}* over {R}
14 Second, minute; time one spent to take a sip of tea and cake, perhaps (9) SWEETMEAT {S}{WEE}{TiME}{A}{Tea}
17 Car oil applied in order to reduce heat (3-4) AIR-COOL {O} in {CAR+OIL}*
19 Record; Australia is two down (7) TABLEAU {TABLE}{AU}
20 Instrument is a small drum, used often in allegro (7) STAPLER {S}{TAP}{aLlEgRo}
21 Kelvin had one rupee before, now empty hand in Tokyo (6) KARATE {K}{A}{R}{ATE}
24 Stops at the grounds (5) PARKS [DD]


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Special, Sunday 16 Jul 2017, Samurai Pony

Welcome to our new setters Samurai Pony. Bouquets and brickbats welcome.

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Cheerful,rich,eccentric and extremely pretty (6)
4   Babies lisp so funnily (6)
9   Guy's a failure at love ultimately (4)
10 Notice man working by a shack being rebuked (10)
11 Extremely parsimonious and backward partner's a pest (6)
12 An associate's message leads to rancour (8)
13 Picture beast turning and starting to chase deer (9)
15 Mostly passionionate, young and crafty (4)
16 Tableau's clever (4)
17 Old wagons going back is initial mark of rejection (9)
21 &lit? maybe not figuratively speaking (8)
22 Hallowed but cares about devil basically (6)
24 Need I feed cynic nuts? (10)
25 Video about expelling English poet (4)
26 Listen, Giselle's back holding seal (6)
27 Injured citizen ignores 101 helpline's main tip (6)

1   Officer at International organization regularly steals information (7)
2   Model lied about having anorexia to start with (5)
3   Old monarch played harp at Opera House initially (7)
5   Want to rush back after training on the 4th of July (6)
6   One conman is disturbed and restless (9)
7   Relentlessly scheming to catch bird (7)
8   Merman breasts may cause discomfort (13)
14 Could be a frog's good fortune? (9)
16 In this image, I am left alone..forever (7)
18 Balance Yemen, Libya & Egypt leaders to evolve (7)
19 Say,blueberry cheesecake as described in Stockholm (7)
20 First awkward online controversy (6)
23 Sexy Indian top! heads of corporates helplessly ogle like idiots (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SAMURAI PONY 1


The Sunday Crossword No 2952, Sunday 16 Jul 2017

1   Renegade taking new track, coming back with cover (8) TURNCOAT {N}{RUT}<={COAT}
5   Servile, yielding fine shelter (6) AWNING fAWNING
9   Quick examination previously done (4-4) ONCE-OVER {ONCE}-{OVER}
10 Fish situation reported (6) PLAICE (~place)
12 Grunting sound from buffalo in Kansas (4) OINK [T]
13 Leads nun's life, organised around church (10) INFLUENCES {NUNS+LIFE}* around {CE}
15 Bird journal reflected study by quiet enthusiast (6,6) GOLDEN PLOVER {LOG<=}{DEN} {P}{LOVER}
18 Fortification held in wars ruined entirely (8,4) HADRIANS WALL {HAD}{IN+WARS}*{ALL}
21 Not entertained by low wit lacking variety (10) MONOTONOUS {MO{NOT}O}{NOUS}
22 Develop good argument (4) GROW {G}{ROW}
24 Sign about insect in outhouse (4-2) LEAN-TO {LE{AN-T}O}
25 Commercial poll containing account about support (8) ADVOCATE {AD}{VO{AC<=}TE}
26 In conclusion, consumed by effort (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
27 Revolutionary move secures extracts (8) SNIPPETS {STEP}{PINS}<=

