Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 16 Apr 2017

1   Scaremonger with anxious air almost devoid of love (8) ALARMIST {AIR+ALMoST}*
5   Colour created by revolutionary artist receiving honour (5) AMBER {A{MBE}R<=}
9   Level about right for one making an effort (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
10 Get rid of alien, biting back after time (9) ERADICATE {ET}{ACID}<= after {ERA}
11 Trust date chum arranged came up to expectations (3,3,7) CUT THE MUSTARD*
13 Container ship's contents secured by mate (5) PHIAL {sHIp} in {PAL}
14 Painting wins top prize finally (9) LANDSCAPE {LANDS}{CAP}{p..zE}
15 Tango one faced and accomplished for programme (9) TIMETABLE {T}{1}{MET}{ABLE}
17 Signify magic formula (5) SPELL [DD]
18 Clubs with areas developed by resort beside lake with super casino (7,6) CAESARS PALACE {C+AREAS}*{S PA}{L}{ACE}
21 Pass finished film (9) OVERSHOOT {OVER}{SHOOT}
22 Clutch, for instance, ring inlaid with diamonds (5) PEDAL {PE{D}AL}
23 Number born after revolution in country (5) BENIN {NINE}{B}<=
24 Spent day wandering to ridge (3-5) DOG-TIRED {D}{TO+RIDGE}*

1   Expect quote about old man supporting opponent (10) ANTICIPATE {ANTI}{CI{PA}TE}
2   Adventure novelist's ace tip followed by aviator, endlessly immaculate (8,7) ALISTAIR MACLEAN {A}{LIST}{AIR MAn}{CLEAN}
3   Officer warlike in speech (7) MARSHAL (~martial)
4   Vapour from south side (5) STEAM {S}{TEAM}
5   Beasts attack in area, upset (7) ANIMALS {SLAM}{IN}{A}<=
6   Drink in university with cross and doubtful expression after class (6,9) BRANDY ALEXANDER {BRAND}{Y ALE}{X}{AND}{ER}
7   Smell river with cry of surprise (4) REEK {R}{EEK}
8   Left gold, last of collection, in reasonable place in Switzerland (8) LAUSANNE {L}{AU}{SA{c...oN}NE}
12 Rich source, rotter with editor (4-6) WELL-HEELED {WELL}-{HEEL}{ED}
14 Note support and stick up for Canadian region (8) LABRADOR {LA}{BRA}{ROD<=}
16 Stare, bewildered about betrayal (7) TREASON {STARE}*{ON}
17 Don't move prop and frame (4,3) STAY PUT {STAY} {PUT} Put/Frame ?
19 Test muddled old argument (3-2) SET-TO {TEST}*{O}
20 Search in company with doctor (4) COMB {CO}{MB}

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  1. Special at 10:30 will be the Crossword used at the IXL-16 Finals