Wednesday, 12 April 2017

No 11979, wednesday 12 Apr 2017, Skulldugger

1   Traditions surrounding Easter empty, but they're always right (9) CUSTOMERS {CUSTOM{Ea..eR}S}
6   Dance to rock music of Springsteen, Hendrix, Genesis (4) MOSH Acrostic How can you possibly call this dancing!!

8   Indian man left England's shores, not being from that country originally (8) IMPORTED {I}{M}{PORT}{En...nD}
9   Scene of Biblical parting one junction away from Zhongnanhai (3,3) RED SEA REDSEAt
10 Actor slacked in Strange Red Sign (6,3,6) HAMMER AND SICKLE {HAMMER} {SLACKED+IN}*
11 The last word, finally uttered, is correct (5) AMEND {AMEN}{u...eD}
13 Gangster lingered, smuggling silver (8) STERLING [T]
15 Work policy (8) PRACTICE [DD]
18 Well-oiled artillery's final discharge backfiring (5) TIPSY {a...rY}{SPIT}<=
20 He goes round in circles frittering time, raking in rupees, radically anarchist, very independent society hothead (8,7) WHIRLING DERVISH {WHI{R}LING} {RED<=}{V}{I}{S}{Hot}

23 A revolutionary expression of disgust at plenty (6) ENOUGH {ONE<=}{UGH}
24 Script with no stop, no start (8) NOTATION {NO}{sTATION}
25 Earth in water dissolves evenly (4) ISLE {dIsSoLvEs}
26 Thrown out as papers not in order when security check checked to ascertain age (9) DISCARDED {IDS*}{CARDED}

1   Butterfly that might give you pause (5) COMMA [DD]
2   Cryptid's evanescent winter creations (7) SNOWMEN [DD]
3   Foul at heart, they're oddly superficial (5) OUTER {fOUl}{ThEyRe}
4   Dividend in GST's framing resolutions (7) ENDINGS [T]
5   Small, long-haired and jumpy (8) STRESSED {S}{TRESSED}
6   Doctor claimed marijuana might be allowed on these grounds (7) MEDICAL {CLAIMED+M}* &lit (Correction MEDICAL* - See comments)
7   What bees assess in empty gardens after a while (9) SPELLINGS {SPELL}{IN}{Ga...nS}

12 Traders's goods carried by organised workers (9) MERCHANTS {MERCH}{ANTS} Anno pending See comments
14 Heartless Scandinavian journalist is ruined (8) FINISHED {FINnISH}{ED}
16 Party roundabout lacking finish (7) CAROUSE CAROUSEl
17 Contraptions for a game not usually seen around (7) ENGINES {SEEN}* around {GIN}
19 Requested fashionable regular tweed jackets, a half dozen (7) INVITED {IN}{VI}{TwEeD}
21 Subsidiary tax reform involving registered middlemen (5) EXTRA {mEn}{XT{R}A} As per the clue this becomes {XT{R}A}{mEn}
22 Head of state unsympathetic harridan (5) SCOLD {S}{COLD}



  1. Submissions invited for the Sunday Specials

  2. 6d: I think "marijuana might be allowed on these grounds" is the def. MEDICAL ia whole word anagram of 'claimed' - no addition or subtraction.

    1. You are right. Silly mistake by me in overlooking the M

  3. Re your Comment against 21d - I think you have a point. It does not suggest anag. of TAX after adding ER because of placement of the anag ind 'reform'.

  4. Re your comment against 6a. There are some dance show on our regional TV channels where we see the participants doing feats that we ordinarily see in acrobatics and gymnastics. I ask my wife, "Is this dancing?" (she is not in the program, like me she is also watching only).

    1. Modern dances...choreagraphed well with many dancers..resemble more of gymnastic moves rather than dance moves

  5. Liked the use of T indicator 'smuggled' in 13 across and also the Containment Ind 'jackets' in 19 down.

  6. 12 Traders's goods carried by organised workers (9) MERCHANTS MERCH{ANTS} Anno pending

    I think Merch is the short form of Merchandise for Goods.

    1. merch
      Also found in: Wikipedia.
      merch (mรปrch)
      n. Informal

    2. Merch=goods makes the clue an etymological crossover?

  7. Should have been Traders' - not Traders's - seems to be a typo overlooked somewhere.

  8. Liked the def. of isle- earth in water.

  9. Thank you for all the links Col.- very informative.

  10. THC Interactive is not active ! I had to remain content by reading through the comments.

    Enjoyd the linked up music, especially of Dancing Dervish; Thanks, Col.

    1. Raju:I had sent you the excel files...on those days when there is no online puzzle you can copy the clues from the Unsolved clues posted by Col, paste in the appropriate worksheet & updated version(with 4 new Gridman grids, 1 new Spinner grid, 1 new grid each from DrX & Kriskross) is available with me..if required can send the same