1   Complete novel hot and unrefined (8) THOROUGH {HOT*}{ROUGH}
2   Coin in bank not long ago (8) RECENTLY {RE{CENT}LY}
3   Pen exclusive story, opening out (4) COOP sCOOP
4   Stupendous ace, with energy in victory, bound to enthral one (3-9) AWE-INSPIRING {A}{W{E}IN}{SP{1}RING}
6   Antelope stew edible after preparation (10) WILDEBEEST*
7   Silliness, freezing outside studio? Not half (6) IDIOCY {I{stuDIO}CY}
8   Musical nation by the sound of it (6) GREASE (~greece)
11 When caught by reckless foul, landed abruptly (3,2,1,6) ALL OF A SUDDEN {AS} in {FOUL+LANDED}*
14 Destroyed enormous area over time in action (10) DEVASTATED {DE{VAST}{A}{T}ED}
16 Gear I changed after damage in match (8) MARRIAGE {MAR}{GEAR+I}*
17 Unerring in following criminal (8) FLAWLESS {F}{LAWLESS}
19 Play, not hard, imbued with universal charm (6) AMULET {hAM{U}LET}
20 Contract for example including name and length of life (6) ENGAGE {E{N}G}{AGE}
23 Very happy making broth? (4) SOUP {SO}{UP}


Saturday, 15 July 2017

No 12060, Saturday 15 Jul 2017, Afterdark

Beer is flowing freely today

9 A cake counter starting in California will serve coffee (7) ARABICA {A}{BAR<=}{In}CA}
10 Greed is a sin, to contain one keeps restraint primarily (7) AVARICE {A}{V{A}{Restraint}ICE}
11 It's criminal to undergo sex change operation for seafood (7) LOBSTER {(-m+L)OBSTER}
12 But, at the end cereal cooked is excessively sweet (7) TREACLE {buT}{CEREAL*}
13 Be our ally by changing colour (5,4) ROYAL BLUE {BE+OUR+ALLY}*
15 Typebars regularly over time get fungus (5) YEAST {tYpEbArS}{T}
16 Convinced to have a son and reliable daughter (7) ASSURED {A}{S}{SURE}{D}
19 Shower at health club is followed by beer regularly; abstainer is overwhelmed (7) SPATTER {SPA}{TT}{bEeR}
20 Hint of shower after midnight (5) GRAIN {niGht}{RAIN}
21 Bird crooned endlessly with dipper out of tune (9) SANDPIPER {SANg}{DIPPER*}
25 Network provides bottomless coffee? Cool (7) LATTICE {LATTe}{ICE}
26 Book's tally shows Euro given to teacher is unlikely to be paid (3,4) BAD DEBT {B}{AD D}{E}{BT}
28 Refrigerate tea before inviting student for a cup (7)  CHALICE {CHA}{L}{ICE}
29 Guard retires on emptying hot drink (7) DRAUGHT {GUARD<=}{HoT}

1 Suit, shirt replaced by dresser essentially for seaman (6)  SAILOR {(-t+dreSser}AILOR}
2 Perhaps sugar and nothing extremely healthy in bottle (6) CARBOY {CARB}{O}{healthY}

3 Troop leader is after peg measure (4) PINT {PIN}{Troop}
4 Court rule rewritten to sack upstart's butt (6) BARREL {BAR}{RuLE*}

5 It's careless to get caught in lies with school-head (8) TACTLESS {TA{CT}LES}{School}
6 Small flame at play; evacuated and put out by instrument used by miners (6,4) SAFETY LAMP {S}{FLAME+AT+PlaY*}
7 Dish on table widely used by business people! (3,5) PIE CHART {PIE} {CHART}
8 Prevent getting caught over by policeman, perhaps (8) DETECTOR  {DETE{CT}{O}R}
14 Lady's terribly angry, it is the infection (10) LARYNGITIS {L}{ANGRY*}{IT}{IS}
16 Lovely article on plant (8) ANGELICA {ANGELIC}{A}
17 Struggling state receives direction to get a mega police force (4,4) SWAT TEAM {STATE*} around {W}+{A}{M}
18 Always hurt precedes break up (8) DISSEVER {DISS}{EVER}
22 A person of wealth oddly, oddly seen with a person of no influence (6) NOBODY {NOB}{OdDlY}
23 Pressure on projection and commitment (6) PLEDGE {P}{LEDGE}
24 Spin from River end to return before tea break (6) ROTATE {River}{TO<=}{TEA*}
27 Dali chiefly used green paint (4) DRAW {Dali}{RAW}

Reference list  

California=CA, One=A, Time=T, Son=S, Daughter=D, Abstainer=TT, Book=B, Euro=E, Teacher=BT, Student=L
Shirt=T, Nothing=O, Caught=Ct, Small=S, Over=O, Lady=L, Article=A, Direction=W, Mega=M, Pressure=P

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 14 July 2017

No 12059, Friday 14 Jul 2017, The Phantom

Struggled through this today. Still have some Annos pending.

