Tuesday, 21 November 2017

No 12168, Tuesday 21 Nov 2017, Gridman

1   Wimp gets the most out of old political leader (7) MILKSOP {MILKS}{O}{Po...l}
5   Wives perhaps hold evening prayer (6) VESPER [T]
9   At first, kisans rake and accumulate leaves from South African pen (5) KRAAL Acrostic
10 Crazy to signal a desire for the good old times (9) NOSTALGIA*
11 Caesar's friend married? No, it's the opposite (7) ANTONYM {ANTONY}{M}
12 Almost state Raja's out of brisk movement (7) ALLEGRO {ALLEGe}{R}{O}
13 Child's dispute (5) ISSUE [DD]
14 One who doesn't sit hard on a mount (4,5) EASY RIDER [CD]
16 Huge third outing of a supari, perhaps (5,4) HIRED THUG*
19 A small, small photograph of cold mould (5) ASPIC {A}{S}{PIC}
21 Work big problem for marsupial (7) OPOSSUM {OP}{OS}{SUM}
23 Walker briefly besieged by Spanish bull is wreck (7) TORPEDO {TOR{PED}O}
24 A latrine i remodelled, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA*
25 A party with primarily inadmissible legal defence (5) ALIBI {A}{LIB}{In...e}
26 Initially cut, largely obscure diamond-shaped pattern (6) ARGYLE lARGELY*
27 Wet blanket over his torn kitchen cloth (7) DISHRAG {D{HIS*}RAG}

1   Enjoy fully — without going to the bed at all (4,1,5,2,2) MAKE A NIGHT OF IT [CD]
2   No slate used in temporary sheds (4-3) LEAN-TOS*
3   Still quiet (7) SILENCE [DD]
4   No men check into two factors of Cambodian capital (5,4) PHNOM PENH {PH}{NOM}{P{EN}H} As per word play it is {NO MEN} in  {PH} {PH} but it doesn't seem to work that way
5   Activist alarmed by partial view (5) VISTA [T]
6   Office gadget that is more essential? (7) STAPLER [DD]
7   Kept busy by one who is altar-bound? (7) ENGAGED [DD]
8   When you have to render up accounts... (3,2,9) DAY OF RECKONING [CD]
15 What a storm-tossed ship captain wants to dolight up in type of castle (5,4) SIGHT LAND {LIGHT}* in {SAND}
17 Jumper's rest disturbed by bird (7) ROOSTER {ROO}{REST*}
18 Ruin of the French at ancient city (7) DESTROY {DES}{TROY}
19 Fanny nearly gets to show up overdue items (7) ARREARS {AR{REAR}Se}
20 Top raja in empire jostled (7) PREMIER {P{R}EMIER*}
22 All but gents take slippery partner up in scuffle (5) MELEE {MEn}{EEL<=}


Monday, 20 November 2017

Sloggers & Bloggers (S&B) Meet No 9, Sunday 03 Dec 2017, Chennai

Our next S&B meet is scheduled to be held at Chennai on Sunday 3rd Dec.

Date    : Sunday 3rd Dec
Time   : 12 Noon to 3:30 PM
Venue : Platinum Point, Presidency Club, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai.
Dress code for Gents - Shirt/T-Shirt with collar, Leather footwear (No sandals).


Ser No
Strength Attending

K Bhavan
Tickets booked
PB Padmanabhan

Bhalachandra Pasupathy

CG Rishikesh

CG Bhargav


Col Deepak Gopinath

Tickets booked
R Devanathan

Ramki Krishnan

Dr Satyen Nabar
Dr. X
Tickets booked

Shrikanth T

Vignesh Kiran


Abhay Phadnis

Suresh Babu

Prasad (sree-sree)











On the fence
1 Vasant
2 Srivathsan (Spinner)
3 Bhuvaneswari Sundaram

Not Attending
1 Kishore (Incognito)
2 Lakshmi
3 Ajeesh
4 Arvind Ramaswamy
5 Raghunath (The Phantom)

PS - It would be nice if our spouses could attend wherever possible.

