Monday, 9 January 2017

No 11899, Monday 09 Jan 2017, Anon


1 Clamp, and for a while, drill (5,3,3) BRACE AND BIT BRACE AND BIT
9 Occasionally test aim in commotion (2,5) AT TIMES (TEST AIM)*
10 Heartlessly study cricket, for instance (6) INSECT INS(-P)ECT
11 Poets are leading drunks in pubs? (5) BARDS BAR(D)S
12 Drone, endlessly at sea, in support of robot (7) ANDROID (DRON(-E)* in AID

15 Bull swallows Big Apple and mineral (4) ONYX (NY) in OX
16 Demonstrators are in favour of setter’s doctor (10) PROTESTERS PRO (SETTERS)*
18 Giants lash native upheaval (10) LEVIATHANS (LASH NATIVE)*

20 Initially, I don’t envision any plan (4) IDEA I Don't Envision Any
23 Film star has a conservative hairdo (7) ACTRESS A C TRESS
24 Take a blanket, we hear (5) AVAIL ~ A VEIL
26 Chopin certainly hides tool (6) PINCER (T)
27 Asian engineer protected by giant (7) TIBETAN BE in TITAN
28 Loosens up, makes fun of a book (6,5) TEASES APART TEASES A PART

2 One moth initially in flower’s cracked surface (6) RIMOSE R(I M)OSE
3 Value company of good man (4) COST CO ST (SAINT)
4 Turning away extraterrestrial giant somehow (10) ALIENATING ALIEN (GIANT)*
5 Sit awkwardly in bandage when hurt (8) DISTRESS D(SIT)*RESS
6 Company to approach bank (7) INCLINE (INC)(LINE)
7 Swindle resort, blame bozo (9) BAMBOOZLE (BLAME BOZO)*
8 Wild tale about Bond’s boss (6) STORMY STOR(M)Y

13 Her co-stars form musical groups (10) ORCHESTRAS (HER CO-STARS)*
14 Attacking donkey that is unwell (9) ASSAILING (ASS)(AILING)
17 Military buildings have cake stands (8) BARRACKS (BAR)(RACKS)

19 Vice can be treated with weakened pathogen (7) VACCINE (VICE CAN)*
21 Final villager falls into grave in famine (6) DEARTH villageR in DEATH
22 Bank auditorium missing hall entrance (6) CAMBER C(-Hall)AMBER

25 Footprint of idols from the South (4) STEP (PETS)<==


  1. Great job Srividya.

    For info of all, henceforth Srividya will be blogging on Mondays

  2. Welcome as a blogger, Srividya!

  3. A gentle start to the week. Simple and elegant. Thanks Anon.

  4. Welcome Srividya.
    A week to start with on a happy note.

  5. Nice blog, Srividya.Colourful & instructive.
    The puzzle was quite good..mostly easy but had to stretch for 1A, 6D,24A & 22D.

  6. Srividya: Welcome in the new role.
    18 ac (LASH NATIVES)* - last S to be removed

  7. Replies
    1. Part meaning parts or division of a book.. novel in three parts for e.g.. please look up part meaning in free dictionary or google .. its listed

    2. As per Chambers, PART has the following meanings inter alia:
      section, chapter, volume, book, passage, scene, episode, instalment

    3. Thank you KKR- I had the same doubt and I did not get it.

  8. Thank you all for the welcome 😀

  9. Late in welcoming you Srividya, but my welcome is no less in value. Thank you or a job well done. At first glance it looked different and since today is not Sat., I immediately scrolled down to see your name and pleasantly surprised. (because date was not announced)

    I now notice that today it is all about your blogging and not about Anon's CW!

    1. +1. Welcome and hope you enjoy your stint.

  10. @Srividya,

    Now it's our turn to pester you with queries on the annos and answers 😀

  11. 10th January 2017 and Monday are not compatible

    1. What he means is that in the title the day and date don't tally.

    2. Karry, I read your letter in the paper the other day though I am not able to mention the date: I went through two/three days' papers but was not able to trace it.

  12. Thanks for pointing out the typos and issues that help better.. corrected the date..if only that could happen in real life too :)