1   Panted with rapidity, losing energy after first half of game (6) GASPED {GAme}{SPeED}
5   General with abdominal pain admitted in hospital (8) CATHOLIC {AT}{H} in {COLIC} This defintion is new to me
9   Procedure to cut circle in a roof to accommodate chimney reviewed (7) FORMULA {A}{LUM}{ROoF}<= Had to Google for the Chimney.
10 Very impatient, beginning to break into run to get transport (6) RAVISH {V}{Im..t} in {RASH} Is this defintion acceptable? Run/Rash?
11 Shed didn’t open till son’s unlocked it (6) SLOUGH  Anno pending (Addendum - (-p+s)SLOUGH - See comments)
12 Generally being short-tempered is a source of adverse reaction (8) ALLERGEN GENERALLy*
13 Leisure activities at home setter's devised (9) INTERESTS {IN}{SETTERS}*
15 Upset, spending hours in slum (3,2) GET TO GhETTO
17 A ball that’s reversed declared as wide (5) BROAD {A}{ORB}<={D}
19 Leader of octet charters transport for band (9) ORCHESTRA {Oc..t}{CHARTERS}*
22 Men going out often leaving their divisions (8) CHAPTERS {CHAPS} over {ThEiR}
23 Last batsman about to depart trapped for zero (6) NAUGHT {b...aN}{cAUGHT}
25 Aisle designed with degree of convenience, perhaps (6) LADIES {AISLE+D}*
26 Shops for latest designs (7) INFORMS {IN}{FORMS}
27 Apprentices of Spanish origin seen during performances (8) STUDENTS {DE} in {STUNTS}
28 Nurse got tip in advance to attend (6) LISTEN {LIST}{EN}

2   Nasty ULFA militant enslaved women (5) AWFUL {W} in {ULFA}*
3   Each gas generates odour (7) PERFUME {PER}{FUME}
4   Girl expressing dislike during meeting with lover not showing affection (8) DAUGHTER {DA{UGH}TE}{loveR} Reverse engineered anno
5   Strict care is exercised to promote tea's qualities (15) CHARACTERISTICS {CHA}{STRICT+CARE+IS}*
6   Kick out everyone turning bad when in power (6) THRILL THR{ILL} Anno pending (Addendum - THR(-all+ill)ILL - See comments)
7   Notice with regret lines of the face (7) OBVERSE  {OB}{VERSE} Anno for OB not clear See comments
8   Inert cop's roused by official (9) INSPECTOR*
14 Way to lay another road (5-4) NORTH-EAST {ANOTHER}*{ST}
16 Obliged to fill Hydrogen in container — fuel that saves energy (8) THANKFUL {T{H}ANK}{FUeL}
18 Building ideal houses, parks as claimed (7) APPLIED {PP} in {IDEAL}*
20 Without question rust is damaging for jets (7) SQUIRTS {RUST+IS}* around {Q}
21 Dull seminar by speaker (6) LESSEN (~lesson)
24 Punish having crossed limits of speed (5) HASTE cHASTEn


Thursday, 13 July 2017

No 12058, Thursday 13 Jul 2017, Skulldugger

9   Cunning hens catching busis this even possible? (3,4,6,2) CAN SUCH THINGS BE*
10 Musical instrument master left in that place (7) THEREIN THEREmIN
12 Activity favoured by posses and cougars! (7) MANHUNT [CD]
13 She might save our sphere, amazingly (9) SUPERHERO* &lit
14 Point westwards to Michigan city (5) MIAMI {AIM<=}{MI}
15 American funk caused when not-all-there chap (Republican) trafficked in voodoo regularly (7) MALODOR {MALe}{vOoDoO}{R}
18 Doubt she could have done the crime (7) SUSPECT [CD] [DD] See comments
21 Spirit modern, say folks (5) NUMEN (~new){NU}{MEN}
23 Furbelow in the Antipodes! (4,5) DOWN UNDER {DOWN} {UNDER}
25 One particular interesting stimulation out of lots (7) MINUTIA stIMUlATIoN*
26 Sanction for animals initially lacking (7) INDORSE {hIND}{hORSE}
29 Wormhole defined whimsically as "back of beyond" (6,2,7) MIDDLE OF NOWHERE* [C&DD] See comments