No 12167, Monday 20 Nov 2017, Gridman

1   Animal to control backrush (8) REINDEER {REIN}{REED<=}
5   A hollow factor she replaced once again (6) AFRESH {A}{Fa..oR}{SHE*}
9   Seen at the base of nail lice cut into bits (7) CUTICLE*
10 Question the boy extremely firmly to fulfil the requirement (7) QUALIFY {QU}{ALI}{Fi..lY}
11 Plant fairy host in an unconventional way (9) FORSYTHIA*
12 Small fruit in thin glutinous mud (5) SLIME {S}{LIME}
13 Fat person out to group together (4) LUMP pLUMP
14 Rise in setter accepting bit of reward (9) INCREMENT {IN}{C{Re...d}EMENT}
17 Film exposes old slog taking it easy in social group (5,4) FOOLS GOLD {FO{O}{SLOG*}LD}
19 Chase away model from photo-taking session (4) SHOO SHOOt
23 Heading for deed of conveyance (5) TITLE [DD]
24 OK, get up to go around Union Territory house (9) AUTHORISE {A{UT}{HO}RISE}
25 Head of Government permits hangman's structure (7) GALLOWS {Go...t}{ALLOWS}
26 Chatter about garage tool (7) RATCHET*
27 A sailing vessel turning south forever (6) ALWAYS {A}{YAWL<=}{S}
28 It's a shining example of an insect (8) GLOWWORM [CD]

1   Scottish island receiving fine bits from cliff (8) ROCKFALL {ROCK{F}ALL}
2   Meanwhile bury the man from East London (7) INTERIM {INTER}{'IM}
3   Daughter's work on youth's left foot (6) DACTYL {D}{ACT}{Y}{L}
4   Halt passenger destroying plant (8,5) ELEPHANT GRASS*
6   Frightening deployment of seamer (8) FEARSOME*
7   A kind of shortening by the priest at Mumbai suburb (7) ELISION {ELI}{SION}
8   Boisterous girl's hold over boy come back with yen (6) H?Y?E? (Addendum - HOYDEN - {H}{O}{NED+Y<=} - See comments)
10 Shape of campus area subsequently protected by rail installation (13) QUADRILATERAL {QUAD}{RI{LATER}AL*}
15 Really go to rip apart a fable (8) ALLEGORY*
16 Mother has men and workers in drive (8) MOMENTUM {MO{MEN}{TU}M}
18 Bout, if slow, would lead to heads rolling over and discharge (7) OUTFLOW {bOUT}{iF}{sLOW}
20 Joyous shout from man getting high somehow over nothing (5-2) HEIGH-HO {HE}{HIGH*}{O}
21 Disgrace from short agitation by good scholar (6) STIGMA {STIr}{G}{MA}
22 Bow and knock out with two blows (6) KOWTOW {KO}{W}{TWO*}


Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2970, Sunday 19 Nov 2017

1   See vine tangled with herb (8) ENVISAGE {VINE}*{SAGE}
5   Abandon thread (6) STRAND [DD]
9   Covered past life initially with relief (8) OVERLAID {OVER}{Life}{AID}
10 Is painful technique used in texting? (6) SMARTS {SM{ART}S}
12 Environmentalist's signal to proceed (5) GREEN [DD]
14 Custom immune to criticism from airman blushing aboard boat (6,3) SACRED COW {AC}{RED} in {SCOW}
15 Propose measure before social gathering for indoor game (5,8) TABLE FOOTBALL {TABLE} {FOOT}{BALL}
17 Certainly sense hot excitement of bout, duo receiving cheers (7,1,5) WITHOUT A DOUBT {WIT}{H}{OU{T A} DOUBT*}
21 Resistance in territory by soldier, cold and calculated (9) STRATEGIC {ST{R}ATE}{GI}{C}
22 Greek character absorbed by argument he tackled (5) THETA [T]
23 License book in revolutionary electronic way (6) ENABLE {E}{L{B}ANE} <=
24 Unlucky one, round in valley, in retreat (3-5) ILL-FATED {1}{LL-{FAT}ED<=}
26 Thirsty to grab attention? Not interesting (6) DREARY {DR{EAR}Y}
27 Linguistic unit in translation of sly label (8) SYLLABLE*

