Friday, 21 April 2017

No 11987, Friday 21 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   At times it goes to the head of a politician in India (5,3) CLOTH CAP Anno pending [CD] See comments
8   Shoo MP away with grunts (6) OOMPHS*
10 Consumer goes around old city for moneylender (6) USURER {US{UR}ER}
11 Can be depended on lier turning to get fit (8) RELIABLE {LIER}*{ABLE}
12 Where one might be safe in a burning situation (4,4) FIRE AREA [CD]
13 Difference of opinion on publicity lacking guidance (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
14 What a man does with a woman to get to know her (4,3) ASKS OUT [CD]
16 Fans make fuss about rupees (7) ADORERS {ADO}{RE}{RS}
19 Stopped and wrote out (4,2) DREW UP [DD]
21 Takes over and happens to have no right food (8) OCCUPIES {OCCUr}{PIES}
23 Guests worried about engineer's signs (8) GESTURES {GUESTS}* around {RE}
24 Endless stigma around success in island (6) TAHITI {sTA{HIT}In}
25 National for whom I get help back within two nights (6) INDIAN {I}{N}{AID<=}{N}
26 Cad in rush fixed part of shoe anew (8) REHEELED  {RE{HEEL}ED}

1   Medical specialist left with no urges? (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON {NO+URGES}*
2   Courses for some racetrack officials (8) STARTERS [DD]
3   Batsman who hits one-fifth of a century? (6) SCORER [DD]
4   Bushes cause anger in health resorts (7) SPIREAS {SP{IRE}AS}
5   Where measures of jet fuel are stored (8) ?O?L?A?D (Addendum - COALYARD [CD] - See comments)
6   Harm one man's mate (6) IMPAIR {1}{M}{PAIR}
9   The man will have hectic father role quite fast (4,3,7) HELL FOR LEATHER {HE'LL} {FATHER+ROLE}*
15 Greek character up with match dropping a piece of arbitration (8) UMPIRING {MU<=}{PaIRING}
17 Criminal record knocks man (foreigner) (3,5) RAP SHEET {RAP S}{HE}{ET}
18 Keep company with cheat - very right! (7) CONSORT {CON}{SO}{RT}
20 Where comedian's greeting man (6) WITHIN {WIT}{HI}{N} N for Man? See comments
22 Fielder's feat by youth is easily remembered (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{Y}



  1. 21A- I think it should be {occu(pie)s}

  2. 20d man-> chessman has been discussed a month or so ago. nobleman to man is a representative of times perhaps.

    5d. is jetfuel -> liquified coal acceptable? it is no common technology to fall under GK

    1a. reference to khadi topi perhaps. but cotton cap to cloth cap?

    1. 7A: CD with, as Prasad mentioned, reference to khadi(cloth)
      When I solved it first , I was forever dallying with Nehru cap until the other crossing letters helped

    2. I thought of 'khadi cap' or 'Gandhi cap'. Of coures, there is also a present day variation AAP.

  3. Replies
    1. I could not connect coal with jet fuel until I saw CV's note. Nice.
      Fairly straightforward and quick one to start the run- only 3 nowadays!

    2. 3? I thought it is 4...
      4 each for Gridman and Arden

  4. 17D- ET is alien, extended to foreign man?

  5. 26A - Def is 'fixed part of shoe anew'
    21A - Not sure how this works. Happens is occurs, Food is pie... but 'no right' must precede 'have'?

    1. I agree 21a is less than perfect. Didn't notice it in checks/rechecks. But saw it as I took in the Col's anno above and before your aised the question.

  6. You're right about 26a. The Col is busy and might refine it when he is back.

  7. 7 I think it's just a GK type clue
    8 How grunts = oomphs?
    1 Why left with?

  8. 1A-'with' appears to be anind. But left?