1   Animal appendage that's small and oddly crusty (4) SCUT {S}{CrUsTy}
2   Operating these days... and formerly (4) ONCE {ON}{CE}
3   Perturbed but not tense, recombined but not mixed (8) PUREBRED PERtURBED*
4   Buchanan centre and courthouse gutted by accident (6) CHANCE {buCHANan}{Co...sE}
5   They are used to clean locks! (8) SHAMPOOS [CD]
6   My heartless Italian grandmother's radical alias (6) ANONYM {MY}{NOnNA}<=
7   Bluecoats beginning to go off for a kiss (8) OSCULATE bLUECOATS*
8   Moderate central European nation's leaders have secret meeting, reportedly (8) CENTRIST {Ce...l}{Eu...n}{Na...n}{TRIST}(~tryst)
11 African's exclamation of surprise on encountering North American country (5) HAUSA {HA}{USA}
15 Little women, they can't get any littler! (8) MINIMUMS {MINI}{MUMS}
16 Alderwomen losing heart and turning to drink (8) LEMONADE ALDErwOMEN*
17 Cool mountain lodges brought up first class heater (8) RADIATOR {RAD}{AI<=}{TOR}
19 Turn off to open up? On the contrary (8) SHUTDOWN {SHUT}{DOWN}
20 Mate ends it when he's overwhelmed by extremely cheerless feelings (5) CHESS {Ch...s}{HE'S}{f...gS}
22 Felt tense, but came back content as bug (6) NETTLE [T<=]
24 Colt's sound when partially discharged by tavern yard (6) WHINNY {WH}{INN}{Y}
27 Animal raised in grass (4) REED <=
28 Turned over threepenny bit for fencing material (4) EPEE [T<=]


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No 12057, Wednesday 12 Jul 2017, Vulcan

1   Barred cryptic, end up with one (8) UNOPENED* {END+UP+ONE}*
5   During the time that the new leader is in town (6) ATHENS {THE}{New} in {AS}
10 Article with piece of advice about a course (9) ANTIPASTO {AN}{TIP}{AS TO}
11 Small store that's fashionable (5) SMART {S}{MART}
12 Her cues exposing cheats (7) EUCHRES*
13 Male star leaving Los Angeles to join old musician (7) MAESTRO {MAlE+STaR}{O}
14 State officer and his men having a party (8) COLORADO {COL}{OR}{A}{DO}
15 Old guru first to bring about this tree (6) BAOBAB {O+BABA+Br..g}* (Correction - {BA{O}BA}{Br..g} - See comments)
18 Instrument is somewhat rusty/lustreless (6) STYLUS [T]
20 Intelligent fellow with team's backing brought about as a temporary solution (5,3) QUICK FIX {QUICK} {F}{XI<=}
22 A girl I hang out with, an Asian (7) AFGHANI {A}{F}{I+HANG}*
25 Dad's upset about the composition/collage (5-2) PASTE-UP {PA}{UPSET}*
27 Below the components of mainframe (5) INFRA [T]
28 Kind of government formed by rich guys only — every odd aristocrat basically (9) OLIGARCHY {RICH+GuYs+OnLy+Ar...t}* How do we decide to which words 'every odd' applies?
29 Everything covered the day before this exam (1,5) A LEVEL {ALL} over {EVE}
30 Try out extremely rare vehicle (8) REHEARSE {RarE}{HEARSE}

