Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 22 Jan 2017

1   Cunning search securing one result (8) FIENDISH {F{1}{END}ISH}
5   Open University pledge, on reflection, about right (6) UNWRAP {U}{NW{R}AP<=}
10 Swimming suit in pool containing colour about to create deceptive image (7,8) OPTICAL ILLUSION {LILAC<=} in {SUIT+IN+POOL}*
11 Satirical film about a bar (7) PARODIC {P{A}{ROD}IC}
12 Animal I release, initially caught by mistake (7) GIRAFFE {G{I}{Re...e}AFFE}
13 Proprietor losing heart after time in tall building (5) TOWER {T}{OWnER}
15 Funny line, in short, mostly for children (8) TODDLERS {T{ODD}{L}ERSe}
17 Emperor, a guy I call unbalanced, not unknown (8) CALIGULA {A+GUy+I+CALL}*
19 Take action against editor returning material (5) SUEDE {SUE}{ED<=}
21 Copy filled in by English learner with name and grade (7) ECHELON {ECH{E}{L}O}{N}
22 Less easy to admit love for collector (7) HOARDER {H{O}ARDER}
24 Singer with sad, stern air distracted after hurtful remark (6,9) BARBRA STREISAND {BARB}{SAD+STERN+AIR}*
25 Pretentious youth with theory having no energy (2-2-2) LA-DI-DA {LA-D}{I-DeA}
26 Put another way, sun god inhabits different sphere (8) REPHRASE {REPH{RA}SE*|

1   Way of lifting and shaking top hat (8) FOOTPATH {OF<=}{TOP+HAT}*
2   Go into part of forbidden territory (5) ENTER [T]
3   Gambled, rising above hesitation in crucial game (7) DECIDER {DICED<=}{ER}
4   Concern caused by ridiculous issues isn't cool (14) SOLICITOUSNESS*
6   Not involved in arrangement of late run (7) NEUTRAL*
7   Strengthen control in favour of church (9) REINFORCE {REIN}{FOR}{CE}
8   Joke with trap in basket (6) PUNNET {PUN}{NET}
9   Waste time on lost cause in sport, upset with advertisement, suffering sore head (4,1,4,5) FLOG A DEAD HORSE {GOLF<=} {A D}{EAD HORSE*}
14 Seasoned old man lacking force to cut unwanted plant (9) WEATHERED {fATHER} in {WEED}
16 Resent for example resistance during move (8) BEGRUDGE {B{EG}{R}UDGE}
18 Crude amendment of bill supported by revolutionary (3-4) ILL-BRED {ILL-B}*{RED}
19 Language course is hard (7) SPANISH {SPAN}{IS}{H}
20 Clever ballad partly spoken (6) VERBAL [T]
23 Play lawyer with inner force (5) DRAMA {D{RAM}A}



  1. Missed out on 17A.Nice puzzle.

  2. Whereas the Singer in 24AC is the killer for me. Barbara is commonly known.