Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 05 Mar 2017

1   Five hundred struggle in rush for equipment (8) HARDWARE {HAR{D}{WAR}E}
5   Angel in pain ignoring leader with difficulty (6) CHERUB {aCHE}{RUB}
9   Influenced element in speech (3) LED (~lead)
10 Development of valid idea by photographer (5,6) DAVID BAILEY*
12 Show broker in trouble, not born to be tireless toiler (9) WORKHORSE {SHOW+bROKER}*
13 Brand new cloth (5) LINEN {LINE}{N}
14 Trendy religious community possessing name that is awkward (12) INCONVENIENT {IN}{CONVE{N}{IE}NT}
18 Dish, look, filled with wood and dark liquid (5,7) STEAK TARTARE {S{TEAK} {TAR}TARE}
21 Lover immersed in nostalgia mourned (5) AMOUR [T]
22 One caught in deal worried by cold language (9) ICELANDIC {1}{C}{IN+DEAL}*{C}
24 Doctor interrupted by anarchic ring, rogue faction (6,5) GINGER GROUP {RING+ROGUE}* in {GP}
25 Bid without hesitation cancelled (3) OFF OFFer
26 Beginning year, bishop reflected in musical style (6) EMBRYO {YR}{B}<= in {EMO}
27 Sad book with lines about end of fragile flower (8) BLUEBELL {BLUE}{B}{f...lE}{LL}

1   Scripture worthily translated (4,4) HOLY WRIT*
2   Change course of revolutionary anger with court (8) REDIRECT {RED}{IRE}{CT}
3   Range and depth in humour over hour (5) WIDTH {WI{D}T}{H}
4   Resounding conclusion of censor, constantly criticising (13) REVERBERATING {c...oR}{EVER}{BERATING}
6   Dancing in reel, had to be star attraction (9) HEADLINER*
7   Become less severe about period of fasting (6) RELENT {RE}{LENT}
8   Call for attention suppressed by crook in past (6) BEYOND {BE{YO}ND}
11 Sort who yielded, not being inflexible (4-2-3-4) DYED-IN-THE-WOOL*
15 Infamy in denial over strange rite in play (9) NOTORIETY {NO}{TO{RITE*}Y}
16 Striking worker supported by a few (8) HANDSOME {HAND}{SOME}
17 Variety of clue, firm kind (8) MERCIFUL*
19 Boat operator in pub with expression of surprise (6) BARGEE {BAR}{GEE}
20 Mix with number in endless activity (6) HOBNOB {HOB{NO}By}
23 Large test, not small (5) AMPLE sAMPLE


  1. Yes Ramesh. I also noticed.Not 'Died".

  2. Among the CW setters how many are women and who are they?
    Can anyone reply please?

    1. There are no women in the current crop of setters for The Hindu

    2. Mr Pandy, You visit here so rarely! But I know you for a long time as a very interested crossword solver. You used to write to TH when Mr K Narayanan was the Resident Editor. I don't know if you still do.
      TH used to have two women setters in the distant past. At any time there was only one.
      Later, after they left, one came but she disappeared later.
      At present,as far as I know and as the Col does, there in no woman setter.
      TH Business Line had a woman setter who exclusively set a special thematic 13x13 crossword every week for more than 100 weeks.

    3. Thanks sir..

      Women are entering every field and fighting for 33%..
      It is very strange that there is no women setters.
      Even in chess there is tournament for women??
      In case of physical requirements it is somewhat acceptable.
      But for chess and CW this is odd.. What to say?

    4. The reason is there is little opportunity. Even men - leave alone women - have lesser/fewer chances of having their crosswords used by Indian newspapers, most of which use foreign syndicated stuff because it is available readily and for less money. (Not that Indian setters get a fortune.)
      However, there's a lot of talent and in blogs/FB, etc., many women write excellent clues. There is no dearth of talent. Women are doing equally well.

    5. I don't have figures but a good percentage of staff on the paper are women and they are in responsible positions.

    6. Thanks Mr. Chaturvasi..Yes. You are correct. At that time I do not have the idea of this blog. But after I came to know about this blog I stopped writing to RE and refer this blog. Even though I am regularly doing CW, as an average solver, these days I find it very difficult to understand even after seeing the explanation. CW is changed phenomenally and it is not the same two decades back. Each setter has his own style of setting the CW. Every game is played with certain set of rules. But I am of the opinion that CW is the only game which has no set of defined rules. Earlier I used to crack weekly one or two puzzles fully. But now one or two in a fortnight is very difficult. I am keeping the clippings of correctly solved puzzles for more than 15 years with me. These days the CW is like a war between the setter and the solver..BYE..

  3. Special at 10:30 by new setter Cryptic Fa

  4. CV Sir/Mr. Pandy: I think Sowmya's brand Crossword used to be published in Business Line; there were puzzles by Laxmi(Saral) & Amrita published as THCC Specials on Sunday. Also innumerable clues in FB groups 1Across & CCS by very talented women setters.

    1. Oh! I was hasty in my reply having not read CV Sir's 9:58