Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No 11961, Wednesday 22 Mar 2017, Gridman

1   Stop telling knight to stop (8) SURCEASE (~sir}{SUR}{CEASE}
5   Large brownish wood (6) LUMBER {L}{UMBER}
9   Is fault mended in tube? (7) FISTULA*
10 Papa putting in more excess material (7) PADDING {P}{ADDING}
11 Toured green site that is African grassland (9) SERENGETI*
12 Allowance cut by proportion (5) RATIO RATIOn
13 The French politician in magical home (4) LAMP {LA}{MP}
14 In effect, one changes enough to become capable (9) EFFICIENT {IN+EFFECT+1}*
17 Father and artist reportedly take a picture of fall (9) PARACHUTE {PA}{RA}{CHUTE}(~shoot)
19 Shirt style of Venetian traveller (4) POLO [DD]
23 Block of Goan villages (5)  ANVIL [T]
24 Ten mad men agitating for reform (9) AMENDMENT*
25 Domestic help, with old boy, will be attentive (7) SERVANT obSERVANT
26 Conceited person one finally got to sit around (7) EGOTIST {onE}{GOT}{SIT*}
27 Delicate atmosphere begins enveloping and covering capital of Bihar (6) FEEBLE {FEE{Bi..r}L}{En...g}
28 Superficial type begins eroding in one month (4-4) SKIN-DEEP {S{KIN-D}{Er...g}EP}

1   Therefore paper's unit announced a persuasive method of advertising (4,4) SOFT SELL {SO}{FT} {SELL}(~cell)
2   It gives a standing to the speaker (7) ROSTRUM [CD]
3   Horse for each of five got stuck in the heart of Beed (6) EQUINE {bE{QUIN}Ed}
4   Foretaste that turns out to be most modern (5-2-3-3) STATE-OF-THE-ART*
6   Don't make too many false statements? Not exactly! (8) UNDERLIE {UNDER}{LIE}
7   How urn is part of furnishing (5-2) BUILT-IN Definition by example
8   Ignore developed area (6) REGION*
10 With this annoyance, turning one's head may be a problem (4,2,3,4) PAIN IN THE NECK [CD]
15 Prime Minister strides over everybody — everybody — in London street (4,4) PALL MALL {P{ALL} M}{ALL}
16 Track return of favourites also at end of tiff (8) FOOTSTEP {PETS}{TOO}<= after {tifF}
18 Not in favour of publicity lines (7) ADVERSE {AD}{VERSE}
20 Former regarding boy lolling in ease, say (3-4) ONE-TIME {ON}{E-{TIM}E}
21 High range of scholars to start studying Indian forestry (6) MASSIF {MAS}{St...g}{In...n}{Fo...y}
22 Be close to publicity combine (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JOIN}



  1. Comments please on the new Avatar of the blog

    1. I like the idea of changing the blog's appearance. But agree with CV's points about the new theme. Something with a whitish background might make it easier to read IMO.

    2. How is it that Bhavan's comments are with a white background and easily readable?

    3. All replies appear in white background, I think

    4. I like this avatar :) . On mobile there are bubbles in the background, but not on iPad .

  2. It is surprising and interesting to see the new design!

  3. Don't quite follow? What id new avatar and where do I find?
    By the way I patted myself for finishing by 8.30AM. Thanks Gridman

  4. Frankly I would prefer the previous style. The magenta colour is awful. The side bar at left was preferable. The additional replies under one Comment now appear oddly in white box. The grey brick-like layer too is distracting.

  5. The grey matter in magenta background is difficult to read.

    1. I agree with CV. A lighter shade would be preferable

  6. Visitor's email ID and other things at top right are now scarcely visible.

  7. CV, your points noted will re-edit later today

  8. Agree with CV. Not quite the change I would have liked. Initially I thought it is some one day special like the SA cricketers wear for a day.Pink (or Magenta) grey combination does not go well. Does it have to be 2 colour?

    Of course, you can go by collective opinion.

    About the CW- 100 meter dash- Bolt style!

  9. New style is not apparent in the mobile page...can only see the web page in the evening

    1. Vasant,
      New style is now on Mobile as well.Shall I keep it like that or shall I revert

    2. Saw it now!Personally liked the changes.

    3. Actually, the link is opening in the web page only..font size is bigger & the comments appear prominent against the background colour

  10. It would be apposite if CV Sir or Col answer Esha Iitm's query yesterday about abbreviations

  11. All the present arrangements are OK, incl. the light grey bubble underlay.
    I especially like the 'search the blog' box brought up.
    All the info at left sidebar is in broader format - nice, we needn't have to scroll down much.
    If I would appreciate one more thing - it's restoration of yellow background. Even this green isn't that friendly, in my opinion.

  12. I prefer the earlier version,Deepak. I am finding this difficult to reading

  13. Colour patch is too glaring. Very reluctantly I have to look into it. White background please.

  14. Much easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. Thank you.

  15. Perhaps it is the first day, I am not comfortable with this version.. Eye pain :(

  16. This is better background from my point of view. However, some labels like the clickable ones in the side panel, the Home at the bottom and "28 comments" are still not clearly visible to me

  17. Grey is not my favourite colour. Besides, I am not able to understand the necessity for margins on the left and right.

  18. @Kishore-
    It is obvious. It is only 27 comments and when you saw it must have been 26 (read twentysix) which you must have seen as 28!!