1   Country at sea, upset with decree (5) UKASE {UK}{SEA}*
2   Topic revealed by friend visually (9) OPTICALLY {TOPIC}*{ALLY}
3   English politician's mistake disheartened the leader (7) EMPEROR {E}{MP}{ERrOR}
4   Finally, the disaster destroyed a section of Manhattan (4,4) EAST SIDE {thE}{DISASTEr}* There's an extra R in the fodder
6   Recall Greek god set as password (7) TESSERA {ARES}{SET}<=
7   Very old play (5) EXACT {EX}{ACT}
8   Channel's producer read to lead and to fight (3-3,3) SET-TOP BOX {SET}-{TOP} {BOX} Read/SET?
9   Corridor meant to protect the building (4) DORM [T]
14 Actor is flying to California and to a place in Central America (5,4) COSTA RICA {ACTOR+IS}*{CA}
16 Clean and tidy crate for a place where food is served (6,3) BUFFET CAR {BUFF}{ET CAR*}
17 Clip used in certain dress (8) SURPLICE {CLIP}* in {SURE}
19 French one fighting in a cage in the end becomes unconscious (7) UNAWARE {UN}{A}{WAR}{cagE}
21 Rat gets inside a bag, falls (7) CASCADE {CAD} in {CASE}
23 Where displaying affection/hugging is a mistake (5) GAFFE [T]
24 Hero's libido largely suppressed (4) IDOL [T]
26 One who gets money, power and yes, fame ultimately (5) PAYEE {P}{AYE}{famE}


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

No 12056, Tuesday 11 Jul 2017, Scintillator

Scintillator targeting the 'Middle age spread' with a pangram. I know how it feels.

1   Employees with cold blood eat a lot (4,2) TUCK IN {TU}{C}{K IN}
4   Guts to give acceleration amidst heavy blows (8) PAUNCHES {P{A}UNCHES}
9   Embrace a supporter returning from Australia (6) ABRAZO {A}{BRA}{OZ<=} An indicator that this is a Spanish word would help
10 Measure sheets' resistance for one wanting to know (8) ENQUIRER {EN}{QUIRE}{R}
12 Salt in your toothpaste? Of course! Reported to clear bacterium in the interior (8) FLUORIDE (~flow?){FLUO}{RID}{b...E...m}
13 Picking up basics in Crossword Unclued for so long (3,3) SEE YOU {~ Cr...d Un...d}
15 Red with paan, say (4) CHEW {CHE}{W}
16 They praise programs on phone — they clap hands in approval (10) APPLAUDERS {APP}{LAUDERS} Why on phone?
19 One into playing lottery is being bookish (10) LITEROSITY {1} in {LOTTERY+IS}*
20 Grease around corner of hip drawn over — with this? (4) LIPO {OIL<=} over {hiP} Semi&lit
23 A lensman in the extreme likes to capture relaxed poses (6) ASANAS {A}SA{l...aN}AS Anno pending (Addendum - {AS}{A}{l...aN}{AS} - See comments)
25 Learn to find indication about dead end (8) CONCLUDE {C{ON}LU{deaD}E} Is the wordplay in correct sequence? (Correction - {CON}{CLU{D}E} - See comments)
27 Jeepers are painting part of the kitchen? (5,3) OLIVE OIL {O!}{LIVE} {OIL}
28 To live about in jail could be sweet (6) JALEBI {BE<=} in {JAIL}* What's the AnInd?
29 Roguish Shakespearean character said to come down on men (8) FALSTAFF (~fall){FAL}{STAFF}
30 How to listen to secrets? Important to press ears, no leaning in front (6) KEENLY {Ears}{No}{Le...g} in {KEY}

