Sunday, 9 November 2014

No 2816, Sunday 09 Nov 2014

1   Steal eastern gown (4) ROBE {ROB}{E}
3   Concealed directly below shelter (5,5) UNDER COVER {UNDER} {COVER}
10 Volume so varied around large oil terminal (6,3) SULLOM VOE {SUL{L}OM VOE*}
11 Moved up once reins loosened (5) RISEN*
12 Economist worries unduly about Hebridean island where the rich live (12,3) MILLIONAIRES ROW {MILL}{IONA}{IRES ROW*}
13 Choice delicacy (6) DAINTY [E]
14 Piece of music Harpo's playing extremely dramatically (8) RHAPSODY {HARPOS*}{Dr...lY}
17 Attempt to secure a sleeveless garment results in farce (8) TRAVESTY {TR{A}{VEST}Y}
18 Unaccustomed, being new (6) UNUSED [DD]
20 Be like Dr Jekyll, or traitorous spy? (4,1,6,4) LEAD A DOUBLE LIFE [DD]
23 Initially it covered it - nice gateau (5) ICING Acrostic
24 Crustaceans in catch caught by coastal vessels heading away (4,5) LAND CRABS {LAND} {C}{gRABS}
25 Deceased bellman's double (4,6) DEAD RINGER {DEAD} {RINGER}
26 Catch that woman palming Ace (4) HEAR {HE{A}R}

1   Carried on giving summary before head of department (7) RESUMED {RESUME}{De...t}
2   Instrument found in Welsh lake by dog (9) BALALAIKA {BALA}{LAIKA}
4   Actor assuming name for good (5) NIVEN (-g+n)NIVEN
5   Sense agreement among rowing crew (8) EYESIGHT {E{YES}IGHT}
6   Agreement in writing (14) CORRESPONDENCE [DD]
7   Eyeshade? Tourist doesn't need it (5) VISOR TOURiSt* (Addendum - VISitOR - See comments)
8   Where plane comes down carrying a fugitive (7) RUNAWAY {RUN{A}WAY}
9   Drink them after party to irritate spoilsport (3,2,3,6) DOG IN THE MANGER {DO}{G IN} {THE M}{ANGER}
15 Stubborn stain to be specially treated (9) OBSTINATE*
16 Stumped by corset? There's a surprise! (6,2) STROLL ON {ST}{ROLL ON}
17 Agreed, tome originally bound (7) TALLIED {Tome}{ALLIED}
19 Actor's assistant, a help in the theatre (7) DRESSER [CD]
21 Girl over in Latin America (5) ANITA <=
22 Head? Head of Balliol, formerly (5) BONCE {Balliol}{ONCE}


  1. Nice puzzle. A small correction, Sir.
    The Anno for 7 Down clue needs VISitOR.

  2. Congrats to Mohsin for topping R8 and overall too

  3. I was wondering how tours anagram to visor! Thanks MB!

  4. Very tough puzzle in IXL today.. made a few guesses too

  5. Well I found it easy after solving. No need to guess for any clue. Some cryptic element helped in zeroing in on the answer. GK would have helped in solving quickly.

  6. I was stumped with one single clue( RMDC type?) and despite having to wait for at least ten minutes to get the filling in going, which I did in 15 minutes, managed to submit by taking a wild card option, out of sheer frustration. Hope I am ok with that clue !