Monday, 16 January 2017

No 11905, Monday 16 Jan 2017, The Phantom

1. Sturgeon's roe are carried by Vicar for seasoning (6) CAVIAR (Are + VICAR)* 

5. Fight hard to control radically mad criticism (8) BADMOUTH (MAD)* in BOUT H
9. Radical part of periodical reviewed by master's reading of correct rules of language (7) GRAMMAR {MA(R)G}<=(MA)R
10. Takes care of new contracts when purchase head leaves (6) NURSES N {(-P)URSES}
11. Plot to trap rebel soldiers during retreat (6) DESIGN (GIS)<== in DEN
12. Popular officer leading current team trained to be the best (8) ULTIMATE U(LT)(I)(TEAM)*
13. Duplicate papers a client generated (9) IDENTICAL (ID)(A CLIENT)*
15. Making one's debut finally – that's a beginning (5) ONSET (ONES + debuT)*
17. Display class with poise (5) SPORT (P) in SORT
19. To kill time (read basically whiling away time) (9) ERADICATE (ERA) {DIC(-T)ATE}
22. Hack into intelligence network without rules of judgment (8) CRITERIA {(-W)RITER} in CIA
23. Hurt resulting in sprains ultimately (6) INSULT (T)
25. Definitely rude when European butts in (6) SURELY {SUR(E)LY}
26. Girl's girdle covering bit of tiny innerwear (1-6) G-STRING G' STRING (Addendum - {G-'S}{T}{RING} - See comments)
27. Punishment dramatized in "Scene ten" (8) SENTENCE (SCENE TEN)* Please note use of Dramatized as anagrind :)
28. Pastry by man from Copenhagen (6) DANISH (DD)

2. Fight and run into a fit of shivering? (5) ARGUE R in AGUE
3. Object to a pin up of European (7) ITALIAN (IT)(A)(NAIL)<==
4. For example 3's spasm is imaginary (8) ROMANTIC (ROMAN)(TIC)
5. Notoriously dangerous area but Admiral Green's well-prepared (7,8) BERMUDA TRIANGLE (BUT ADMIRAL GREEN)*

6. Pledge to keep working in court (6) DONATE (ON) in DATE
7. A Roman's replaced one who rows a boat (7) OARSMAN (A ROMAN'S)*
8. Nurse losing heart during proposed surgery (9) TREATMENT (TREAT){ME(-A)NT}
14. Digression put reader off (9) DEPARTURE (PUT READER)*
16. Recognised glove dead criminal carried (8) ADMITTED (MITT) in (DEAD)*
18. About to consider retirement (7) RETREAT RE TREAT
20. Copper ring used during climb to support (7) CUSHION CU{SHI(O)N}
21. Carbon mixed with yellow for boy's pencil (6) CRAYON {CAR(-B)ON + Yellow}*
24. Washrooms having "Gents" initially as symbols (5) LOGOS G in LOOS

Legend : Definition; Letters in word play; Indicators (anagrams, containment, removal/addition); Solution


  1. 26A:I anotated it as G'S (T)RING

  2. Superb Puzzle by Phantom
    Loved all clues.
    Thanks Phantom & Srividya

  3. Not enough attention to a superb puzzle (did it very late) and an equally interesting and informative blog. Holiday (in Chennai) syndrome? Better late than never!
    Thank you Phantom & Srividya.

  4. Thank u everyone .. apologies I got tied up with stuff 😀