1   Illicitly trade vehicles on the road (7) TRAFFIC [DD]
2   Such a person's corporation can be seen by all on hungry days (9) CORPULENT {CORP}{U}{LENT} &lit
3   Laggard in English seen with mostly Esteem on road (6) IZZARD {IZZAt}{RD} Again a language indicator would have helped
5   Relative who can relieve agony (4) AUNT [C&DD]
6   Strike season unions under the weather (8) NAUSEOUS {SEASON+U+U}*
7   Every second hear Reddy is confident (5) HARDY {HeAr}{ReDdY}
8   When in crisis, should Rs.50 be spent for stiff sheets? (7) SHROUDS {SHOUlD+RS}*
11 Fatty soap made with die (7) ADIPOSE {SOAP+DIE}*
14 Criminal outlasting to kill one's a deadly sinner (7) GLUTTON OUTLasTiNG*
17 Luxurious Inca empire's origin mistaken with Peru (9) EPICUREAN {INCA+Em...e+PERU}*
18 Tamer man involved in making weaponry (8) ARMAMENT*
19 Deal set in motion (4,3) LEAD OFF {DEAL}* [RA]
21 Being 2, an honour to pose with Yard (7) OBESITY {OBE}{SIT}{Y}
22 Hydrocarbon must be manufactured at once (6) OCTANE*
24 Around a line of rotation, side has around 2 angstrom length (5) AXIAL {A}{XI}{A}{L} 
26 Putting bold face outside, provided a sharp punch (4) BIFF {B}{IF}{F}

Monday, 10 July 2017

No 12055, Monday 10 Jul 2017, Dr. X

1   Support unknown politician in hasty scheme (8) SYMPATHY {Y}{MP} in {HASTY}*
5   Around the middle of day, alcoholic drink? Sign of middle age (6) PAUNCH {P{dAy}UNCH}
10 Wild dog to scram after commotion (5) DINGO {DIN}{GO}
11 Last man in trouble, cutting early (9) TAILENDER {AIL} in {TENDER}
12 Rude not to play Holi perhaps (3-6) OFF-COLOUR [C&DD]
13 One entering job gets advance (5) POSIT {POS{1}T}
14 Terrible score! Time to defend (6) ESCORT {SCORE+T}*
15 With grit capture and coerce (7) SANDBAG {SAND}{BAG}
18 Head of faculty ignores alternative claim (7) PROFESS PROFESSor
20 Fools having time and money (6) ASSETS {ASSE{T}S}
22 Despicable guy consuming ecstasy (5) CHEAP {CH{E}AP}
24 Journalists can’t meet them when phones aren’t working (9) DEADLINES [C&DD]
25 See red garment worn by woman, a fantastic top (4,1,4) BLOW A FUSE {W}{A}{Fa...c} in {BLOUSE}
26 Novel idea somewhat to omit a syllable (5) ELIDE [T]
27 Communist repressing cry of alarm, created a stink (6) REEKED {EEK} in {RED}
28 Passionate? Check out studs inside (8) VEHEMENT {HEMEN} in {VET}

1   Pathetic people combine in call of distress (6) SADDOS {ADD} in {SOS}
2   Policy statement makes some faint (9) MANIFESTO*
3   What a busy person has that a dieter dislikes (1,3,2,4,5) A LOT ON ONES PLATE [DD]
4   Result of firewalking at top speed (7) HOTFOOT {HOT}{FOOT}
6   Secret advantage that a card sharp might have (3,2,4,6) ACE UP ONES SLEEVE [C&DD]
7   Signs of having elephantiasis initially -- Lumps (5) NODES {El...s} in {NODS}
8   Tradition — What one may not ask a lady about sex appeal (8) HERITAGE {HER AGE} around {IT}
9   They can be woven to manufacture briefs (6) FIBRES* &lit
16 Anathema to risk single! Rejected with indignation (4,5) BETE NOIRE {BET}{ONE<=}{IRE}
17 Key strikes! Turns to trap expert opening batsman (5,3) SPACE BAR {ACE}{Ba...n} in {RAPS<=}
19 Harassed husbands renouncing extreme burden become ascetics (6) SADHUS HUSbAnDS*
20 Invention made in brilliant world of scholars (7) ACADEME {MADE}* in {ACE}
21 New space-time dimension (6) ASPECT {SPACE+T}*
23 Run away with some damsel openly (5) ELOPE [T] &lit

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Special, Sunday 09 Jul 2017, Saral

Three answers per commenter  (Annotations compulsory) as usual till 6 PM.
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

