Thursday, 13 April 2017

No 11980, Thursday 13 Apr 2017, Aspartame

1   Predict reaction to GPS tracking (13) PROGNOSTICATE*
8   Verbal test (4) ORAL [DD]
9   Notes at IIM sent for evaluation (10) ESTIMATION*
10 Somewhat weak Indo-French exhibits (4,2) KIND OF [T]
11 Stop smuggling in Mysore's trains (8) RESTRAIN [T]
12 Fancy violin had been free from scratches (9) INVIOLATE {VIOLIN*}{ATE}
14 Trick almost caused shock (4) STUN STUNt
15 Gesture to call not working (4) BECK BECKon
16 Hits inspector with pole as symbol (5,4) POUND SIGN {POUND S}{IG}{N}
20 How butchers are asked to hurry up (4-4) CHOP-CHOP [CD]
21 Law written allows fellows to start exporting food (6) WAFFLE {WA{FF}L*}{Ex...g}
23 Festive figure admitted one with alcohol bottles inside leading hospital (10) SANITARIUM {SAN{1}TA}{R{In...e}UM}
24 Bend reel backwards, not completely (4) LOOP sPOOL <=
25 Devious nun loves getting unctions interrupted (13) NONCONTINUOUS {NUN+OO+UNCTIONS}*

1   Distribute luck (7) PORTION [DD]
2   Lubricated machine that is old (5) OILED {IE+OLD}*
3   Fund eel breeding – It's a necessary action (7) NEEDFUL*
4   Assembled union to distribute cleaned pot in stage where maximum capacity has been reached (10,5) SATURATION POINT {SAT}{U}{RATION} {POT+IN}*
5   Central railway was halted in stormy conditions (6) INMOST {IN+STOrMy}*
6   Craft hourit is a painful problem (9) ARTHRITIS {ART}{HR}{IT}{IS}
7   Note about spy novelist being a member of British college (7) ETONIAN {NOTE<=}{IAN}
13 Inauguration of Nolan movie (9) INCEPTION [DD]
15 Attacks in hot Arab country (7) BAHRAIN {IN+H+ARAB}*
17 Anchor understood reports on some odd article (7) NEWSMAN (~knew){NEW}{SoMe}{AN}
18 Hanging frame (7) GALLOWS [DD]
19 Accommodating Asian guy owes principal to miser (6) CHEAPO {CH{E}AP|{Owes}
22 One fool copies written work meant for submission (5) FOLIO {1+FOOL}*



  1. Thanks Aspartame. It was quite entertaining. Now I can happily go to bed.

  2. Replies
    1. He had said in a Comment earlier about going to the US.

    2. Thank you CV. I had missed it. 'Go to sleep' woke me up!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Col. Oriental, yes. But I could not connect Asian with E. Coming to think of it, it can be taken as a logical extension.

    2. Vasant: Thanks. I managed to get a cutting of yesterday's crossword and solved it at leisure. You can certainly send the supplementary grids as they are always handy . Thanks again for your pro-active stand.
      Late comment :

      In Yesterday's crossword, 22 down: SCOLD = Head of S tate unsympathetic +Cold.

      Harridan is a noun for a virago or cantankerous woman. So how does Scold fit in?

  4. Able to 'predict' 1A well and so started off on a good note. Long one nicely done.

  5. 1D- portion as luck or destiny was new and rare meaning. 'Lot' is generally more common.

  6. Hectic travelling day..couldnt even think of doing the cw..but on the flight from Delhi to Indore found today's TH nestled on the seat, after a long time did the puzzle pen on paper..while the top half went in a jiffy had to stretch to complete the lower half..
    Thanks Aspartame

    1. Vasant: I too scrounge crosswords on papers left behind and solve .

      Pen on paper for a crossword solving is a great pleasure, though nline solving has its on advantages !!