1   Stretch, with energy left, operating barrier (8) ELONGATE {E}{L}{ON}{GATE}
2   Struggle with unfinished scene (3) VIE VIEw
3   Quiet because occupied by French article (7) SILENCE {SI{LE}NCE}
4   Artist captures nobody's heart? Harsh (12) GAINSBOROUGH {GAINS}{noBOdy}{ROUGH}
6   Paint moderate area (7) TEMPERA {TEMPER}{A}
7   Curtail urge to reform land management (11) AGRICULTURE*
8   Deny any connection with inspector, planted (6) DISOWN {DI}{SOWN}
11 English clubs still followed by supporter very happily (12) ECSTATICALLY {E}{C}{STATIC}{ALLY}
13 Inclination, changing gear, to cut extra hard work (5,6) ELBOW GREASE {BOW}{GEAR*} in {ELSE}
16 Trio, not half oppressed by burden, cross (8) STRADDLE {S{TRio}ADDLE}
18 Gossip time after time going into story? Right (7) TATTLER {TA}{T}{T}LE}{R}
19 Responsible university scientist finally separating new fluid (7) DUTIFUL {U}{s...sT} in {FLUID}*
20 Move up when around goal (6) ASCEND {AS}{C}{END}
25 Clumsy boat yet to capsize (3) TUB <=


Saturday, 18 November 2017

No 12166, Saturday 18 Nov 2017, Gridman


1. Unprepared, looking back, Nepal orders fighting machine (8) WARPLANE {RAW<=}{NEPAL*}
5. PAC men hasten to set up tents (6) ENCAMP {PAC MEN}*
9. Fellows add the score in the mind (8) MENTALLY {MEN}{TALLY}
10. Eminence backing withdrawn trap is bad (6) ROTTEN {TOR<=}{NET<=}
12. Story-teller's track is recalled (4) LIAR {RAIL<=}
13. Ignore me on a tour of part of a ship (6,4) ENGINE ROOM {IGNORE ME ON}*
15. Stick with learner to get crayon (6) PASTEL {PASTE}{L}
17. Stunner from vile teachers after exit of revolutionary (5) TASER {TEAcheRS}*
20. King, during the course of morning, sketched (5) DRAWN {D{R}AWN}
21. Mistake a New Delhi's initial mission (6) ERRAND {ERR}{A}{N}{Delhi}
24. Making serious charges, one politician's arriving right away (10) IMPEACHING {I}{MP}{rEACHING}
27. Bet // it's boat (4) PUNT (DD)
29. Ancestry of old dress I gain finally (6) ORIGIN {O}{RIG}{I}{gaiN|
30. In half a minute, bet becomes wrong (8) MISTAKEN {MI{STAKE}Nute}
31. Over there you nearly bump into a crazy nerd (6) YONDER {YOu}{NERD*}
32. News about fashionable, coloured hard cloth (8) WHIPCORD {W{HIP}{C}ORD}


1. Politician involved in cunning gets head cover (6) WIMPLE {WI{MP}LE}

2. Refugee leaves a part of airport (6) RUNWAY {RUNaWAY}
3. Report single advance (4) LOAN {~LONE}
4. Rip only new material (5) NYLON {ONLY N}*
6. Nothing is caught by fixed Sone trap (5) NOOSE {SONE*} around {O}
7. Cinema where in different eras you in the past were seen (3,5) ART HOUSE {EARS*} around {THOU}
8. Writer hesitant about support from shadowy area (8) PENUMBRA {PEN}{UM}{BRA}
11. Hot air in balloon // or unimportant item in newspaper (6) FILLER (DD)
14. Lawyer jolly enough to patch up (4) DARN {DA}{RN}
16. Support to article? “Show canine development” (6) TEETHE {TEE}{THE}
17. Small can get majorly finally (4) TINY {TIN}{majorlY}
18. Using eyeshade during windy day is recommended (8) ADVISORY {DAY*} around {VISOR} Defn ok?
19. Drive about politician's gain by foul means (8) CAMPAIGN {CA}{MP}{GAIN*}
22. Bird's // nuts (6) CUCKOO (DD)
23. High part of roadside not secure to go up (6) STONED (T<=)
25. Stormy lake containing one that is similar (5) ALIKE {LAKE*} around {I}
26. "No" sound from the stable maybe (5) NEIGH (~NAY) See comments
28. Surmounting a revolutionary (4) ATOP {A}{TOP}

Reference List
Leraner=L, Revolutionary=Che, King=R, New=N, One=I, Politician=MP, Right=R, Old=O, Coloured=C
Nothing=O, Writer=Pen, Hesitant=Um, Support=Bra, Lawyer=DA, Jolly=RN (Royal Navy), About=CA

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