7   Narcotics user did act crazily (6)
8   Hard ground for fireplace (6)
11 Hold tight the head of cod fish (5)
12 Pull worker, the French guy, to the front (9)
13 Fraud son leaves, taking dollars initially and vanish (7)
15 Budget money distributed around company (7)
17 Volcano in Vietnam (4)
19 Volunteers with good label (3)
20 Restriction on drug, it's evil (4)
23 Order a right variety (7)
24 Expressionless college head taking a display picture  (7)
26 Tom plays around artist in waterfalls (9)
29 Propeller from both sides (5)
30 Very old lady finally on a grand European trip (6)
31 Vehicle  coming out of Nicaragua crushed a big lizard (6)

1   Deliver bill to politician (10)
2   Fixed new grid game ( first and final ) (6)
3   Small particle, source of all the  original matter (4)
4   Stormily end drought, Indra ? (7,3)
5   Accountant on time, at first audit, search a cellar (8)
6   Endless learning for boss (4)
9   Ship loaded with 50% of cans with dead fish (5)
10 Removed core of fruit, left green stone (5)
14 Hence trend can be established (10)
16 Mention newly about supreme almighty (10)
18 A bar initially is usual ? Strange (8)
21 Mother runs before child in procession (5)
22 Furious Ryan runs amok, taking gun at first (5)
25 A win after dropping last two letters in open court (6)
27 Even stars return to jog (4)
28 Almost last ! Admit one doctor in cruise (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SARAL 8


The Sunday Crossword No 2951, Sunday 09 Jul 2017

1   Revolutionary spies keeping dry in upper room (5) ATTIC {TT} in {CIA<=}
4   Behind because rent changed (6) ASTERN {AS}{RENT}*
9   Sheep mostly in field by road on the sheltered side (7) LEEWARD {L{{EWe}EA}{RD}
10 Fit in trick with style (7) CONFORM {CON}{FORM}
11 Fret if town in chaos is damaged beyond repair (7,3) WRITTEN OFF*
12 Church backing popular measure (4) INCH {IN}{CH}
14 Painter writes about development of pure blue art (5,4,6) PETER PAUL RUBENS {PURE+BLUE+ART}* in {PENS}
15 Property of a lens moulded into ideal shape initially (8,7) PERSONAL EFFECTS {PER{SONAL  EF}*FECT}{Sh..e}
18 Projection in line with honour (4) LOBE {L}{OBE}
19 Relish film about lake with sinister island (10) PICCALILLI {PIC}{CA}{L}{ILL}{I}
22 Beat overwhelming desire for pepper (7) CAYENNE {CA{YEN}NE}
23 Pair avoid introduction (7) PRELUDE {PR}{ELUDE}
24 Party put back by one inhibited by rival gourmet (6) FOODIE {FO{DO<=}{1}E}
25 Attend to source of pleasure (5) TREAT [DD]

1   Admit everything with cry of pain (5) ALLOW {ALL}{OW}
2   Notion about game without wicket lads play (3,7,4) THE HISTORY BOYS {THE {wHIST}ORY} {BOYS}
3   Crew member interrupted by terrible brat, the talkative type (10) CHATTERBOX {BRAT+THE}* in {COX}
4   Lawyer after anger releasing thousand extra items (7) ADDENDA {mADDEN}{DA}
5   Diplomatic fault badly restricting court (7) TACTFUL {FAULT}* over {CT}
6   Absolute order (4) RANK [DD]
7   Number raised money and distorted true bohemianism? (14) COUNTERCULTURE {COUNT}{LUCRE<=}{TRUE*}
8   Different ship, same weight (8) EMPHASIS*
13 Satisfaction following start of unusually fast, gripping movie (10) FULFILMENT {F}{Un...y}{L{FILM}ENT}
14 Inhabitants set about endless work (8) POPULACE {P{OPUs}LACE}
16 Flavouring, first of all, is in demand (7) ANISEED {All}{N{IS}EED}
17 Fugitive in eastern spot receiving cover (7) ESCAPEE {E}{S{CAP}EE}
20 Clumsy point supporting penalty without force (5) INEPT {fINE}{PT}
21 Round outlet partly open (4) UNDO [T]