Wednesday, 19 April 2017

No 11985, Wednesday 19 Apr 2017, Afterdark

1   Possibly strong and independent associate (11) POTENTIALLY {POTENT}{I}{ALLY}
9   Song to pacify child's not starting (7) LULLABY {LULL}{bABY}
10 Company release describes state of match (7) COUPLET {CO}{UP}{LET}
11 A channel in TV perhaps (5) INSET {IN}{SET}
12 Story about a guard trapping small animals (9) LIONESSES {LI{ONE}{SS}E}{S}
13 Is tutor holding back a tribe? (5) TUTSI [T<=]
15 Perhaps cells with no door, behind the edge of cowshed where felines are kept (9) CATTERIES {Co...d}{bATTERIES} New word for me
18 Solver’s no good, rejects grind, essentially hackles like a rebel (9) YOUNGTURK {YOU}{NG}{RUT<=}{hacKles} Shouldn't the enu be (5,4)?
21 Purchaser obtains ruby stone touring east (5) BUYER {BUY{E}R*}
22 Tries to participate in official practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
24 Devil is buried in an abyss at Ankara (5) SATAN [T]
26 Retired soldiers seen with hawk and one more bird (7) ROSELLA {OR<=}{SELL}{A} Parrots are not always green :-)
27 One crosses road regularly to get high class leading metal element (7) IRIDIUM {1}{R{1}D}{1}{U}{Metal}
28 Air guy maybe, beat gravity went above rain revolutionarily (11) YURI GAGARIN {AIR+GUY} over {G} and {RAIN}* &lit Enu should be (4,7) 

1   Friend led Cyrus, perhaps to the study of foretelling future (9) PALMISTRY {PAL}{MISTRY}
2   Accounts for beer in empty tankards (5) TALES {Ta..{ALE}..dS}
3   Can earth in galaxy eclipse a close shave? (9) NEARTHING [T] Again enu to be (4,5)?
4   On an empty day, chill out, roam while husband is away and be peaceful (7) IDYLLIC {DaY} in {ChILL}*
5   Boor overpowers officer as work ends, to strike (7) LOCKOUT {L{OC}{worK}OUT} Is the definition correct? As per Wiki lockout is the antithesis of strike.
6   Solvers got wet, emerging out of depth, holding the edge of yacht (5) YOUSE  {Yacht}{dOUSE}
7   Type of girl on cocaine's doubtful to let go of fellow (8) CLASSIFY {C}{LASS}{IFfY}
8   Oddly outfits made by him uplifts us (4) OTIS {OuTfItS} &lit
14 Most difficult examination containing a sketch without title (8) TOUGHEST {T{rOUGH}EST}
16 Decorating an oriental administrator in Chinese dynasty (9) EMBOSSING {E}{M{BOSS}ING}
17 Dictator dismissed, dismissed by National Guard staff (9) STRONGMAN {ST}{RO}{NG}{MAN} ST-Stumped, RO-Run Out
19 Power back-up device procured by army kept on a rack edge in the floor above (7) UPSTAIR {UPS}{TA}{1}{Rack}
20 Knight's inclined to eliminate wife for gain (7) KILLING {K}{wILLING}
22 Unusual to get right-minded, admirable, revolutionary, energetic leaders (4) RARE Acrostic
23 Everyone, oddly lacking heart in the compound (5) ALLOY {ALL}{OddlY}
25 Judge in Turkey passes sentence by mail (5) TRIER {RI}{E} in {TR} E for E-mail?



  1. 5d lockout:"strike by management"

  2. Strange that all enus are mixed up. I saw them jumbled and took care of it by manually changing them before sending. Yet some mix up. Apologies.and for one grammatical error in 8D

    1. What grammatical error?

    2. Suresh, see words in italic type:
      8 Oddly outfits made by him uplifts us (4) OTIS {OuTfItS} &lit

  3. 18a no problem with enu in the print edition

    1. All the enu's are correct in the print edition. Looks like the person who uploaded the interactive version picked up the wrong file

  4. Despite the enu problems, a quick solve.
    9A etymological crossover..same example of lullaby was quoted in the crossword unclued blog

    1. What do you mean by 'etymological crossover'?

    2. He probably was refering to this post

    3. To quote the article
      "When the wordplay of a cryptic clue is etymologically related to its answer, it is a case of definition/wordplay etymology crossover"

    4. I wasn't aware of this when I clued. But the thought crossed my mind that the word would have originated this way. Should have checked.

  5. AFTERDARK,made me entwine my legs around my neck, with his convoluted wordplay, compounded by the misery of wrong annotating numbers ! Got YURI GAGARIN and YOUNG TURK by connecting words. Is it normal to spell UPSTAIR in plural? Solvers have been honoured by YOU twice! Kosher in the same puzzle to repeat? OTIS, MISTRY , proper names may not be known to many, especially the latter ! All in all, a very vexatious time I had !

    1. Thought about repeating Solver. But in one clue it was the definition and in another it was the wordplay and that happens many times with all words.

  6. Upstairs is so common and upstair is so rare that Col. had given the solution as upstirs, in spite of wordplay and enu.
    Raju can start using 'Youse' now, in stead of ye all!

  7. Mistry is quite popular these days (for all wrong reasons) and Otis is also fairly well known, but still they are proper/ brand names along with Yuri.

    1. Personally I liked both the Otis & Mistry clues..

  8. Some good clues. A few doubts
    11) A channel in TV is correct usage?
    12) What's the role of trapping?
    18) Role of 'like a'?
    21) Definition obtains fodder or obtains from fodder?
    24) An is redundant?
    26) Role of more?
    27) First and last one not crossing the road?
    28) Role of beat?
    5)'As' is an issue in Charade?
    7) A on B is always AB in a down clue?
    8) I understand wordplay but not sure how oddly and outfits help in the & lit definition
    19) Role of procured?
    25) Same doubt on the anno
    Also 'edge' appears thrice as letter selection indicator

    1. 11) Colloquially it's used that way, isn't it
      12) trapping = catching
      18) like = equivalent . Def is 'a rebel'
      21) I see this being used a lot
      24) Strictly speaking Yes. But doesn't sound good without an
      26) A relation to Hawk
      27) Maybe a red signal
      28) For the surface I choose the G in the middle for gravity
      7) We have debated this before. Guess both are right. But not sure about it nonetheless
      8) Oddly picks the letters from Outfits. And outfit is an equipment.
      19) Procured = Got , Obtained
      25) Yes. There in Chambers crossword dictionary

  9. In 4D, how do we get the extra I? Empty DAY is DY. CHILL out roam while husband is away is CILL. DYCILL - only 6 of the 7 letters in the word. Can someone please help explain? Thanks.